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Sex Doll Clothes

Posted on February 28 2022

At Silicon Wives website, we have plenty of charming sex dolls that can make you hard at first sight. Asian, blonde, anime, black, petite, or with big bouncy boobs - you name it. Having a silicone sex doll is great but customizing it to your own liking makes it even greater.

There are many ways to personalize your sex doll, and the best one is by dressing her up. You will never be bored finding the right outfit that makes your love doll sexier.  Make your imagination flow when choosing tight apparel for your next play in bed.

Many sex dolls already resemble life-like women; some of them can even have small talk or make arousing sound effects. However, most dolls look absolutely adorable and attractive in such clothes as lingerie, mini dresses, crop tops, chokers, fishnet tights, and more.

Did we get your interest? Keep reading to find out how to make your sex doll look precisely the way you want it - slutty or innocent.

How to choose sex doll clothes

How to Dress Up Sex Dolls?

When you order a sex doll, you can personalize it precisely how you want to see it. The most common modifications that can be done are:

  • Eye and hair color
  • Skin tone
  • Hair wigs
  • Vagina options and depth
  • Breasts options

However, it is no surprise that your preferences might shift, and you might acquire a taste for girls with different hair colors or body types. Is it a reason to buy another sex doll? It might as well be! But before you start browsing fantasy sex dolls on our site,  you can first try to spice things up by shopping for different outfits and accessories for your sex doll.  

Appearance Modifications

There are not many parts of the body that you can change in a ready-made sex doll as it is usually shipped assembled, except for the head. Depending on the model, you can order a new shape and eye color or a different mouth. Sometimes it can be impossible to make drastic changes, so we suggest opting for a new wig. Giving your sex doll a new style or a haircut is easy and affordable. You can shop for a silky long or short wig on Etsy or any other online store of this kind.

Another thing you can do if the time allows is to dye your doll's hair to the color you might not have found online. It is a nice couple activity, and it can get messy, but in the end, you will be satisfied with the hair tone you've chosen.

And what about makeup? You can apply some light eyeshadow, seductive red lipstick, and spray some sweet perfume on her neck.  And voilà, your sex doll already looks refreshed and ready for the date.

Accessories and Additions

Accessories are something optional, but they bring the charm and highlight the beautiful body parts of your sex dolls like legs, neck, and hands.

Choose from a large number of accessories to make your sex doll look cuter or hotter

As you can see in the example above, the sex doll, Belle, has an attractive hairstyle with bunny ears, earrings, and a choker.  She looks so charming with jewelry! You can opt for a bracelet, stockings, necklace, and anything else that will make your love doll look adorable. The best thing is that your purchases don't have to be overly expensive because a sex doll will appreciate your every nice gesture.

Apparel Ideas

Wig, jewelry, clothing - majestic combo to make your sex doll look glamorous

Deciding on the outfit is the fun part, and there are no wrong choices. Before you start browsing what your love doll can wear, consider the following:

  • Make sure to measure the size of your love doll to find her the best fitting clothing
  • After receiving the order, always wash the clothing before dressing her up, and take it off every time you want to store her
  • Be careful with gentle parts like fingers, as you can accidentally damage those
  • Shop for not too tight clothes in order to avoid damage to the precious body of your sex doll
  • Always start dressing from the bottom, or you can remove the head and then put a dress on her
  • If you want to buy bras, cut the underwire which damages the skin

The most popular place to shop for outfits is the internet; online shops, like Etsy, will have plenty of options for you.

Hot Uniforms

Sex doll in uniform

If you find regular jeans and T-shirts boring, then opt for a sexy hot uniform. It will definitely jazz up your sex life and introduce roleplaying to your relationship.  There are so many apparels to try out, for example, a nurse, cabin crew, cheerleader, anime girl, or a schoolgirl outfit. Your sex doll can be a secretary like Grace or a hot supervillain like Suki.

