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Heroes And Characters: Your Fantasies in The Form of Sex Dolls

Posted on July 03 2019

From magazines hidden under beds to sex posters on the walls of college dorms, men have often fantasized about their favorite characters. If you’ve dreamt of having sex with the beautiful star of your favorite movie, television show, even science fiction novel, you aren’t alone. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to provide an array of dolls to help you fulfill your fantasy. Check out some of our most popular dolls inspired by your favorite heroes and characters.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman (Limited Special)

We’re very excited to present this doll, inspired by the super heroine who has been turning men (and women!) on for generations. If you’re a fan, you’ll find everything you need in this sexy, beautifully crafted doll. She’s got luxurious brunette hair, piercing brown eyes, and a slender body. Her breasts are absolutely perfect as well. She even comes with her signature costume. Get ready to act out fantasies you’ve had for years.


Xena: Fantasy Sex Doll

A true warrior princess, Xena is sexy, aggressive, and mysterious. She’s a real challenge, and the choice is yours. Can you tame her with your dominating style in the bedroom, or will you submit to her whims? Whatever the case may be, you are sure to have an amazing experience.

The Gypsy

Esmerelda is a sexy, Gypsy siren in her twenties. Even at this young age, she has mastered the art of seducing men, and placing them under her spell. Earn her love, and she will reward you with pleasure that you’ve never experienced before. Some men say she has ‘the magic touch’.


Maverick: Rugged Male Sex Doll

Hey, we wouldn’t leave all of the fantasizing to straight guys. Maverick is masculinity, strength, and dominance all in one muscular package. His military background and experience as a pilot have sent him on adventures all over the world. He’s made love to men and women both in some of the most exciting cities you can imagine. Maverick is up for anything. Are you?

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Sex Doll

There’s just something about a gal who is dirty, slutty, streetwise, and absolutely loyal to the man she loves. It’s no wonder that Harley Quinn is the subject of so many sexual fantasies. She’s got an undeniably hot body and pretty face. Keep her happy, and she’ll do anything to get you off. Just beware that Harley Quinn has a darkside, or perhaps it’s her darkside that you crave.

The Elf

Bella: Elf Fantasy Sex Doll

Elanor: Curvy Elf Sex Doll

Bella is the first of our two elves. The other is Elanor. Bella is from an Icelandic clan. She has been trained to never refuse her lover his pleasure. She’ll make you feel like a lucky man over and over again. Then there’s Elanor. She’s a uniquely, curvy elf who is chronically horny. Elanor enjoys making love to both men and women, and has an appetite for sex that goes on for days.

What do You Think?

We love offering our customers dolls that they can use to fulfill their deepest fantasies. Wouldn’t you love to take a super hero, movie character, or the star of your favorite  novel into your bedroom? We’re always hard at work creating the sex dolls of your dreams.

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