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Tight And Toned Sex Dolls

Posted on August 28 2019

Some folks are turned on by slender sex dolls. Others love curves. Then there are the men and women who can’t resist an athletic body. They love a doll who takes care of herself, hits the gym regularly, and has the body to show for it. Good news! We’ve got your back. Whether you like a fit aerobic body or a more muscular frame, we have a doll for you. Just check them out!

Bebe - The Blue Eyed Sex Doll

Bebe: Blue Eyes Sex Doll

Just take a look at those abs! Bebe is a CrossFit fanatic. She also loves running with her dogs. In spite of this, Bebe says she burns the most calories during sex. It’s true! There’s nothing better than a long, hard session with a man who gives it to me rough. It gets my heart rate up, and helps me tone my muscles!

Raven - Muscular Sex Doll

Raven: Muscular Sex Doll

Raven loves contact sports. She spends her days working as a fitness instructor, and building up her own physique. If you love a woman who is cut and muscular, but still very feminine, you’ll love Raven. Even better, you will fall in love with her stamina. All that time in the gym means that she has the endurance to go all night long. Do you have a dad bod? No worries. If you are a nice person, affectionate, and care about her pleasure, she’d love to meet you.

Blake - Athletic Sex Doll

Blake: Athletic Sex Doll

Blake followed her dreams to Los Angeles where she now works as a fitness instructor. Some of her clients are models and actors, so she knows how to get someone into great shape. If you want, she can give you a great workout right from the comfort of your own bedroom. In fact, naked workouts are her favorite.

Britney - Flexible Sex Doll

Britney: Flexible Sex Doll

Britney is an equestrian at heart. Excelling at her sport means she has to stay in great shape. Unfortunately, she gives into temptation too easily. Sometimes, sweet, sticky pastries are just too tempting. Other days she can’t resist skipping the gym to sleep in. She has a hot body, and she wants to stay in shape. Britney just needs some firm discipline to help her stay on track. Maybe you can help with that? You can reward her with pleasure when she sticks to her workout plan, and make things a bit rough when she doesn’t.

Jennifer - Gymnast Sex Doll

Have you ever wondered what an Olympics level gymnast would be like in the bedroom? Well, we can tell you that they are energetic, horny, and down for anything. Even better, a lady like Jennifer is flexible and athletic. She’s also lightweight enough for you to move into any position you like. So, you can take her for a ride any way you want!

Are You Ready For Your Workout?

We have great, athletic sex dolls. These horny ladies have worked hard to develop amazing bodies, and they want you to enjoy them. Bring one home, and enjoy the firm body that you deserve!

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  • Robert Squires: September 07, 2019

    I bought ‘Cassie’ last Valentine’s Day. Generally satisfied, marginal quality, and have several issues. 1. doll is smaller than photos; e.g. extra small panties are still too big, Not ready to go to child sizes. 2. Joints are very tight; haven’t loosened up with use. Remedy? Have thought about ‘larger’ doll but overall quality gives me pause.

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