Sci Fi Sex Doll

You can create a juicy outfit yourself. Look for a mini skirt, leggings, or shorts that fit your sex doll, and combine it with a loose or revealing T-shirt, bra, or a classic office shirt. Also, you can keep it minimalistic and make her wear only an apron.

Sexy Lingerie

Finding sexy lingerie is easier than shopping for other apparel. Once you have all the measurements ready, feel free to start the shopping spree for robes, bodysuits, thongs, and chemises.

Sex doll in lingerie

If you have a busty sex doll, make sure to find a size that will fit her. And if you have a petite mini sex doll, you might need to shop for children's clothes.

However, it is always better to shop at sites that sell clothes specifically for sex dolls. The materials will be safer for the skin, and there will be a bigger variety of sizes. Since some love dolls have disproportionate bodies, shopping can be pretty challenging.

Clothes for sex dolls

Overall, dressing your sex doll is an unforgettable experience, and you definitely don't want to miss out on that.


What size is my love doll?

To start looking for clothes that will suit your sex doll, you first need to know her proportions. Most people might feel uncomfortable taking their love dolls to the store, and nobody wants to waste their money on the wrong size.

The first thing you can do is to look up the measurements on the site where you ordered your sex doll. If you cannot find it online or the size you wanted was personally adjusted, then there is another effortless way to do that. All you need is a tailor tape.

  • Bust: Wrap the tailor tape around the bust and write down the measurements - this will help you choose the right size of a dress. To find a suitably sized bra, wrap the tape right under the breasts, around the ribcage. Remember to buy bras of a bit bigger size not to leave the marks on the skin
  • Waist: Measuring the waist will help you find suitable jeans, pants, and skirts
  • Hips: Measure the hips to find out which size of the lingerie can fit your sex doll

Will the skin of realistic dolls stain from clothes?

Even though the silicone material is durable and flexible, you might accidentally inflict damage on your sex doll. Tight clothes will imprint marks, and dark color apparel will leave stains. Silicone material can easily absorb the color, and it will be hard to clean it off. That is why it is best to opt for light color to avoid visible defects. However, if you really want to purchase a dark outfit, make sure to wash it a couple of times, and don't forget to undress your doll when you store her. You should store your doll in a box or storage naked.

If you are into vibrant colors but afraid to stain your dolls, you can take one piece of clothing and wrap it around a finger. Leave for a while and check if it is stained.

Which fabrics to avoid?

Apart from dark and vivid colors, you might want to avoid certain fabrics that can damage the skin of your sex dolls.

  • Denim
  • Leather and faux leather
  • Latex clothes

As a piece of advice, do not buy very cheap clothes because they are made of low-quality materials - it is better to choose something a bit more expensive.

Which fabrics are safe for my sex doll?

Luckily, several fabrics will not damage or stain your sex dolls. Make sure to take a note of those for your next shopping spree:

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Spandex
  • Velvet
  • Lace
  • Nylon

These materials are elastic, stretchy, and it is easy to dress and undress your sex dolls.

How to store sex dolls safely?

When buying a sex doll, think about where you plan to store her. If you can leave her sitting on the chair or laying on the bed, it shouldn't be a problem as long as she is naked, free of tight clothing. The sex dolls from Silicon Wives come with a storage kit that can fit your closet.

The temperature plays a significant role as well. Make sure it is not too hot or cold; otherwise, your doll can have visible imperfections after some time in storage.

Is makeup safe for my sex doll?

Makeup features various ingredients that might be unsafe for your sex doll or not easily removable. Whenever you buy lipstick, blush, or anything else, perform a quick test before applying. You should put just a bit of makeup on your sex doll and wait for a couple of minutes to see if there is a reaction or whether it is easy to clean off. 

How long can a sex doll last?

The longevity of your sex doll depends on how well you take care of her. Keeping her in a dry, cool place, dressing her up in loose clothes, and cleaning properly will grant you around ten years of good use. After some years, the wear and tear signs are inevitable. Fortunately, it is easy to perform repairs on your dolls, and if you report an issue to Silicon Wives, we offer repair kits.

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