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Sex Doll Accessories Guide: Which One Should You Buy?

Posted on October 21 2022

Sasha Brazilian Sex Doll

The sex doll industry is obviously booming these days. If you've found your dream love doll, consider yourself lucky. What can be better than exploring your sexual life from all sides? 

What about add-on doll accessories? Unfortunately, many people aren't aware of the benefits accessories can bring to their life. From enhancing the sexual experience to serving aesthetic purposes, sex doll accessories will spice up your bedroom plays.

These attributes are must-haves if you are striving for hot experiments, new positive experiences, or mind-blowing sensations. Check out our sex doll accessories guide and choose the best add-on sex items to enhance the fun in your bedroom and enjoy time with your doll even more.

Removable Vagina

Owning a sex doll with a removable vagina has lots of advantages. Compared to a built-in vagina, a removable one is much easier to clean and dry. Instead of bathing the entire doll, you can easily detach the vagina and take it out to clean the sleeve. 

Also, you can experiment with new sensations: just switch to sleeves with nubs, curves, or crevices instead of a standard smooth sleeve. 

What is more, this perfect add-on item boosts the durability of your love doll. In the case of any damages or wear-outs, you simply replace it with a new one. There is no need to spend a fortune on a new sex doll. 

Removable Dildo

A removable dildo or penis adapter is a must-have option for those who fancy getting immense pleasure. With this accessory, you can transform your doll into a transsexual. Want to explore butt play? Then, this is a perfect choice. 

Plenty of guys wish to find their G-spot and experience a prostate orgasm. With a removable dildo, which works perfectly fine with both built-in and removable vaginas, all your dreams will come true. Experiment with yourself and see what your love doll can do for you.


For those who keep up with constant changes and updates, wigs are an ideal choice. Want to have fun with a redhead beauty? Maybe it’s time to try blonde? 

Having a variety of wigs and trying them on your sex doll will help you realize what you want by exploring something new. There are so many awesome wigs in multiple styles. Are you bored with your short-haired chick? No worries! Just pick a long-haired wig and make things interesting again.

Sex Doll Clothes

One more way to diversify your sex routine is to update your love doll's wardrobe. Who could resist the prelude stage before passionate, irresistible, hot, and seductive sex? Slipping clothes off your love doll is its essential part.

You can buy whatever you want to make your beauty even more attractive. The choice is endless: from sexy, transparent lace underwear sets to oversized hoodies and tracksuits. 

Apparel is more than it appears to be. It reflects personality, poise, and vibe. Therefore, picking a wardrobe is an integral part of buying and owning a love doll. 


Makeup is the easiest and quickest way to make your sex doll fit your deepest fantasies. It is something that can fully transform a doll's appearance and make her whatever you like: a girl next door or your unattainable dream with a more sophisticated look.

Buy a couple of diverse palettes and get ready to experiment with them on your girl. Bear in mind that it's important to use makeup that will work well with your doll's skin. Avoid oil-based creams and liquids as they may latch onto and remain on your doll's skin. What is more, they can even stain her permanently. Instead of this, switch to powder makeup. It's pretty easy to use, apply and remove.

Also, use gentle strokes and soft brushes while applying the makeup - you'll avoid scratching your doll. As for removing your cutie's makeup, using wet wipes may be a bad idea as they contain heavy alcohols that can interact with the doll's skin and stain her. Choose dry wipes instead. Just add a little bit of plain water and wipe off everything properly. 

Vampire Teeth and Tongue Set 

Vampire teeth, together with a tongue set, are perfect accessories for those who want to create their own creatures of the night and transform a normal love doll into a sexy vampire. This will especially work if you have a doll with a removable tongue and teeth.

Bring an inner monster out of you and try sharp fangs to bring a new level of realism and expression to your beauty's face. If you dream of a goth girlfriend, this option will spice up your sex life daily.

A Warming Wand

A warming wand is another excellent option on the best sex doll accessories list. If you are seeking to make your doll even more natural and realistic, heat it to achieve the climax of your sexual appetite. 

A relatively cold silicone or TPE material doesn't generally keep a constant body temperature. If you enjoy sleeping with your doll, a cold body can make you feel depressed. Heating your beauty will offer you a more real and warm feeling. Purchase a warming wand and make time with your love doll unforgettable.

Removable Eyes or Contact Lenses

Did you know that the eyes of your sex doll can be removed and changed at any point? So it's time to give her a fresh new look with an extra set of eyes! 

Contact lenses are also a favorite option among sex doll lovers. Tired of a brown-eyed girl? No problems. Choose any color you want and add an extra fantasy element. You can even try cat-eye lenses. 

These sex doll accessories are pretty convenient. Together with various wigs, you can change things up in an instant. Experiment more and enjoy your sex life to the fullest!

Body-Safe Lube

We are sure you know all the benefits of using lubricants during sex. Just a quick reminder: pick a body-safe, water-based lube. It's essential with your love doll. 

Silicon or oil-based lubes are quite challenging to remove later on, especially if you are a TPE doll owner. Always stick to a simple, water-based formula for the finest results.

The Bottom Line

As you've probably noticed, there is an extensive choice of mind-blowing sex doll accessories that may help you completely change your doll's look. What is more, those add-ons may act as incredibly fast solutions in case your love doll gets damaged. 

The absence of those items may result in a raw and unremarkable experience. If you like changes and updates, these accessories will make you feel as if you're sleeping with a different woman each time. Thus, you'll never get bored and will always reach the highest levels of satisfaction.

Pick your favorites and get ready for an unforgettable bedroom journey. Improving your sex experience has never been so easy.

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