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How to Make a DIY Sex Doll

Posted on January 30 2019



Sex dolls have become an increasingly popular product in the last few years. As stores pop up online, providing worldwide shipping and sex dolls for every taste, owning a sex doll is becoming more and more common. 

Plus, with the Covid-19 pandemic keeping people locked indoors and not able to hook up with strangers in bars or use dating apps, there isn’t a better time to get yourself a silicone lover. 

Instead of feeling sexually frustrated, you can buy a realistic sex doll that looks and feels almost like a real person. You can even customize your own sex doll to look exactly like your dream woman (skip to the end of the article to read more about this).

However, we do understand that not everybody is ready to buy a sex doll, so we made this guide to help give ideas to those that want to make one whilst you save up the money for a real, luxury love doll. 

Why Make a Sex Doll?

There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to make a sex doll. Maybe they're looking for something more than the real thing, or they can't find a partner that meets their needs. Maybe they just really like the way they look. That said, here are some good reasons to make your own sex doll.

It’s a Money-Saving Solution

If you’re single, then the dating game can get pretty costly. Buying drinks or dinner all the time quickly adds up. On top of that, if you do manage to find a willing partner, there’s always the added pressure of performance anxiety, which can be expensive in its own right (viagra, anyone?). You can save yourself all the hassle of getting a willing partner and just make your own sex doll to take care of all your needs.

You may opt to buy a modern sex doll, but they are not exactly cheap. Some cost as much as $1,000, which is quite a lot of money for a doll. Plus, you’ll have to find a place to store a life-size doll.

That could be a great investment someday, but right now, a DIY doll is cost-effective. Why not enjoy a one-of-a-kind toy that you can make from materials you find around your house.

You Can Make a Sex Doll to Meet Your Needs

What’s your fantasy? Do you prefer a certain hair color? Breast size or figure? Whatever your preference, you can make a sex doll that appeals to you. In any case, you’re not likely to find a store that sells sex dolls tailored specifically to your needs without having to spend to much. For some individuals, it might be more efficient and fun to create one for themselves.

In addition, you can dress it however you like. You can buy clothes that fit your doll at the store. If you’re feeling crafty, though, you can make underwear and other clothing for your doll. The point is that you can make a doll that is cost-effective and appeals to you on a physical and personal level.

Just keep in mind that you aren’t going to create a beautiful model. Those silicone and TPE dolls you see on the internet are amazing, but you just can’t recreate those at home. Instead, you’ll end up with a fun, exciting homemade sexdoll with some features that you really like.

Enjoy More Realistic Sexual Movements

Masturbators are great. The only issue is that you’re always very aware that you are controlling the action. It’s fun, but it feels like masturbation instead of sex with another person. With a sex doll, you can create a different experience. Imagine having hair to stroke, a body to wrap your arms around, or hips to grab. It won’t be perfect, but you should be able to create a more realistic sexual interaction.

How to Make a Homemade Sex Doll

This homemade sex doll is fairly easy to make, and all the items needed to create it can be found around the home, and the rest can be purchased online at a store such as Amazon.

To begin with, you'll need a catsuit or bodysuit with a front zipper and rear zipper; this will hold all the body parts and give your DIY sex doll her womanly shape.

Step one is to make the vagina area. You'll need a king-size pillow, an empty potato chip can, and a pocket pussy.

Begin by opening the king-size pillow's bottom seam. Make room for the potato chip can by moving the stuffing around. Next, insert the chip can and fluff the filling to keep the can in place. Use Gorilla, Duct, or Flex tape to hold the potato chip can securely in place.

The pocket pussy or masturbator can then be placed in the chip can, and it can be easily removed and inserted again if you need to clean it.

For her bum, you'll require a small round pillow and as you did with the vagina area, insert a potato chip can with a masturbator inside to be used for simulating anal sex.

So that the pillows stay in place and don't move around inside the catsuit, use safety pins to hold them in place.

Next, you can put the breasts together, you can buy fake breasts online, and even Amazon stocks a good selection at different prices. You'll then want to attach the breasts to the king-size pillow with the bra straps and safety pins again.

You'll need towels for the arms and legs that are rolled up and taped so they don't come apart. They can then be inserted into the catsuit. Hands and feet can then be attached with tape to the ends of the relevant towels. Once again, you can find these body parts online; typically, they are used for practicing manicuring and nail art, but no one will know or care what you are using them for!

Last but not least, we have the head for your DIY sex doll. You'll find mannequin heads that are used for training heads for hairdressers online to complete your creation. To attach the head, open up the top seam of the pillow by cutting a hole and insert the neck part into the catsuit, and secure it with tape.

