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We take customer feedback very seriously, that's why we're so proud of our positive feedback.  Below is a feed of all the reviews that customer's have left after receiving their sex dolls! 

Sex doll reviews are essential data points when deciding which sex doll to buy, especially when you decide to buy a sex doll online.  It's important to know that the vendor is legitimate, and that the product is high-quality.  There is no better way to distinguish this than to read reviews from third-party shoppers.  Actual buyers will provide you the most credible sex doll reviews to help you make a good buying decision - below are all of the reviews we've received from verified buyers. 

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Unbelievable, as good as it gets

Best sex of my life

Been in a nearly loveless marriage for over 5 years, but for the first time ever I am sexually content. This product is not for weak men, mine weighs 110 lbs and and takes a lot of strength to put into poses. I suggest having sturdy couches/beds nearby and using heavy lifting techniques as not to be injured. Thanks for the free lingerie gown and especially the shoes, I've already bought plenty of other clothes on Temu as well. The only thing I was a little disappointed by was the wig and how the hair fell out so much, I'm going to find a different wig that already has hair put up in style, as I am still a married man and don't want my wife finding the hairs in the house. Overall though, 10/10 it feels amazing :)))

Amazing quality for the price

I primarily use this doll just for having 'someone' to sleep next to. For that purpose, her skin is very cold without making accommodations. Some people use electric blankets/jackets and I haven't tried that, but what I have done is dress her in fuzzy pajamas and socks. This covers everything but her face, neck, and hands. Gloves were included in the box, so I could eliminate hands from that, but that doesn't really bother me. Mainly I wanted her torso and legs to be warm, and they are when she is bundled up.

Speaking of what's included in the box, Raven ships with a wig, one outfit (including gloves and even shoes), a dry stick, a USB warmer, a blanket, and a brush (and probably something else I forgot).

She has a metal skeleton which is very flexible and that even includes her fingers, but only her big toe - the other toes just jiggle. No issue at all for me. She is very sturdy. I thought I would like as close to real human weight as possible, but at 75 pounds she is not easy to move around and I probably could have gone for a lighter doll. Still, no regrets.

Her wig is very thick and I used thinning scissors to thin it out and reduce tangles. This works very well if you find constant brushing tedious, but maybe you prefer the thick hair instead. Even thinned out, it doesn't seem thin at all.

Her skin is lighter than the pictures but still tan and actually more natural looking. She doesn't have makeup (I'm sure you could apply it if you wanted) but I think she looks better and more natural in reality.

Overall, fantastic for the price, no matter your intentions.

Auburn red head sex doll

Auburn has been a terrific addition to my sex life. After 12 years of going solo she has changed my life with her lifelike body which provides realistic experiences whether vaginal, anal, or oral. Great detail, internal textures, and fit. She is always ready to do whatever I want whenever I want to do it. She is easy to care for and is more than worth the cost. Silicon Wives and their excellent customer service made the whole process easy and fun. They readily answered questions, gave thorough information, and made me comfortable. This is the place to go if you want to add some zest to your life.

Amazing product

Definitely worth the wait, the doll is really well done. I've order it with gel breasts and they are wonderful to the touch. I suggest to you to pick this addition. Maybe you should also consider using the weight reduction option, because the doll weighs quite a bit, but its not a big problem.
Customer support was quick to respond by email when I had a question. So I highly recommend this company.
The only side note is that you have to keep in mind that orders to Europe take 1 month to arrive, not 1 week as it says on the site.

Payed option defective

I payed for the self sucking vagina, It shows power but option does not work.

Hello, sorry to hear about this difficulty, we will reach out to you to troubleshoot this feature. Worst case we can refund you or send replacement.


Great detail and professional ism

What can I say I was speechless..such detail and professional ism was rare to see from a company u order things from especially paying some amount of money u would be a little hesitant .. nope everything was done really to ne was perfection and told me how long it was going to take and it was on the nose when I received her ... beautiful doll!! Can't believe she's a doll she looks sooi fucking real!..thank u Soo much Anna and silicon wives..like u said it will be worth the wait.

