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We take customer feedback very seriously, that's why we're so proud of our positive feedback.  Below is a feed of all the reviews that customer's have left after receiving their sex dolls! 

Sex doll reviews are essential data points when deciding which sex doll to buy, especially when you decide to buy a sex doll online.  It's important to know that the vendor is legitimate, and that the product is high-quality.  There is no better way to distinguish this than to read reviews from third-party shoppers.  Actual buyers will provide you the most credible sex doll reviews to help you make a good buying decision - below are all of the reviews we've received from verified buyers. 

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Based on 363 reviews
Wasn't an easy decision, but I have no regrets. She's beautiful.

My wife lost her battle with cancer a few years ago. At this point, I'm still not mentally or emotionally ready to start a new relationship. But I do miss the touch and feel of a female. I was on the fence of buying a doll for quite awhile. Debating with myself if this was the best direction for me to go. I finally decided to pull the trigger, and I'm so glad I did. This doll is simply amazing. Her body and skin are exactly what I was hoping for. I bought an aftermarket wig so she has my favorite hair color. She's so pretty, the perfect height, and has the sexiest figure. Her face is so sweet and to me, looks much cuter in person than in the promotion pics above. Her breasts feel real and are so soft when pressing up against them. I'm of average length and girth and she is plenty tight to satisfy my needs. So far, she has filled a need I've been missing.

You have likely read this before, but these dolls are very heavy. It says she weighs about 85 lbs. but it's dead weight, and can be a bit awkward. So she "feels like" she weighs over 100lbs. to me. I'm a big and pretty muscular guy, and she is not easy for me to pick up and move around. It's not impossible, just not easy. If this might be an issue for you, you might want to look at going with a smaller doll. If it's not, then you'll love this doll.

It was a bit of a rough start when ordering. Confirmation email said it was in stock and would ship within 24 hours. About 5 days went by and I hadn't heard a thing. I sent an email asking for an update and received a reply within a few hours (thankful for that). They said they would look into it. A few more days went by before I finally received a shipping notification and an email reply from Silicon Wives saying it had shipped. I received the doll two days after that. Overall I'm content with the time it took to receive the doll. I'll cut them some slack being it was such a heavy package and shipped from across the country. It took 9 business days (11 total) for her to show up at my doorstep.

Product review

Happy and thanks


I got this one..doggie style is crazy

Chelsea artist doll

Well what can I say it took nine weeks to get the order and it wasn't the doll I ordered. It was Giselle because Chelsea was not in stock anymore. So the head was just supposed to be replaced with Giselle but it turned out to be the whole doll. It was tanned and not white. Anyway, that's not that big of a deal because I am a collector and it turns out that the doll that arrived is gorgeous and beautiful and very accommodating. So I would have to give the all and all experience 40%. I won't be purchasing another doll through your agency. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you.

Kate: Ready To Ship
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She never disappoints

Great functionality

This model is an excellent size to weight ratio, the weight doesn’t overstrain the frame helping it to not damage as easily as others and is much easier to even take into the shower to clean up and maintain. I keep mine in the bed with me every night so it’s getting moved around a lot and is easy to handle even with one arm making her feel completely real in your arms at night when you’re asleep. I strongly recommend models matching this one to help with sleep disorders, it actually makes a difference and lasts.


This is a Very Real In depth Review From Someone who has bought this same doll Twice over the Years.This Silicone doll Feels and looks So Very Real and Attractive to me.She is Purely Dreamy.I dont know how they do it.I have had my second one about a month and i Literally have to keep her covered up because she is so Attractive in order to leave her alone for a while and to think about Something else.In Many ways its better being with her than a real woman.You just have to take time to Learn how to Position,Use and Clean her and it gets easier and better in time.She Looks even More Attractive than the Stock photos if you can believe that.She really does.Its worth the wait.They even let me pick a different YL doll head to put on her this last time which has worked out Very Well.Its Important to think your doll is Very pretty.They even sent extra gifts like a Vaginal or anul warmer which is essential with these dolls.Also a hanger,cloths, and irrigator.I would like to give a few tips if you order this doll that i have learned.If you Customize your doll really think about everything very carefully for example nipple size and skin tone.These things matter a lot.The First one i ordered was a little too Tan almost brown so the secone one I made it clear i wanted her only lightly tan.They did marveslly.You just have to be VERY CLEAR about what you want and they can do it.Built in vagina is so much better than the removable.You can adjust the tightness by moving her legs around.Its so Perfect.I honestly think its better than the real thing.So if your not where you need to be yet as you get there you can tighten her up because she feels so Good you will get there.There Freaking Geniuses and Artists over at Silicone Wives.Be prepared, She is a Heavier than they say, you have to learn how to safely move her around it takes time.But if you want Real Flesh and Curves along with perfect big Perky Boobs your going to have have weight, So im not Complaining.Her Boobs,Hips,Stomach,Legs,Feet,Rear End,Face and Lips are all Very Fleshy,Curvy,Touchable and Kissable.She doesnt just feel like a doll to me especially when you get more used to her.She is Very Attractive, I cant stress enough.you just may need to lay on her or have a space heater around her(Not to Close) for a few minutes if you want to enjoy her whole body.Silicone can be cold but it also can warm up.I actually Loved her Silicone Smell Personally, But that Silicone smell fades in time.She still has a Very light smell, i cant describe it other than its NICE.You can Literally fall in Love with this doll Sexually if you allow Yourself to, just be Sure and Customize her exactly how you want.They Let me Put Mels head on Candices Body and its so Good its unreal.She is So Sexy, She honestly couldnt be any better.If You like Perky slightly harder boobs leave them as them come full not hollow.I Love them.I Suggest Not blowing inside Your doll or wearing a condom and Cleanup is much Easier and Simplier.Can be as simple as a little Antibacterial Soap in a Spray bottle,baby Wipe and a dry a microfiber towel or tampon.you also have the irrigator they give you hopefully like they did me.Enjoy and be Patient if you order, It will be Worth it.Also If your into it her hands and Feet, They are Very Pretty and Realistic as well.There into the details at Silicone Wives,I bet i emailed Customer Service 20+ times with my Concerns and they got back to me in a timely manner all the time.There Way above Average.