You might want to use a length of pipe or metal to provide extra support for the neck and back of your sex doll. You could also use some flexible metal rods in the arms and legs to add a bit of rigidity and make her easier to pose.

Unfortunately, you can't change her costume as she'll fall apart! But you can customize her with extras like high heel shoes or add artificial fingers and toenails and paint them.

There you go, you can create a sex doll of your very own for a few hundred bucks!

Other DIY Sex Doll Options

Here are six other great options for creating a DIY sex doll. Choose the one you like, or use these as inspiration to make your own creation.

1. Ass, Legs, Pussy

First, grab a pair of underwear. Men's boxer briefs work really well. Cut a hole in the crotch, right at dead center.

Now, roll a sock leaving the end open and available.

Stack two sponges on top of one another with a latex glove in the middle. Secure everything with rubber bands. It should look like a handmade pocket pussy. Pull the open end of the glove around the sponges to create your ‘entrance.’

Shove your new pock pussy into the sock, and place it in the hole in the boxers.

Fill the rest of the boxers with towels to simulate legs and an ass. Go ahead and add extra padding for the ass if you like it like that.

Tie everything off with a belt to keep it all in place.

Grab some lube, mount your toy, and give it a try.

Want something a bit more? Get creative and use a shirt stuffed with towels or another filling to make a torso.  You can even add a styrofoam wig head and wig to complete the experience.

2. Fold and Fuck

This one is a bit simpler. Still, it feels amazing. Take a small towel and fold it around a lube-filled glove. Hold it, enter, and thrust until you have an amazing orgasm. This is also a great option for placing on a countertop or the edge of your bed. Picture having sex while you stand, and your girlfriend scoots down to the end of the bed. Pretty sexy.

3. Tight Spaces

Create a pocket pussy with two sponges wrapped in bubble wrap. Cut off the top of a plastic soda bottle. Push the pocket pussy into the opening of the soda bottle. Just be absolutely certain that you have cut the bottle carefully and that any jagged edges are smoothed out.

4. The Love Seat

Cut the zipper off of a ziplock baggie. Fill it up with a generous amount of lube. Stuff that between two couch cushions. Climb on, and use the pressure of your body weight to apply the right amount of pressure as you thrust in and out of the opening.

5. A Male Alternative

If you’d prefer a cock to a pussy, there are some great options for you as well. First, consider changing ass, legs, and pussy to ass, legs, and dick. That wouldn’t be too hard to do. Just move the hole in the boxers a bit, and use your favorite dildo. You can even purchase a penis molding kit to make one based on your favorite penis!

If you are a bit more athletic, a dildo wedged between two couch cushions can work in a pinch. The same goes for one that’s suctioned to a wall or table. If you don’t have a dildo, you can improvise with a hairbrush handle or any cylindrical item. Just be sure you use a condom and that there’s no danger of it breaking or getting ‘lost.’ 

6. Balloon Sex Doll

If you are a guy who likes big breasts and wants to simulate a pair of tits for your DIY sex doll, there is a cheap and easy way. All you need is a couple of balloons and a few other bits and pieces. You can use some women's lingerie, such as a baby doll. Put a pillow inside the lingerie and the two balloons. You can fill the balloons with air or with water to give them a little more elasticity. So the lingerie stays taut over the breasts; use some safety pins being careful not to pop the balloons!

You can combine this with the ass, legs, and pussy DIY sex doll to make it more complete.

How to Make a New Homemade Sex Doll Using a Mannequin


Another way to make a sex doll at home for a reasonable price is to purchase a shop mannequin. These are the life-sized dolls that you usually see being used as models to display clothes in a store. You can purchase them for around $100 - $200 online, and they are available both as male and female mannequins. But as they are not designed for recreating sex, you will be much better saving your cash to buy one with a realistic feeling from a sex doll company such as Silicon Wives. In addition, this type of DIY sex doll is more challenging to store away than either the homemade versions we have already discussed or one of our realistic sell dolls.

However, while not optimal, its body parts will resemble the human figure to some degree. You will have to cut the vagina and anus area carefully, then cheap masturbators, pocket pussies, or other sex toys can be attached to the crotch area of the mannequin.

You can further customize the mannequin by adding the wig of your choice and choosing some sexy lingerie for it to wear. As we've mentioned already, a mannequin is supposed to be used for displaying the latest fashion, not for sex. You'll find this type of DIY sex doll stiff and cold, which could dampen the mood, so you'll have to use a bit of imagination to get the best from it.

Using Sex Toys Instead of a Homemade Sex Doll

We've written a complete blog post on the subject of whether one should buy a sex doll or sex toy. If you just enjoy masturbating and don't feel the need for a life-sized model with realistic body parts, to simulate the feeling of real sex, then a cheap masturbator or similar sex toys will probably do the job. Both have their places, but you might want to try making a homemade sex doll first to see if it's an improvement.

