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If you've bought a lifelike doll, you're about to embark on a new adventure. It's a terrific investment, to say the least. A silicone wife may provide you with a relationship as well as a satisfying sexual trip, so you're in for a treat. 

What distinguishes a TPE wife or silicone companion is that no questions are asked about your employment, car, appearance, or how much money you have in your pocket. You are a free guy at all times. You don't have to be the same man you were yesterday. It's because a silicone sex doll doesn't expect you to do anything other than explore her body and enjoy what she has to give.

Why Choose a Sino Doll?

Sino Doll specializes in the creation and production of high-quality realistic silicone sex dolls that are created with medical-grade silicone that is specifically designed for their hyper-realistic, high-definition love sex dolls. Sino Doll has a decade of experience in the industry of love doll production, earning them a reputation for being one of the best sex doll manufacturers and most realistic sex dolls in the world. 

Sino high-quality sex dolls include innovative skin textures such as a smooth matte effect and hyper-realistic painting, resulting in a softness that is silky, delicate, very durable, and highly flexible, with a convincing human skin feeling and visual experience that is unrivaled.

How to Use Silicone Sex Dolls?

To get started quickly, follow these simple steps.

1st step

Take your doll out of the box and unpack it. You'll need to find a space that's twice as big as the box. Keep the packaging box since it will be needed if you want to return it to the original factory in the future to have broken parts repaired.

Remove the wrapped plastic paper and inspect the real doll for any damage that occurred during handling. If your sex doll is broken, please take a picture of it and submit it to our customer care department, and we will replace it for you.

3rd step

Find a way to bring the doll into the bathroom and wipe off the doll's oil. An oil component is pumped into the silicone of the solid doll's body to make it softer, and it also allows the doll to emanate a lovely aroma. As a result, the adult doll's surface will become oily over time. To remove grease, the body doll should be bathed once a week.

4th step

The doll's body should be powdered after a shower. Use regular baby powder instead. The goal is to get rid of the doll grease while removing the oil, as well as any debris on the body. Then rinse, remove the oil and powder, and wipe the powder, and grime away with a damp cloth. After the doll has dried, apply powder to the body and keep it dry and clean.

5th step

When the doll's hair is dry, set the sex doll on a soft sofa or chair. Put on the stockings on the arm to protect the fingertips and other areas from wear.

6th step

Once the sex doll is ready, select your preferred method of intercourse with the sex doll. Please remember to wash your sex doll after that. Please dry your sex doll with toilet paper after cleaning her and store her in a cool, well-ventilated area.

Get Your Realistic Sex Doll Today!

The silicone love doll is not only an adult sex toy but also a work of art in today's culture. Sino dolls bring beauty and fantasies to life. If you want to spice up your sex life why not try a Sino love doll. Don't opt for second best only buy high-quality silicone dolls from legit sex doll sellers like ourselves. Get one today and let us know your experience.

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