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Tall Sex Dolls

Tall Sex Dolls for Sale

If you’ve always had a crush on tall babes but were never brave enough to fulfill your desires, our tall sex dolls are here to make your fantasies come true. 

All dolls in this section are taller than 5' 7'' or 170cm, so if you’re looking for a tall sexy babe that’s willing to satisfy your dirtiest fantasies, you’re in the right place. 

Browse our selection of tall sex dolls and choose your perfect babe!

Find Your Ideal Tall Sex Doll

A tall sex doll ticks one box in your fantasy bingo. But what completes it? Are you into big or small breasts? Do you want your doll to be skinny or thick? What about her hair color? 

Whatever turns you on, you can customize your tall sex doll just the way you like. 

At Silicone Wives, all our tall sex dolls are fully customizable. We allow our clients to choose their doll's hair and eye color, skin tone, breast size, and more! You can also decide on a removable or built-in vagina, as well as some advanced options, such as a heating system or moaning sounds. 

You can also order clothing, wigs, and other accessories to customize your sex doll even further. The beauty of owning a sex doll is that she can’t say no to how you want to have her. She’s always happy to serve you, ready to fulfill your every dirty fantasy. 

Best Dolls from the Most Renowned Manufacturers

Besides being fully customizable, all our tall sex dolls come from industry-leading manufacturers, including WM, YL, Zelex, Starpery, Sino, Magic Moment, and many more. 

We also give our clients an option to choose between silicone and TPE dolls for the most convenient experience. 

Silicone dolls are generally more durable and easier to clean, although they aren’t as realistic in touch and look as TPE dolls. These are, however, more delicate, requiring a higher level of care. 

Which one are you ready to sacrifice? Realism or durability? That’s up to you.

Free and Safe International Shipping

When ordering through Silicon Wives, we guarantee free and safe international shipping on all orders. We ship our dolls by air, usually via UPS or FedEx, so you can rest assured that your doll arrives on schedule and unspoiled. 

Also, if you worry about how your tall sex doll arrives, after all, hiding a 170cm doll from prying might be difficult, you can relax. We always pack our dolls in discreet and unlabeled boxes, sparing our customers dirty and judging looks from their neighbors. 

So, what are you waiting for? Fulfill your fantasies and order yourself a sexy and realistic tall sex doll. 

Browse our selection of tall sex dolls, customize your chosen doll how you want, and see what it’s like to have a tall babe ready to fulfill all your deepest desires. 

That’s possible with Silicon Wives!

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