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YL Doll is an established and respected brand in the sex doll industry. They specialize in TPE dolls however they are expanding to silicone sex dolls in recent months as well. They are best known for their 148cm D-cup model, which has been popular for years. Recently, they have had excellent releases with the large-nippled 157cm doll and the super-model 168cm model.  

Why Choose YL Dolls?

With a YL Doll, you can be sure of the quality of the material used. Their sex dolls are not only exceedingly beautiful but also well-made and built to last. With proper care, your YL Doll will stay in great condition for as long as you want her.  

The interesting fact about YL Doll is they actually share a facility with the WM Doll brand in Southern China. This means they have many convenient synergies between the brands, which allows you to mix and match models as you like. For example, a YL Doll head will fit on a WM Doll body and vice-versa. Everything is made in one place and can be shipped together so that you can enjoy your WM dolls with YL dolls.  

Silicon Wives is an official YL Doll retailer. We provide customers with a trusted avenue to purchase authentic YL Dolls with our added white-glove customer service and after-purchase care.  

Experience the New Kind of Sex

Sexual satisfaction is very important and can impact the quality of your life. But there's no point in keeping yourself in the bad place when you can explore and find your way to achieve the highest peaks in your sex life.

Many people use sex toys in the bedroom, either solo or with a partner. A high-quality sex doll can be just what you've been missing. It's a great way to spice up your sex or fulfill your wildest fantasies. Premium sex dolls are realistic, made out of the best materials, and stand the test of time.

Find Your New Lover

An amazing thing about a love doll is that it can look like you want her to. All the YL dolls are designed to be of exceptional quality. A big range of choices as well as the ability to personalize your love doll give you the best chances of finding the perfect girl for you.

In our offer, you will find realistic dolls in every body type. Sex doll design is all about realizing your desires. You can choose the breast size, skin tones, eye color, hair color, dolls with a built-in vagina or removable one, and many more parameters.

YL Doll Can Be Your Sexy Secret

Having sex dolls is no reason to be ashamed, but if you want to, the YL doll can be your little secret. Of course, when making this purchase, it's best to rely on the legit sex doll sellers. This way, you're buying a safe product that will ensure you with the best sexual experience.

With Silicon Wives, you can buy a YL doll with free shipping. All our dolls are selected from the best manufacturers on the market. On our website, you have access to new sex doll announcements, discount codes, and a sexy real sex doll in every shape, cup size, and design - pictures included.

Find your realistic sex doll and enjoy yourself!

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