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Looking to buy a 6Ye doll? Welcome to the best collection of 6Ye sex dolls. Silicon Wives is an official partner of the 6Ye doll brand, which ensures that you get an authentic 6Ye doll for a great price directly from their factory.  

6Ye Doll is an established and respected doll brand based in China. They have another line of dolls called Amor Dolls which we also carry. Their sex dolls are known for their quality material and ultra-realistic designs. Their products have improved remarkably over the past few years, showing their dedication to producing some of the best TPE dolls on the market today.  

Here at Silicon Wives, we get to compare dolls from many of the top sex doll brands, and we think what really sets 6Ye dolls apart from their competitors is their attention to detail around the private parts of the dolls. As for TPE manufacturers, they have some of the most realistic vaginas and labia designs as well as detailing around the anus. If this is something you care about, we highly suggest you consider purchasing a 6Ye sex doll. 

6YE Doll Features

We only sell quality products, and this is why 6YE sex dolls are a firm favorite with customers who visit our website. With a wide choice of different looks to choose from, you can customize your doll to get the girl of your dreams. You can choose from different doll heads and skin colors or the wig you prefer. You also have the option for a built-in or removable vagina and for your love doll to have pubic hair or be shaven. The built-in vagina is the most realistic and the preferred choice of our customers. However, the removable vagina is easier to clean and replace.

You can have vaginal, anal, and oral sex with these dolls, giving you a variety of options to fulfill your desires. And because they’re made of TPE, they feel just like the real thing.

Each sex doll has a steel skeleton with movable joints so you can enjoy all sorts of positions and scenarios. As you can see from the images above, these are natural-looking dolls, and you are sure to find a type that matches your preferences be it a fiery redhead, oriental babe, or Nordic ice queen.

Doll Heads Customizations

Skin Tones

6YE offers seven different skin colors - white, fair, pink, natural/light tan, tan, brown and black.


Another customization our customers appreciate with this brand is that you can pick the wig for the head of the doll you choose. Hair colors include blonde, red, brown, or black.

Eye Color

Another change they can offer is the eye color of your doll. You'll find doll heads with blue, brown, or black eye colorings to choose from.

6YE Sex Doll Additional Extras

When you make your purchase, you have the option of adding some extras before you checkout. You can order a hard storage case to protect your doll and store it out of sight in your home. For a more realistic experience, you can opt for your doll to have built-in heating installed. Other options you can select for an additional cost include a penis attachment, shrugging shoulders, and enhanced mouth.

Enjoy browsing our collection, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding 6YE sex dolls. When you click on any of the dolls listed, you can read reviews from satisfied customers.

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