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Ready To Ship Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls Fast Shipping

What makes our ready-to-ship sex dolls such an excellent choice?

These sex dolls are held in our USA warehouse and are ready to ship. In-stock dolls are perfect if you want a fast shipping sex doll and don't care so much about customization.  Once your order is placed, your doll will ship out within 1 business day and will arrive at your door in about 3-7 business days (USA & Canada only).

Save Hundreds of Dollars 

One of the undeniable advantages of buying ready-to-ship sex dolls is the fact that you purchase a premium product for less. You will notice that all of the girls in this category are discounted, leaving in your pocket as much as $300 and more! 

If your budget doesn’t allow you to splurge on a fully customizable model, you might be pleasantly surprised to find very high-quality dolls within your price range, ready to be shipped in no time at all. 

Saving money and shipping time come hand in hand when you shop with Silicon Wives! 

Where Can I Buy Ready-to-Ship Sex Dolls?

Spending as much money as one does on a high-end sex doll means you need to be sure you can trust your seller. We know just how exciting the process of getting one of our smoking-hot dolls can be! That’s why we make an effort to ensure our services are top-notch, so you never have to worry if you’re in bad hands! 

Why should you trust Silicon Wives with your purchase? 

  • We offer free shipping worldwide.
  • Our catalog of ready-to-ship sex dolls is extensive. We have lots to offer and can satisfy varied likings!
  • Our dolls are made from high-quality, skin-safe, and durable materials like TPE and silicone.   
  • All of our products are handmade and thoroughly tested for quality before shipping.
  • We offer convenient payments with credit cards and cryptocurrencies, as well as payment plans to reduce upfront costs.
  • We offer refunds for products that are damaged.
  • Dolls are delivered in discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors finding out what you’ve ordered. We value your privacy! 
  • Our customer service is excellent. In case of any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to us via email (info@siliconwives.com), phone (Mon-Fri 9a-5p  1-888-644-7592), or live chat on our website! 

How To Select a Sex Doll?

Not sure how to decide on the ready-to-ship sex doll? Consider these helpful tips. 

  1. Decide whether you want to buy a silicone doll or a TPE doll. While silicone sex dolls are easier to clean and a bit more sturdy than TPE, they are also more expensive. TPE dolls are softer and more jiggly but can be a tad more difficult to clean.
  2. Consider the doll’s size and weight. Larger, heavier models feel very realistic, but they might be slightly more difficult to maneuver.
  3. Choose a doll you really like! Ensure she’s just your type, as customization is not possible with our ready-to-ship sex dolls.  

We cannot wait to see what your choice is! Order sex dolls with fast shipping and have your new lady in no longer than 3-7 business days. Enjoy lower prices and the same high-quality Silicon Wives dolls are known for!

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