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New Sex Dolls

The Newest Sex Dolls

Stay up to date with the latest and greatest releases in the sex doll industry. View our catalog of recently added products, some of which are readily available to be shipped straight to you!   

It can be overwhelming when trying to sort through many sex doll options and variations out there. And we do have a lot to offer; there is always a category that will always tempt you, whether you are into mini sex dolls, fantasy, or BBW sex dolls.

What if you just want something new, recently released, a doll that nobody owns yet? If that sounds like you, then this is the page you want to be on. This page will always show you the newest sex dolls available to buy. We make sure to post all the models that premium sex doll manufacturers have just released.

Some of the brands of real sex dolls that you can find in this huge selection are:

  • YL Dolls
  • WM Dolls
  • Sino Dolls
  • Zelex Dolls
  • 6Ye Dolls
  • And, of course, Silicon Wives Exclusives

You can filter the search by a type of material, for example, by TPE or silicone sex dolls. A silicone sex doll is resistant to stains, durable, and heat-resistant so that you can bath with your love doll. A TPE sex doll is flexible and soft to touch. There is no good or bad choice of material as it purely depends on your preference. No matter what you choose, your sex life will surely be full of drive and lust.

In this category, you can also discover not only premium sex dolls but exclusively unique models not found anywhere else. If you are craving something entirely different, new, and spicy - we have it right here.

Scroll the pages and find breastfeeding love dolls, fantasy ones, extra thick, and pregnant. Every breast size is available, and it couldn't be easier to find on this website: from flat chested sex dolls to D cup and even K cup! The body type is a different story; each of the latest sex dolls is unique from head to toe. You can find a life-like love doll or a miniature cute little thing that is irresistibly sexy, or you can contact us to express your desires that can be brought to life.

In this collection, we don't discriminate, as long as it's new. You'll find sex dolls of all shapes and sizes, so although every doll might not be your type, we're sure to have something for everyone. New releases are sometimes experimental, and we release a unique type of doll to see how buyers react. The male sex drive is a fickle beast and favors the novel, constantly desiring more and different. We are sometimes surprised to see what designs are more popular than others.  

Have any feedback or requests for what you'd like to see in future releases? Send us an email at info@siliconwives.com. Don't forget to subscribe to receive new sex doll announcements and use a discount code for your next purchase of a new sex doll!

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