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Top Feminine Sex Dolls

Posted on April 08 2020

There’s a sex doll for every preference. We’ve covered sex dolls of different ethnicities, shapes, sizes, and genders. We’ve even written about sex dolls inspired by heroes and characters. Now for something that appeals to the old-fashioned guys in our audience. This article is going to focus on our most classically feminine dolls.

If you prefer a sex doll that is traditional and ladylike, keep reading. These dolls are sure to turn you on.

Molly: All American Sex Doll

Molly: All American Sex Doll

Take a close look at Molly. She’s the epitome of the girl next door. Molly’s got gorgeous, long hair. She’s slender, with perky breasts, with perfect rosebud lips. She’s definitely the girl you could trust at dinner with your parents, then take home for some of the raunchiest sex you’ve had in years. 

Vivian: The Experienced MILF

Vivian: Brunette Sex Doll

While other women her age have taken on a ‘harder’ look, Vivian takes pride in remaining soft and feminine. Her hair is still long and flowing. Her soft, brown eyes exude femininity and innocence. Yes, she’s very sexually experienced, but she’s very willing to let you take over. Enjoy her supple skin, soft lips, and large breasts.

Pearl: Barbie Sex Doll

Pearl: Barbie Dex Doll

Pearl doesn’t mind that she’s been nicknamed Barbie. She thinks it’s a bit cute. After all, people love Barbie. They associate her with good times. Besides, Barbie has a classic look. Long legs, thin figure, pouty lips, and gorgeous blond hair, all work together to make one of our most desirable dolls of all time.

Peach: Southern Belle

Peach: Southern Belle Sex Doll

Is there anything more classically feminine than a Southern belle? We don’t think so! Peach is aptly named because she is as southern and sweet as it gets. She looks fabulous in long flowing dresses in floral prints. She prefers boots, but loves a feminine pair of ballet flats too. It isn’t just vintage clothing that she loves. Peach would also love to be in an old-fashioned relationship where you dominate her sexually, and her greatest pleasure comes from pleasuring you.

Kim: Eurasian Sex Doll

Kim: Eurasian Sex Doll

Kim hails from Russia, but she’s no mail-order bride. She’s intense, successful in her career, and goal oriented. She’s also stunningly beautiful. However, when she gets home, it becomes clear that her exotic, good looks are meant only for you. Just wait until you experience hours and hours of mind-blowing sex as Kim has just one focus mind. She wants to provide you with the best sex possible, and wants you to be happy with your every interaction with her.

Who is Your Favorite

We may be biased, but we think every doll we sell at SiliconWives is absolutely beautiful in her own right. Still, if you prefer a doll that is decidedly feminine, and maybe just a bit old-fashioned, we think this is your ideal list. Feel free to click any of the links to learn more about each doll. You may contact customer support as well. We’d love to help you find the doll of your dreams. For now, enjoy the hot pictures of some amazing dolls.

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    i ’m from egypt and i want buy sex dolls
    can i get it in egypt?

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