Pretty good, wish they were a little softer but not bad, I followed someone’s advice and put corn starch on them, then they really feel real but a pain to keep having to do that, otherwise a very good product and pillow


I haven't received my Doll yet.. FedEx has really been horrible with tracking. No updates and customer service is impossible to reach. Silicone Wives customer service has been fabulous. I'm looking forward to writing a review again once I have a doll to review 😆

Shes perfect

Very pleased. And yes, she looks exactly like photos. Came with no defects. Silicon Wives was very helpful with answering questions.

I am not able to use the doll for its intended purpose because it keeps leaking oil. It’s sitting on a tarp. I keep putting paper towels underneath it and every day the towels are full of oil. There is no way that I would use this doll and risk getting this unknown oil on my penis!

Hello, new TPE can leak some mineral oil for the first 2-3 weeks. This will subside over time and can be lessened with a gentle wash and some baby/talcum powder. The oil is a natural result of the manufacturing process and won't last long. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Yes this love doll, is excellent in every way as possible.

very beautiful doll, just wow especially the buttocks.

very beautiful doll, just wow especially the buttocks.

Skeleton troubles

Looks lovely but feels like nothing and it's body is too heavy for the exoskeleton to handle, mines broke after a month. the legs after the first two weeks, then the back in the last two weeks. All in all, just not worth the purchase.

In response to:

In Respond To-,
You are absolutely right!! I bought a different girl, and she makes my wife feel like an empty husk. I'm ready to buy another one. I'm looking at this one for sure! I've had my first doll for a year now, and she was one of the best investments in my life.


Nicole!!!!! I’ve never thought sex could be so amazing!!! God!!! Nicole!!!!!

Amazing Sage

This doll came as advertised. Anna & Brian are great to work with. They answered my questions when I had them
The only things that came up, was the body came sooner than the head, but both was here within a week.
Now for the doll , she is a real keeper!!!
Yes 85 lbs is heavy to move around. She looks much better in person. Her body is firm like a woman in early 20s , yet she is soft to the touch & gives like the real thing.
Buttocks & tits are so close to feeling real, l can't keep my hands off her.
If you don't want her, it's OK with me! If I'm the only one to have a piece of heaven, I will be proud to keep her all to myself.

Wasn't an easy decision, but I have no regrets. She's beautiful.

My wife lost her battle with cancer a few years ago. At this point, I'm still not mentally or emotionally ready to start a new relationship. But I do miss the touch and feel of a female. I was on the fence of buying a doll for quite awhile. Debating with myself if this was the best direction for me to go. I finally decided to pull the trigger, and I'm so glad I did. This doll is simply amazing. Her body and skin are exactly what I was hoping for. I bought an aftermarket wig so she has my favorite hair color. She's so pretty, the perfect height, and has the sexiest figure. Her face is so sweet and to me, looks much cuter in person than in the promotion pics above. Her breasts feel real and are so soft when pressing up against them. I'm of average length and girth and she is plenty tight to satisfy my needs. So far, she has filled a need I've been missing.

You have likely read this before, but these dolls are very heavy. It says she weighs about 85 lbs. but it's dead weight, and can be a bit awkward. So she "feels like" she weighs over 100lbs. to me. I'm a big and pretty muscular guy, and she is not easy for me to pick up and move around. It's not impossible, just not easy. If this might be an issue for you, you might want to look at going with a smaller doll. If it's not, then you'll love this doll.

It was a bit of a rough start when ordering. Confirmation email said it was in stock and would ship within 24 hours. About 5 days went by and I hadn't heard a thing. I sent an email asking for an update and received a reply within a few hours (thankful for that). They said they would look into it. A few more days went by before I finally received a shipping notification and an email reply from Silicon Wives saying it had shipped. I received the doll two days after that. Overall I'm content with the time it took to receive the doll. I'll cut them some slack being it was such a heavy package and shipped from across the country. It took 9 business days (11 total) for her to show up at my doorstep.

