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The Most Expensive Sex Doll

Posted on February 28 2022

Redhead sex doll

Sex dolls have developed a lot and are no longer viewed as simply sex objects but reliable life companions (with a benefit). That is why purchasing cheap sex dolls or more expensive ones don't really matter so much. Obviously, there is a difference in cost when it comes to materials, personalization, and other details that add up to the final price. However, their purpose remains the same just yet.

Sex dolls are often seen as a form of art since they resemble real humans so much. You can purchase sex dolls manufactured exactly like famous porn models; imagine how much fun you can have with a sex doll that looks identical to your idol! Although, the question remains whether it is worth paying more just for the material.

Let's have a look at the most expensive sex dolls on the market and why they are so special.

High-End Dolls

Here are two examples of the most expansive sex dolls you can find on the internet. They are chic, highly personalized, and gorgeous.

Abyss Creations/RealDoll

Abyss Creations is a manufacturer of a brand RealDolls, famous for life-like sex dolls of male, female, and transsexual genders. Their high price is based on the materials that are used, various available customizations, and artificial intelligence (but only for selected sex dolls). And this is a huge step forward because sex dolls are already appealing with big eyes, silky hair, and sexy dress options; however, when was the last time you were actually involved in talking to your sex doll, and she replied back? While it is not the most important thing you might want to have if you have a chatterbox wife, but it is still a nice addition. And this is what AI allows RealDoll models to do - engaging in a short conversation. 

The manufacturer has developed a series featuring sex dolls of infamous porn stars. While they are worth all your money for the multiple options you can apply, they can be quite costly for a first buyer.

The standard price for this sex doll is $6,499 without applying any style changes. Together with extras to the body, the final price can rise to almost $7,000.

So, what can you really get for that price except for the looks? Being the most expensive sex doll, you can choose:

  • Body type (the measurements are taken from a few porn models)
  • Skin tone
  • Insert type (fixed, removable, SenseX Bluetooth)
  • Hair color
  • Style
  • Makeup
  • Piercing
  • Freckles
  • Other extras like a cleaning kit or a transgender converter.

A quality assurance guarantee is included since a customer will purchase a sex doll directly from a manufacturer.

Gynoid Tech

The most expensive sex doll from Gynoid Tech


Another most expensive sex doll on the market is from Gynoid Tech - GT-165/D, or Model 16.  The price for this sex doll model is around $6-7,000.  This sex doll is made of silicone and has plenty of modifications available. Unlike the previous sex doll, this one has fewer options to personalize:

  • Eye color
  • Standard or loose skeleton
  • Fixed or removable inserts
  • Vagina depth
  • Standing type

 Keep in mind that the clothing is purchased separately for both sex dolls, and you can choose whatever you want to see your lady in.

Affordable Sex Dolls

If you are not ready to pay so much for a sex doll looking like a person you are used to on the screen - nothing to despair. There are so many other options to discover for a reasonable cost that can definitely meet your daily needs. A cheaper sex doll will still have realistic features and give you as many orgasms as the most expensive one. Moreover, you will spend more on other useful extras to play with in bed. Here are some examples of pretty sex dolls with bouncy bodies:


Lana - the least expensive sex doll of three


Lana is a petite girl who is only 4'11 inches tall. Her standard price is the lowest of all three - $1,899, now $1,799 on discount. You can apply various adjustments for her to look exactly how you want her. Feel free to change her eye and hair color, change her skin tone, and select how you want her breasts to feel. Lana is very flexible and willing to be in any position you want her in.


Sexy Dominique doll


Dominique is a thick sex doll with mesmerizing body shape: big boobs and hips with ass. Her regular price is $2,499, being on discount for $2,199.  You can choose what hair and eye color you want to see, skin tone, and vagina options. Additionally, you can opt for different types of breasts: standard, hollow, and gel.

Dominique is an exclusive girl, and you can invest in her having moaning sounds, enhanced mouth, and extra bouncy breasts.


High-quality sex doll Adelaide


Adelaide is the most expensive of the three, her price is $2,599, and she comes with plenty of adjustments:

  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Skin tone
  • Vagina options and depth
  • Feet options
  • Hair options
  • Additional options like extra-soft silicone for bouncy breasts, penis attachment, and others

Adelaide is movable, and she is happy to serve you with anal, vaginal, and oral sex.


Many people of different professions, single or married, look to spice up things in their sexual life. A sex doll is the perfect means to do that. - it is a really advantageous investment that will color your life with joy and pleasure. And the best part is that you can create a personalized sex doll so she will only belong to you as you want it: browse dimensions, types of bodies, hair, and skin colors.

Visit the Silicone Wives website to find your realistic and fantasy women to have a meaningful talk and unforgettable intercourse. Every sex doll has a special story of who she is and why she deserves your attention and love. Order now and expect to receive your customized sex doll in discreet packaging.

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