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Although still a relatively new brand, Starpery has taken the sex doll industry by storm, offering some of the most realistic sex dolls ever manufactured. The company specializes in TPE and silicone sex dolls of the highest quality, providing its customers with ultra-realistic love dolls. Find the latest Starpery love dolls at Silicon Wives.

About Starpery

Shenzhen Starpery Technology is one of the leading Chinese sex doll manufacturers. The company is praised for its innovative and driven approach to creating the most realistic dolls and humanizing them. Not only that, as they state in their mission, Stapery strives to decrease the costs of realistic sex dolls so that more people can enjoy their company.

Even the company's name has a romantic ring to it, with the word Stapery standing for stars and apery. As described by the firm itself, the name means they will use apery technology to help human beings to the stars in the galaxy. In other words, even the name suggests Starpery is not your everyday sex doll manufacturer.

Starpery Dolls Options

When it comes to designing human-like sex dolls, not many manufacturers can match Starpery's attention to detail. Their life-size dolls are ultra-realistic and come with numerous innovative features, such as internal heating or moaning systems.

Starpery offers a wide range of TPE body and silicone head dolls, as well as a full silicone doll collection. The company uses the special "premium silicone" material blend to ensure their dolls have a human-like and soft feeling to them.

The great thing about Starpery love dolls is that they have a comprehensive range of models you can then customize. The basic customization options include tan lines, upgraded skeletons, visible veins, freckles, and implanted hair. You can also opt for advanced customization services, such as weight reduction, suspension kits, or heating rods, for an additional price.

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Get your hands (literally) on the latest collection of Starpery sex dolls when shopping at Silicon Wives. Our dedicated Starpery page is full of the amazing love dolls manufactured by these Chinese visioners, and you can rest assured any of the dolls above will provide you with the most realistic experience possible. Choose the body type, hair color, and breast size of your doll, and fulfill all your sexual desires.

And if none of the Starpery dolls meet your needs, you can also search our website for other renowned sex doll brands, including Irontech, WM, YL, Zelex, and more! However, considering their quality, we're sure you'll be amazed by the experience a Starpery doll can provide.

At Silicon Wives, we provide excellent customer service and free shipping across the USA and Europe on all our dolls. You can also rest assured all your sensitive data stays protected. Additionally, we'll provide you with a tracking number for your delivery so that you know what's happening with your sex doll at all times throughout the entire transportation process.

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