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Top 5 Trusted Sex Doll Manufactures to Buy Sex Dolls

Posted on December 06 2022

There are many ways to enjoy life and having a reliable bedroom lover that is ready to make all your dreams come true is definitely one of them.

The sex doll industry has been booming recently with a variety of incredibly realistic sex dolls that look and feel just like real humans. With the help of advanced technologies, the most reputable sex doll companies in the industry are able to create high-quality love dolls that, for many, are better than the real thing, due to their authentic looks and features.

We believe that exceptional quality and affordable prices are crucial factors when it comes to purchasing a perfect love doll. In this article, we’ve listed the top 5 reliable sex doll manufacturers to look at when shopping for a luxury sex doll.

WM Doll

Auburn Red Head Sex Doll

WM Doll is one of the pioneering sex doll manufacturers in the industry. Located in Guangzhou, China, they are locally known under the name “Jin san wan mei.” For decades, they have been providing their customers with advanced products tailored precisely to their needs. 

The company has been producing high-quality sex dolls, ensuring they are crafted to the highest standard. Each of their dolls features a hyper-realistic look to resemble the appearance of a real human. Thanks to top-notch materials, like premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and their skillful manufacturing techniques, WM love dolls are recognized and patronized all around the world for their authentic looks and realistic additional features. 

One of their best-selling products is Auburn: Red Head Sex Doll, with fiery red hair and movable joints. She is made of high-quality TPE and has plenty of customization options, like an enhanced mouth or pubic hair, to satisfy the deepest fantasies. She is an ideal human-like lover for those who love skinny bodies.

6YE Doll

Bebe Blue Eyes Sex Doll

Another prominent player in the sex doll industry is 6YE Doll, who owe their brand name to the fact that the company consisted of only 6 people at the beginning of their services.  The company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, where they are known as “Mutusuno (Liu ye).”

6YE is now one of the internationally leading sex doll manufacturers known all around the globe. They specialize in producing exceptional quality, affordable love dolls that come in more than a hundred different designs.

One of their top-rated products is Bebe: Blue Eyes Sex Doll, made of premium TPE materials that give her skin an extremely realistic soft feel. She is one of the most favorable love dolls in the blonde sex doll collection and can be customized in terms of her appearance and functionality.

Irontech Doll

Vina Asian Pornstar Sex Doll

Irontech Doll is another globally-known leader in the sex doll industry. In China, they are known as “Jun Teng doll” and come as true specialists in their field. 

This popular Chinese brand has been widely recognized for their impeccable attention to detail. Their incredible handcrafting skills are especially visible in the dolls’ intimate areas, where all the details are crafted with utmost precision. 

Among their most desired products is Vina: Asian Pornstar Sex Doll, made of medical grade silicone which makes her an extremely durable and authentic-looking love doll. She is loved by the enthusiasts of big boobs and curvy bodies, and her realistic proportions are a dream come true for the customers.

YL Doll

Zara Big Ass Black Sex Doll

YL Doll company is situated in Southern China and shares a facility with WM Doll, which makes them reliable partners in creating high-quality sex dolls that are one of the best on the global market. 

All the durable and realistic love dolls offered by the company are made of premium TPE materials which guarantee their extremely authentic looks. Their products are fully customizable and have plenty of additional features to choose from, including eye and hair color, as well as breast type, and many more.

Zara: Big Ass Black Sex Doll is one of their best-selling sex dolls, stealing hearts with her long hair and dark skin. As other exceptionally well-made love dolls in the BBW sex doll collection, she features big, bouncy breasts, wide hips, and a juicy booty. A real gem for those who are obsessed with beautiful and curvy women.

Starpery Doll

Lotus Tokyo Stripper Sex Doll

The company belongs to the group of pioneering Chinese sex doll manufacturers for a variety of reasons. Ultra-realistic sex dolls with extremely authentic human-like features are what Shenzen Starpery Technology is best at. The company’s name stands for “stars” and “apery” - as they suggest, they use apery technology to help human beings reach the stars.

They are known for their innovative approach to producing luxury love dolls that are also cost-effective. Their professional excellence and high attention to detail guarantee that their premium sex dolls have everything your need and even more.

Starpery Doll have some of the most beautiful Asian sex dolls in their collection, and Lotus: Tokyo Stripper Sex Doll is surely one of them. She is made of durable silicone, which provides her skin with a nice, warm feel. There are plenty of customizable features available that allow you to create the love doll of your dreams - you can choose between different hair, eye, and even nail colors, as well as add heating or moaning sound options.

The Bottom Line

High-quality realistic sex dolls are designed to fulfill the deepest and wildest desires of anyone dreaming about authentic sexual sensations.

The most renowned sex doll manufacturers in the world create top-notch products that feature beautiful looks and impeccable functionality. Their premium sex dolls are one of a kind 

Lucky for you, you have them all in one place at Silicon Wives. With many customization options available for each product, you can create your own unique love doll that will satisfy your needs in any possible way. 

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