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The Complete Guide to Sex Doll Wigs

Posted on November 02 2018

This step-by-step and detailed guide will cover everything you need to know about sex doll wig care and maintenance.  A beautiful wig is one of the most important parts in keeping your sex doll looking sexy and new just like the day she arrived at your door. 

In this guide you will learn:

  1. How to put on and securely attach a sex doll wig.
  2. How to brush a sex doll wig.
  3. How to clean a sex doll wig.
  4. Where to buy new sex doll wigs.

Let's get started... (You can also get information about how do sex dolls work)

Bunny sex doll with nice hair

Bunny's got the look! Nice hair!

How to put on a sex doll wig?

There are 3 main options for attaching a wig for your sex doll:

1. Put the wig on normally - This method may seem obvious, but it is just fine for most doll owners.  The standard wig that comes with each doll is fitted to the size of the doll’s head and should remain securely attached during most activities.  The advantage of this method is that it’s the easiest and most convenient.  Putting the wig on takes seconds and taking it off the same.

2. Use a wig cap and bobby pins - This method is the most popular for serious and experienced doll owners.  The method is quite simple as well but it requires you to purchase as couple of extra things from your local drug store or women’s department.  You will need to purchase a wig cap of the appropriate size and a small package of bobby pins, both are pictured below. 

sex doll wig cap
bobby pins


These products are relatively inexpensive and can be replaced as many times as you see fit for little cost.  To use this method, first put the wig cap on your sex doll’s head.  Second, put the wig on your sex doll’s head, on top of the wig cap.

Lastly, use the bobby pins to secure the wig to the wig cap around the edges. Four bobby pins should to the trick, one in the front, back, and sides above each ear. This is the same method many wig-wearing women use to securely attach their wigs. 

3. Use a wig cap + velcro - The last method works fine too, and will allow for quicker removal of wigs since it’s easier to detach velcro then pull out multiple bobby pins.  It’s basically the same as the previous method but instead of bobby pins you purchase velcro squares with adhesive on both sides.  You then put one side of the velcro on your wig and the other side on the inside of the wig.  When you put the wig on, the velcro squares will align, stick, and keep the wig securely attached. This is a good method if you’re someone that likes to frequently change the wig of your sex doll.  You can quickly remove and replace each wig.

Best practices: 

Avoid adhesives and glue - they can damage your doll’s scalp if they come in contact with her skin.  Very difficult to remove and just overall a very messy solution.  

Avoid tight elastics or straps - Anything that is overly tight can leave permanent marks and indentations on your doll’s skin if left on for too long.  Any solution you find should be snuggly fitting but not too tight! 

Avoid dark color wig caps - Use a light colored wig cap instead of a dark colored one.  If your doll has fair skin, the dye in dark colored fabrics can leave stains on your doll if they are in contact for a long period of time.  If you doll is dark or brown skinned, you can get away with dark colored wig caps, but  unless you’re super particular I’d still recommend using a light colored wig cap.  

How to brush a sex doll wig

Brushing your sex doll's wig is important to keep it free of tangles and knots.  You want her to have long flowing locks rather than a matted nest for hair.  Brushing is very simple and easy to do and will make a big impact.

1. Remove the wig from the sex doll - This will make it easier to brush and protect your doll's skin from any damage a brush might cause.

2. Wet the wig with water - Just like an ordinary barber does, if you dampen the hair with water it will be easier to brush.  It is helpful if you have a spray bottle to do this, but it is not required.

how to brush sex doll wig

3. Brush the wig - Remove tangles gently starting from the very tips of the hair and gradually working the brush up the hair with every following stroke. Don't force the brush through knots or tearing will occur. Work the knots apart with the fingers and then brush through.

Note: Be gentle, however some hair loss is to be expected and is unavoidable for the most part.

sex doll hair loss

How to wash a sex doll wig

Once your doll's wig is thoroughly brushed and knot free it is time to wash it.  Synthetic wigs don’t need to be as washed as often as real hair wigs because they don’t collect oils as much. But they will still acquire some some dust, so it’s good to wash them too. 

1. Fill a sink or wash basin with luke warm water -  The water should be deep enough to fully submerge the wig.  Avoid scalding hot water!

2. Add shampoo - Drop just a small dash of shampoo in the water.  No need to over do it on the shampoo just a small amount will suffice.  Swoosh the water around a little bit to get it nice and soapy.

how to wash sex doll wig

3. Put the wig in the water - Gently submerge the wig in the soapy water.  Be careful not to move or mash the wig around too much as you’ll end up creating more knots.

4. Wait - Leave the wig submerged for a few minutes.

5. Remove Wig - Remove the wig from the soap water.

6. Rinse - Rinse the wig under fresh clean water being careful not to tangle it.

7. Squeeze - Being gentle again, ring-out the wig to remove excess water.

8. Dry - Wrap the wig in a towel and pat dry.

cleaning sex doll wig

9. Final brush - once more give the wig a quick brush.

10. Hang - hang the wig in a shady and dry place to fully dry it out. 

Congrats you now have a clean and knot-free sex doll wig that is as good as new!

Where to buy sex doll wigs

Even with the best care all sex dolls wigs need to be replaced eventually.  It is likely that your doll will outlive the effective lifespan of it's wig.  This is not a problem as new wigs are very affordable and come in many varieties.  Some doll owners choose to purchase multiple wigs, not as replacements, but to interchange and give their doll new, fresh looks on a regular basis.  

Here is our list of top online wig shops: 

For international customers:

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Photo Credit: Mechwizard and Zara at dollforum.com