Product review

Happy and thanks


I got this one..doggie style is crazy

Chelsea artist doll

Well what can I say it took nine weeks to get the order and it wasn't the doll I ordered. It was Giselle because Chelsea was not in stock anymore. So the head was just supposed to be replaced with Giselle but it turned out to be the whole doll. It was tanned and not white. Anyway, that's not that big of a deal because I am a collector and it turns out that the doll that arrived is gorgeous and beautiful and very accommodating. So I would have to give the all and all experience 40%. I won't be purchasing another doll through your agency. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you.


She never disappoints

Great functionality

This model is an excellent size to weight ratio, the weight doesn’t overstrain the frame helping it to not damage as easily as others and is much easier to even take into the shower to clean up and maintain. I keep mine in the bed with me every night so it’s getting moved around a lot and is easy to handle even with one arm making her feel completely real in your arms at night when you’re asleep. I strongly recommend models matching this one to help with sleep disorders, it actually makes a difference and lasts.


This is a Very Real In depth Review From Someone who has bought this same doll Twice over the Years.This Silicone doll Feels and looks So Very Real and Attractive to me.She is Purely Dreamy.I dont know how they do it.I have had my second one about a month and i Literally have to keep her covered up because she is so Attractive in order to leave her alone for a while and to think about Something else.In Many ways its better being with her than a real woman.You just have to take time to Learn how to Position,Use and Clean her and it gets easier and better in time.She Looks even More Attractive than the Stock photos if you can believe that.She really does.Its worth the wait.They even let me pick a different YL doll head to put on her this last time which has worked out Very Well.Its Important to think your doll is Very pretty.They even sent extra gifts like a Vaginal or anul warmer which is essential with these dolls.Also a hanger,cloths, and irrigator.I would like to give a few tips if you order this doll that i have learned.If you Customize your doll really think about everything very carefully for example nipple size and skin tone.These things matter a lot.The First one i ordered was a little too Tan almost brown so the secone one I made it clear i wanted her only lightly tan.They did marveslly.You just have to be VERY CLEAR about what you want and they can do it.Built in vagina is so much better than the removable.You can adjust the tightness by moving her legs around.Its so Perfect.I honestly think its better than the real thing.So if your not where you need to be yet as you get there you can tighten her up because she feels so Good you will get there.There Freaking Geniuses and Artists over at Silicone Wives.Be prepared, She is a Heavier than they say, you have to learn how to safely move her around it takes time.But if you want Real Flesh and Curves along with perfect big Perky Boobs your going to have have weight, So im not Complaining.Her Boobs,Hips,Stomach,Legs,Feet,Rear End,Face and Lips are all Very Fleshy,Curvy,Touchable and Kissable.She doesnt just feel like a doll to me especially when you get more used to her.She is Very Attractive, I cant stress enough.you just may need to lay on her or have a space heater around her(Not to Close) for a few minutes if you want to enjoy her whole body.Silicone can be cold but it also can warm up.I actually Loved her Silicone Smell Personally, But that Silicone smell fades in time.She still has a Very light smell, i cant describe it other than its NICE.You can Literally fall in Love with this doll Sexually if you allow Yourself to, just be Sure and Customize her exactly how you want.They Let me Put Mels head on Candices Body and its so Good its unreal.She is So Sexy, She honestly couldnt be any better.If You like Perky slightly harder boobs leave them as them come full not hollow.I Love them.I Suggest Not blowing inside Your doll or wearing a condom and Cleanup is much Easier and Simplier.Can be as simple as a little Antibacterial Soap in a Spray bottle,baby Wipe and a dry a microfiber towel or tampon.you also have the irrigator they give you hopefully like they did me.Enjoy and be Patient if you order, It will be Worth it.Also If your into it her hands and Feet, They are Very Pretty and Realistic as well.There into the details at Silicone Wives,I bet i emailed Customer Service 20+ times with my Concerns and they got back to me in a timely manner all the time.There Way above Average.

Well worth it.

Jackie came with all the ad ons she was listed to have, which is a rare feature for a ready to ship doll. The craftsmanship is incredible. Even my wife Abigail likes her.