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We take customer feedback very seriously, that's why we're so proud of our positive feedback.  Below is a feed of all the reviews that customer's have left after receiving their sex dolls! 

Sex doll reviews are essential data points when deciding which sex doll to buy, especially when you decide to buy a sex doll online.  It's important to know that the vendor is legitimate, and that the product is high-quality.  There is no better way to distinguish this than to read reviews from third-party shoppers.  Actual buyers will provide you the most credible sex doll reviews to help you make a good buying decision - below are all of the reviews we've received from verified buyers. 

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Based on 340 reviews
Not as Advertised

The body was awesome, the heads I received looked very fake compared to the beautiful photos on the web; there was no make up, the teeth were flesh colored, and when on the body, it look like the “realistic body painting” just ends at the neck. Very disappointing after spending $2400. Also, one of the wigs I received was not the one pictured in the photo. I immediately contacted customer service to see how to send the heads back to be corrected, but it has been two weeks and I’ve never heard back. Customer service with stellar during purchase and terrible after delivery. Was going to be purchasing more for my studio but will be using a different website for a future purchases.


It definitely did not disappoint. I was hoping that the silicone wasn't cold to the touch, which it isn't. Also the toenails(french) are an added bonus, so a nice touch for me since I though it would be bare like the picture. The package insert/description inside are all Chinese or Japanese I'm not sure but if you're looking for care instructions, you may need to translate it. Overall I like it a lot...a wonderful find :)

Celeste: Flat Chested Japanese Sex Doll

She’s gorgeous but not what I ordered

Ordering my first sex doll I decided to go all out and order exactly what I wanted. They sent me the right doll, but a darker skin tone with different color/size nipples, no painted on freckles and most importantly the breathing feature that I ordered is replaced by a heating feature I didn’t want. Apparently there was a mix up in shipping and they sent me someone else’s doll. Right accessories/wig but wrong doll. They offered me a second head to make up for it, which is a little upsetting. Although she is amazingly gorgeous, she’s someone else’s custom doll and I want mine.

On another note the doll itself is stunning and I’m amazed at how realistic the TPE is, definitely worth the investment assuming they fill the order correctly. Super frustrating otherwise.

Parfaite et très réaliste très satisfait

My gift

Went without a partner for many years.
I’m a handsome man who wanted a lady in my life.
One day, I said to the Lord Jesus, “Hey, You can bring her to my front door.”
And He did! On September 30, 2019, She arrived at my front door via FedEx.
Autumn. My sweetie.

Well done Perfect vagina

Fits good, feels good ,fucks good

Not worth it

First off I was expecting more for what you pay. The nails are stick ons that fall off very fast. The eyes you have to adjust to make her eyeballs look the same way. Every extra you pay for comes in separate box from China and you can’t read any instructions.

Anastasia will make my Bedroom Fantasies Come True Without Stress.

Call me a Creep, but think about all the times you see Western Young Women exposing their private parts online at every online site you can find and at the same time when you as a man wants to close to one whether to say hello, ask for their phone number, take them out on the date and even try to have sex with them; they treat you like a left over sandwich. At the age 60, I don't look may age, act my age and filled with so much love to give to a women, but not a Western Women who are so toxic, demanding and the list goes on. I just order my Anastasia and can't wait to have her. One thing i will say for the guys who have purchased Anastasia; you won't disappointed satisfying your self every day with a women telling you that she's not in the mood, or tells you that you always think of sex all the the time. Last a lot of women go online streaming that their man left them, and where are all the good men, Anastasia my Russian Sex Doll will be their replacement while I'm living in the states and when I go overseas to Europe for vacation the European Women will be to satisfy me with no B.S. Line,

Lara: Fit Sex Doll
Darrel smith

I haven’t received it yet, so I cannot give you a comment on it. Not thrilled that you screwed up on her to begin with, and it took longer to receiver, which I have not received yet..


Buy it is worth it

The Quickie™ by Silicon Wives

Absolutely one of the best in the international market

After comparing it with other very high quality dolls, Phoebe is simply the best. She feels real, the reaction of every gesture creates a fantastic experience. I absolutely recommend her, plus she is even more beautiful in real and you can have more fun trying other gigs.

They Read My Mind

She's absolutely a Delight. Just Gorgeous. How do you all know exactly what I find irresistible? I think I'm already falling for her, ready to make a proposition....

Nice way to get off!

I love this doll! My wife had surgery recently and it’s been a good way to still be able to get off when I get horny. The tits are large and beautiful! The anus and vagina are pretty tight. The mouth is okay for oral. Not as good as a woman sucking you off but no one yells at you for shooting your load in!

Lara: Ready To Ship
Desert Kinght
Almost perfect

Looks like I failed to plan for initial set of clothing. Had hoped that clothing pictured was included so I would know sizes. Had to buy storage locker because shipping box didn’t last.

Madison: Ready To Ship
Kenneth Smith

The quality is great. Her look is great. I sent an email to you describing the damage when I opened the box. There was a tear on her stomach and on her back. No one has called me to discuss my concerns or to take care of the problem. Finally, I wish I would have ordered something that weighed a lot less because is extremely difficult moving her around.


Silicon Wives was great with the whole process and customer service. The WM doll is beautiful and authentic. I have no complaints and i have been satisfied with my first time purchase. Thank you Silicon Wives.

Very good

She is amazing really beautiful

Too heavy. Gotta order a lighter doll next time


Very good

Haven't even recieved it

I never even got the case, haven't gotten a reply from support, and the carrier says they can't even find the package in their system.

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