You never know; you might want to start exploring our range of luxury sex dolls that cater to pretty much every taste.

In addition, you could check out our range of realistic male masturbators at affordable prices; these included realistic ass and vaginas made from silicone.

Designing Your Own Custom Sex Doll

Maybe you’ve read all of this and have decided that it is time for a real sex doll. After all, we don’t all have the skills to make a cheap homemade sex doll that will give us pleasure. 

While most of our customers choose one of our ‘off the rack dolls’, some prefer to have a doll specially created for them. They do this so that they can experience the pleasure of living with and making love to a doll that matches their greatest fantasies. 

When we say custom-built sex dolls, we really mean we build a sex doll according to your needs. We have the ability to build a doll for you that has the hips, breast, face, skin tone, hair, and other features that you want. We promise that you’ll be very impressed with what you see. Virtually every customer expresses surprise at the accuracy with which our artists can reproduce their fantasies.

If you’re even interested in mechanical sex dolls that has the face and figure you’ve always dreamed of, then keep reading. We’ll go through all of the steps you have to take and a few formalities to keep in mind. 

Getting Started With Your Custom Built Sex Doll

The first thing you’ll want to do is visit the page we’ve provided for ordering a custom sex doll. Here, you’ll fill in some contact information and describe exactly what you’ll want. Once we review your request, we’ll let you know if we can do the work for you. We’ll also let you know the cost of your custom sex doll. Here are some tips for making sure that you get the doll you want:

  • Be very detailed in describing your doll. Give us her measurements and skin tone, and describe her facial features. Our artists need this information to get started.
  • Be responsive. We may have questions for you. We don’t want to proceed unless we are absolutely sure we are moving in the right direction.
  • Look for our photographs of your work in progress. We’ll start with a clay model, then send you pictures. Let us know if we are on the right track!
  • We can work from photographs that you send us to some extent. However, there are limitations to this. We’ll address that below.

Choose between a full sex doll or a head. Some of our customers are only interested in purchasing a custom-designed head. They can then add this to a doll they purchase ‘off the rack.’

Your Doll Will Look and Feel Amazing

Once we’ve finished your doll, we’ll send it your way. When you get it, we think you’ll be amazed. We use the same steel construction and realistic TPE material to make your custom doll. She’ll look and feel just like the real thing. Don’t worry; she’ll also have breasts and fully functioning sex organs. In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes! We also build male sex dolls to order.

One Last Thing! You Have to Follow a Couple of Rules

First things first. No kids and we mean that. If your order seems to describe someone under the age of consent, you’ll get a hard no from us. We’re also unable to reproduce any trademarked figure or a celebrity. The only exception is if you are able to obtain consent. What we can do is create a doll with many of the same features. So, we can’t give you a Wonder Woman doll. What we can do is provide you with a very tall, physically fit doll with long dark hair and brown eyes. The rest will have to be left to your very active imagination.

How Realistic Sex Dolls Are Made

While it is virtually impossible to make a realistic sex doll such as the silicone and TPI models available on our website, with their realistic vaginas, breasts, and faces at home, we thought you might be interested in learning the process of how they are made.

To begin with, a metal skeleton is added to a mold; this could be for one of our custom sex dolls, ready-made exclusive sex dolls from our collection, or one of the high-end brands that we stock, such as 6Ye Dolls or Magic Moment Dolls. TPE or silicone is poured into the mold and then left to set. For certain parts of the mold, such as the upper part of the body around the breasts and also the thighs, more of the TPE or silicone mix will be required. Getting the right mix for the sex doll mold is a fine art.

Once the mold is cooled, it can be opened to reveal the base sex doll. There will be excess material that will need to be removed, and one of the technicians will trim it with scissors and also smooth the skin by heating it.

As the different models all have their own features, each doll will be fitted with different breast sizes, nipples, vaginas, skin color, eyes, pubic hair if required, and so on.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and Silicone are the materials of choice as they have been proven to provide the most realistic feeling for sex dolls. The process can take many days, with several trained workers being involved in the process.

Final Thoughts

Creating your own DIY sex doll can be an exciting and affordable way to bring yourself some pleasure in these not-so-fun times we currently face.

The doll you make probably won’t win any beauty contests and won't resemble the realistic sex dolls you can buy online, but at least it might provide a bit more excitement in an otherwise boring time being in lockdown.

However, if you are already considering just getting a ready-built luxury sex doll, or a custom doll built to your specifications, then take a look at the selection Silicon Wives has to offer.