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What Is the Difference Between a Cheap and an Expensive Sex Doll?

Posted on February 16 2023

Daisy: Cowgirl Sex Doll

Making comparisons between cheap sex dolls and high-end, quality, expensive sex dolls is like comparing Chevrolet to Lamborghini. You see the differences at first glance, and you really can experience them after the first try. 

Of course, that is hardly a surprising outcome. Quality usually comes with a hefty price tag, and the sex dolls world is not the exception to the rule. In fact, you can be sure that the bigger your investment in the toy is, the better product you’ll end up getting and the more pleasure you can derive from the play with your doll.

In this article, we will highlight the most crucial differences between cheap and expensive sex dolls so you can really see if the investment is worth it. Spoiler alert - it is! Dive deep into the land of great excitement and joyful sex with quality sex dolls that will forever change your outlook on how a play with a doll can look and feel like! 

Differences Between Cheap Dolls and Expensive Dolls 

Someone who doesn’t have much of a clue about what the modern sex doll industry looks like will probably have one image in their mind when they hear the term “sex doll.” Many people will see an inflatable doll that, in its design, resembles a real woman but is obviously fake and mannequin-like.

The cheaper the doll, the worst its quality, which means that really affordable ones hardly look like the real thing. More often than not, they will look and feel like balloons or toys and not like other human beings. 

Fortunately, the sex doll industry very much moved on from offering exclusively such low quality to their clients. Now, the market is overflown with expensive, luxurious sex dolls that offer a superior experience in every regard. 

What are the main differences between inflatable, cheap dolls and high-end expensive ones? 

The Materials

The first and main difference is, of course, the material that both types of dolls are made of. Inflatable dolls are made from cheap and light TPE material. This material cannot and does not resemble human skin in any capacity. 

On the other hand, expensive sex dolls are made from various, more pricy materials, TPE and silicone included. They are usually much nicer to touch and offer much better durability. Expensive dolls will look as close to real women as possible, and when it comes to sex, touch is a very important factor, so right off the bat, we can notice and experience how the choice of material impacts the customer experience. 


Purchasing a sex doll can be a fantastic way to fulfill your fantasies and have a satisfactory sex life. And if you care about making this experience as real and pleasurable for you as possible, you should pay attention to the features of your doll.  

Hair, eyes, fingers, boobs, and vaginas are all extremely important to nail. As you can imagine, cheap dolls look less like humans and more like mannequins precisely because of the fact that their features don’t look and feel very convincing. 

Cheap dolls are made from inferior materials, which means they can’t compare to materials used in the production of more expensive models. Their hair often feels very fake, and their characteristics are designed and executed in a less intricate manner. 

Cheaper dolls can still have nice boobs and vaginas, this mostly depends on particular brands and models, but you can be sure that with expensive dolls, these features will be absolutely top-notch. 

It is a popular opinion that quality sex dolls look extremely real. It’s nothing surprising considering the fact that their production process is much more complex and time-consuming. Sex doll designers spend a lot of time crafting what the final product will be, designing every little detail. 

That’s why luxurious sex dolls have very realistic eyes, hair, facial expressions, mouths, and other details of their anatomy. The goal here is to make dolls that look and feel like real people, so there’s very little room for mistakes and bad craftsmanship. 

It’s also the reason why you often have to wait weeks for your doll to be manufactured and delivered to your doorstep. Still, the end result is worth it, as your receiving a product of the highest quality that will feel exquisite under your fingertips and look like someone you could meet in real life (or not at all, if you choose a more unrealistic doll from your sci-fi fantasies).

Daisy: Cowgirl Sex Doll is lying on the hay


Customization is incredibly important when it comes to buying your perfect sex doll. After all, you should get to have sex with the girl from your wildest dreams, and now you can. High-end sex dolls offer extensive customization, down to features like:

  • Skin tone
  • Hairstyle and hair color
  • Wig or implanted hair
  • Eye color
  • Lip style
  • Nipple size and color 
  • Fingernails style
  • Toenails style
  • Pubic hair or lack thereof 
  • Labia color
  • Vagina built-in or not
  • Different feet options
  • Different breast sizes
  • Additional upgrades, like a built-in heating system or enhanced mouth for oral sex, etc. 

As you can see, customers have almost full control over what their sex doll will look and feel like, which is rather important, since they’re spending even $2000 on the toy. Extensive customization allows you to design your dream girl down to every little detail, making your experience with the doll much more joyful. 

But this level of customization is reserved primarily for expensive sex dolls. Cheap, inflatable ones rarely offer customization options, and if so, they are rather limited. 


Another critical point of comparison is the weight of cheap and expensive sex dolls. Inflatable sex dolls are, of course, much lighter than toys made from silicone. This makes them more portable, which can be a significant advantage for those who can’t move heavier objects. 

But it also impacts the play. Heavier, expensive dolls offer authenticity. You can feel like you’re with a real girl because of how heavy these toys are. 

Luxurious sex dolls can weigh anywhere from 30 pounds to 121 pounds. The lighter models may not have limbs, but full-sized dolls are heavier, which is something to consider. On one hand, you can experience sexual satisfaction from being with a doll that feels like a real woman, which is a big plus, but on the other, you have to be able to move your doll, and clean it, which can be more challenging with the heavier models.   

The Price 

It wouldn’t be a complete comparison if we didn’t talk about the costs of both toys. Cheaper sex dolls come with a price of $15 up to $300. The price of a doll is a good indicator of its quality. The more you’re willing to spend, the better product you will receive. 

Luxurious sex dolls don’t have the word “luxury” in their name by accident. Their prices can reach up to $3000. Of course, there are a lot of models that cost less, and you can find a good quality high-end doll for half of that. 

Nevertheless, just like we said at the beginning, an expensive sex doll is an investment. High-end sex doll prices are entirely justifiable since it takes a lot of time, craftsmanship, and quality materials to produce them. 


How long will you be able to enjoy your doll? This is a good question worth answering before making the purchase (check our Buyer’s Guide for tips on choosing your doll). And, no surprises here, premium sex dolls offer the best durability since they are made from better materials. 

Thanks to that, they are more resistant to external conditions and wear and tear. If properly cared for, a high-quality sex doll can be in your life for long years, so even though you pay a lot of money for this toy, you can be sure it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Daisy: Cowgirl Sex Doll is lying with hat


Although there are good reasons to consider cheaper sex dolls (your financial standing, special requirements, etc.), overall, expensive sex dolls are the better alternative. They offer superior quality and authenticity that is hard to find anywhere else. 

You can fully customize your luxurious sex dolls, choosing their features and adding special enhancements so your experience is as real and exciting as it gets. 

If you feel convinced, we invite you to browse SiliconWives.com's offer. You can find many fantastic sex dolls in our shop, all of the utmost quality. Search based on our categories like Blonde Sex Dolls or Milf Sex Dolls, and make your dreams come true today! 

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