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Male Sex Dolls For Women

Male Sex Dolls 

Backed by popular demand, we're happy to finally add our first selection of male sex dolls to Silicon Wives.  Our collection provides a variety of different male looks, from pretty boy to rugged bad boy to clean-cut take-home-to-mom type.  Our male love dolls are from two of our premium sex doll vendors, YL Doll and WM Doll.  They are made of lifelike thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material and metal skeletons with strong, flexible joints.  They have similar customizations options as our female love dolls, you can choose eye color, hair color, and feet type.  

Our male sex dolls are a great purchase for women as well as gay men.  They come with a detachable 8 inch penis, and they can receive anal and oral sex.  We hope that you can find the perfect man for you.  

Here at SiliconWives.com our aim is to help doll buyers find the best sex doll for their needs at a fair price and from a trust-worthy source. We’re based out of New York with our manufacturing facilities located Shenzhen. All of our dolls are shipped discreetly and well protected in unmarked cardboard boxes. Shipping for all orders is free, it is express air delivery usually with FedEx or UPS.

Looking For Male Action? Our Male Sex Dolls Prove We Haven’t Forgotten You!

Have you been perusing our site hoping to find some hot male sex dolls? If so, this is the page you have been looking for. Our sexy sex doll for men are designed to provide sexual pleasure and companionship of all kinds to both men and women. Just like the female dolls we produce they are constructed from silicone or TPE. They are absolutely natural looking, and are fully functional.

Anime Male Sex Dolls to Provide You With Exotic Pleasure

Let’s be honest, some of the sexiest characters today come from anime. Whether you like the erotic stuff, or stick with the mainstream, the male characters seem like they have been chiseled out of stone because of their hard bodies. That combined with their almost ethereal features makes them breathtaking and irresistable. You’ll swear your male sex doll just stepped out of a movie. If you choose him, you can also choose your pleasure. He is designed for versatility and endurance.

A Toned And Muscular Male Sex Doll Will Keep You Happy All Night Long

All of our male sex dolls have bodies that look amazing. But, this one is really impressive. It’s clear that he really takes great care of himself. He’s got a strong chest, six pack abs, and muscular arms and legs. Not only do you get to benefit from his great looks, but his stamina means you can spend hours at a time with him. It takes a lot of effort to maintain that physique. He’s a silicone doll for women who is not ashamed to say that he does it just for you. Don’t let his efforts go to waste!

A Cute Male Sex Doll For Naughty And Youthful Fun

One look at our cute male sex doll, and your mind will wander. You will almost be able to picture him in a college baseball uniform, muscular and sweaty after practice. Or, maybe you can see him smiling at you from the couch in nothing more than a pair of boxers. Wherever your imagination takes you, the end result will be the same. This young man is simply too cute to resist. Before long, you’ll have him in bed with you enjoy some of the most pleasurably acts you have ever experienced.

A Big Dick Male Sex Doll to Get Right Down to Action

Whether you are a man craving length and girth or a horny woman who just needs a lot to satisfy her, we want you to check out our big dick male sex doll. There’s no getting around it, he is enormously well-endowed. Even better, he knows just how to use the gift he’s been given. We promise, you will gasp in surprise, the first time you see him.

Don’t worry, he is happy to both give and receive. Whatever makes you happiest. He is strong, durable, and has a great body. You won’t be able to resist spending hours exploring what the two of you can do to one another. Or make your own custom sex doll if you want the man of your dreams.

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