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The Process of Creating a Custom Sex Doll: An Inside Look

Posted on June 26 2023

What do Henry T Ford, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Thomas Edison all have in common? Aside from being blessed with an abundance of the old gray matter and an uncanny, inspirational vision, they are all revered as creators who gifted the world with something distinctive, globally embraced, and incredibly useful. 

Ford for the combustible-engine vehicle. Jobs for the iPhone. Edison for the light bulb and - whether you are fond of him or not - Zuck for the social media behemoth that is Facebook. If you spend any length of time pondering any of those brands, the figure who invented them will usually spring into your thoughts quite promptly. 

But there is one historical figure named Pygmalion who fails to receive any clout, despite having single-handedly unleashed onto the world a creation that has been used for thousands of years in one form or another. Aside from being a gifted artist and revered sculptor of his time, Pygmalion was the first person in history to invent the sex doll - and most people have never heard of him.

But then we are talking about an ancient sex doll here and not an iPhone. Most people, of course, do not own a sex doll, and we are being quite loose with the term’ inventor’ when we acknowledge Pygmalion as the first person to create a sex doll. It's hardly surprising that his name is not on the tip of most people's tongues when you think about it.

It is also hard to know if the story is an ancient myth or an absolute fact, actually. But the story goes that Pygmalion gained fame in ancient Cyprus for creating a lifelike ivory sculpture of his dream girl so beautiful that he would spend every waking moment of the day with her, including plenty of erotic fun during the evenings, much to the envy of his peers. This thing was, apparently, a thing of incredible beauty.

Slow Evolution

While we applaud Pygmalion for his vision and daring, it is hard to imagine a sex doll made from solid elephant tusk offering too much in the way of realistic, lifelike erotic pleasure. 

Thankfully, however, sex dolls have improved greatly from that original ivory version, slowly evolving through centuries of puppet-style erotic dolls filled with horse hair to the comical-looking blow-up dolls of a few decades ago. 

In more recent times - let's say the last 15 years - sex dolls have improved one hundredfold in comparison to the startled-looking PVC dolls usually wheeled out for fun at a drunken bachelorette party. These days, sex dolls are so realistic, lifelike, and almost glowingly beautiful that if Pygmalion were around today, he would probably be the happiest man on the planet.

Growing Popularity

The floodgates truly opened in 1968, when US law changed to allow for sex dolls (and sex toys in general) to be sent through the post as sold items, giving birth to a whole new industry overnight. Sex dolls, however, remained quite a niche, secretive market enjoyed by a small group of quite lonely, isolated males. 

The truth is, it was once considered quite odd to spend a little kinky time with a sex doll. However, over the last decade or so, stereotypes have eroded, and owning a sex doll is now perceived as almost as ‘normal’ as owning a regular sex toy. The proof is in the pudding; with annual sales approaching a staggering $3 billion per year, sex dolls are finally having their moment. 

But how exactly are they made these days? What methods and materials are employed to produce something so amazingly lifelike and achingly beautiful? And how are custom sex dolls created in terms of a bespoke customer order?

Modern Techniques

Crafting a sex doll that provides sensuous, lifelike perfection involves a cunning combination of modern techniques, carefully selected materials, and artistic flare. Let's take a look at the fascinating world of how these stunning companions are brought to life and how custom sex dolls are created, following specific instructions provided by each individual customer.

Body Sculpture

Sex doll manufacturers these days employ a team of skilled artists and sculptors painstakingly sculpting each and every curve, every contour, and every alluring detail of the doll's body, in a studio filled with talented designers. Gone are the days of sketching out a sex doll using pencil and paper - every erotic curve is now created using state-of-the-art design software managed by experienced designers.

The design is then brought to life through top-of-the-line medical-grade silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), by using the latest injection molding machines. Using these modern materials - which have a definite, pronounced ‘human feel’ - a soft and supple figure is replicated to get as close as possible to real human skin and elasticity. 

We are talking genuine craftsmanship here that ensures a breathtakingly realistic form while remaining practical and durable at the same time. Our current crop of beauties here at Silicon Wives, for example, are all hypoallergenic, robust, and easy to maintain.

Internal Skeleton

Just like actual humans, most people are unaware that modern sex dolls include an internal skeleton that grants them flexibility and poseability. Constructed with either durable metals or high-strength polymers, their skeletons provide the necessary stability for exploring a vast array of intimate sexual positions. 

Designed with meticulous precision, this internal framework affords a range of lifelike movements. So much so, in fact, we are beginning to chip away at a traditional problem that has existed for the longest time in producing lifelike sex dolls - that of the uncanny valley - where it has always been difficult to produce human-like figures. With the latest developments in internal skeletons, sex dolls are finally at a place where they are, at the very least, approaching a more human-like look and feel. 

Skin Texture and Coloration

We cannot underestimate the importance of lifelike skin texture when it comes to creating an unforgettable experience. This stage of the process is absolutely paramount to creating a stunning sex doll. There is no point in creating the finest hourglass figure with a lifelike posture if the doll feels like a child’s paddling pool to the touch.

Innovative manufacturing techniques have led to the development of advanced silicone blends or TPE materials that mimic the supple touch of human skin. If you have never touched a modern sex doll before, you would be amazed (most people are) at the realistic feel. 

Each doll's complexion, from the gentle blush of their emotion-rich, vibrant cheeks, to the subtle radiance and hue of their skin, is meticulously crafted to conjure a magnetizing realism that requires way less imagination.

Hair and Eye Artistry

Every detail matters when it comes to capturing the essence of erotica, and the hair is no exception, with the studio’s artistry extending to the doll's hair and eyes.

Intricately implanted or individually hand-rooted, the doll’s rich hair falls gently down in silky waves or more traditional locks, framing their enchanting faces to perfection. The eyes - commonly regarded as the windows to a person's soul - are crafted with remarkable realism, using techniques that infuse them with depth and an uncanny ability to captivate and draw you into their gaze.

Customization and Personalization

Thankfully, the custom sex doll process is extremely simple to accomplish - the only difference being the design process. As described above, our team of artists will usually design an approximate outline of the general look of the sex doll. With the custom process, this outline is handed over to the customer.

Recognizing that desires and fantasies differ, Silicons WIves offer a host of customization options. From body type and bust size to facial features, height, skin tone, hair and eye color, and even personalized tattoos, our clients can tailor their dolls to match their unique desires and preferences. 

Step By Step Process

To create the perfect sex doll for our customers, the procedure is pretty much as described above. As soon as we have an outline to work with, our studio can commence work on your new silicone or TPE companion. 

In order to design the outline, we would need some basic information from the client along these lines:

  • Choose the Body Type: Select the body type and size that best suits your preferences, from petite to curvy.
  • Select the Head: Choose from a range of pre-designed heads or create a custom head based on your preferred features.
  • Customize the Hair: Select the hair color, length, and style that matches your desired aesthetic.
  • Choose the Skin Tone: Select a skin tone that matches your preferences, from fair to dark.
  • Customize the Features: Customize the facial features, eyes, and makeup to create a unique and personalized doll.
  • Choose the Outfit: Select the outfit or lingerie that you would like your doll to wear.
  • Add Accessories: Add any additional accessories, such as jewelry or sex toy attachments, to complete your doll.

Get In Touch For Your Dream Sex Doll

Much in the same way that Pygmalion created his dream girl using only his imagination, our customers can now do the same through our unique custom design service. You can expect something way better than humble ivory though, we can assure you of that!

So, go ahead and reach out with any questions you may have, or go straight to our easy-to-follow custom doll order form and let us start working on dreaming up your perfect erotic companion!