Well worth it.

Jackie came with all the ad ons she was listed to have, which is a rare feature for a ready to ship doll. The craftsmanship is incredible. Even my wife Abigail likes her.

Look at THIS Beauty

5-4 is the PERFECT height for me....I prefer exquisite Form over Size. And her form is irresistibly eye catching. Love you ALREADY, Megan.

Lana: Japanese Sex Doll
Peter Rondestvedt
Thanx. She is great!!!

No response to my comments.
I hope my messages are getting
Back to you??

Almost Perfection

Lana arrived timely and without damage. I had customized her with gel breasts, built-in vagina, standing feet, upgraded skeleton, articulating fingers, implanted synthetic hair, and enhanced mouth. I'm not sure if the implanted hair can't be used on a TPE head or not, but I surprisingly got two heads: a silicone with implanted hair and a TPE with enhanced mouth and wig... For the most part, I leave the silicone one on her, which is still fine for me.

I'm a fairly big guy (6' and 215lbs), so her weight is not an issue at all, but she's so short that some positions get a bit tricky. What you see in these photos is what you get: beautiful face, perky and big tits (at least on her frame), nice round ass, and all in a petite package that's easy to manipulate and manage. 10/10 would recommend!


Ingrid arrived without damage or issues, but the feel of silicone is much firmer than I was expecting, especially compared to TPE. It also doesn't stretch nearly as well as TPE, and because I've got a pretty thick rod, both her holes tore on the first use. Silicone also releases oils over time (didn't know that), so she always has a slightly oily feel that sticks to you. Absolutely beautiful to look at, but to touch and use, I'd recommend sticking to a TPE doll.

Mixed Feelings

Holly (Ready to Ship version) came in slightly damaged from the FedEx driver placing the box on it's end, which was on her neck and tore a hole in the side. I could get around that part, and the curves and feel were amazing, but she was so damn heavy that I'd be worn out or hurt just by moving her. I'm not a small guy (6' and 215lbs), and she was still incredibly difficult to manipulate. Getting her into the shower to clean her was also a nightmare, since she's got so much weight on her chest that her spine regularly gave and would bend her in ways that made standing her up next to impossible. Definitely mixed feelings here, with the weight being the only, but significantly, bad part.

As Advertised

I had done some research before finally purchasing Kate from Silicon Wives. I was a little skeptical at first, but upon arrival I was put at ease. Now, when I first saw the box on my porch, I was really worried because the packaging looked to be a little rough, and there were some gaps around the edges, where it looked like the tape had previously cut or opened. However, once I finally opened the box and started to unpackaged her, she looks 100% like the pictures advertised. I was pleasantly surprised. I had a bad experience right before this with Amazon, so I was very skeptical that this doll was going to look just like the pictures given the fact that it was coming from a vendor. I was probably difficult to work with at first because there were many emails back-and-forth because I was not getting much information during the preparation process before shipment. The one thing that I would tell you to anticipate the deadweight of the doll. The doll is great and very sexy, the weight of the doll makes it very difficult to move around and get into the positions that you want. It may be a learning curve, but I know I struggled when I was trying to use her for the first time. Other than that, I highly recommend using this place, if you are looking to purchase a doll. I couldn’t be happier with what I received compared to what they advertised for Kate.

Doll never received

I can only submit 1 star, because as of now I have no doll to rate. A label was created 20 days ago, but the label still shows no shipment has been made. I'm growing concerned that no doll is ever coming, since I made my original request 2 months ago. 1 month ago, I asked for an update then saw the label created. A couple weeks ago, I asked for another update and was told it's on its way; only 5 to 7 days. Still nothing.

Hi John,

Apologies for the delay, it appears that your package was lost by FedEx as you can see in the tracking details. We are producing a new doll for you and shipping it out ASAP.


Large Breasted Sex Doll Torso


Purchased this doll it's the real thing! Love the size.

Mandy’s name has been changed to Laura

I was very pleased to receive my girl in excellent shape. Everything was as expected. I would recommend that one use hair conditioner on the hair right away since it tangled easily. The conditioner is taken in by the artificial hair very quickly. I’m a long distance truck driver and she is with me on my month long trips. She wants to drive but I don’t think that will be possible.

Not what I thought

First off it’s over priced. Seconded the ass is flat on the bottom and the holes are in the wrong position. I find this not comfortable and not natural. I would Not buy this ass

Raven doll

Did not get the doll I paid for.got a doll never seen before.

The Spread-Eagle™ by Silicon Wives

Cynthia: Stay-At-Home Mom Sex Doll

Layla: Ready To Ship
David Martin
Layla,Ready to ship review.


First off, I was astounded on how fast she arrived undamaged in a very nice crate within 7 days of ordering. The doll itself is really beautiful and lifelike and for collectors like me that's important. Over the years the improvements are astounding. The customer's service was also very high and I feel very wonderful about my purchase.

Thank you!

Left arm is broken

Hi Miguel, sorry to hear about this - please send an email to info@siliconwives.com detailing the issue and we will take care of you. We will help you to repair or replace the product as necessary.

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