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The Evolution of Inclusivity: Diversity in the World of Sex Dolls

Posted on January 08 2024

diversity in the world of sex dolls


Nowadays, when you take a look at a sex doll site, you will notice a lot of diversity - there’s usually something for all. Do you prefer your doll to have light or dark skin? Do you want her to be white, Asian, Afro-american or maybe even a fictional character? Do you want her to have blue, green, or brown eyes? Are you looking for a skinny sex doll, or want one that has a little bit for you to grab onto? 

Whatever you wish for, you most likely will be able to find with just a little bit of research - but that wasn’t the case not so long ago. How did it all start and how did we reach a moment in time with such diversity in the world of sex dolls? That’s what we will be focusing on here. 

The Very Beginning 

Surprisingly, the first mention of something even resembling a sex doll can be found in a Latin narrative poem written back in the year 8. In Metamorphoses, because that’s the title of this work, the author, Ovid, talks about a sculptor named Pygmalion, who wasn’t very keen on real women. He, however, fell in love with one of the statues he made - Galatea - and showered her in kisses, caresses and presents, praying to Aphrodite during “the festal day of Venus” to bring her to life. Aphrodite granted him his wish, and the couple had a daughter. 

When it comes to physical sex dolls, however, it is believed that the first ones were created in the 15th century. They were called “dames de voyage” and typically made of old cloth, leather scraps, etc. While their appearance definitely deviated from what we know as sex dolls today, they served their purpose just fine - they accompanied sailors during months-long voyages. 

The Sex Doll Evolution 

It wasn’t until the 20th century that sex dolls started to look more women-like, with some known instances of sex dolls being made after a specific person. One such example is Oskar Kokoschka, who, after being jilted by his lover, ordered her dressmaker to make her realistically-sized replica, giving very detailed instructions on how it should look and feel. 

Although it is unclear when exactly they came to be, some of the first mainstream sex dolls were the inflatable kind, that not only were not very durable, but they also weren’t very diverse in terms of design. There wasn’t much choice in terms of skin or hair color, and, as you can imagine, getting a customized one wasn’t that easy, if possible at all. 

However, this changed in recent years, thanks to not only moving away from sex doll materials like vinyl and latex to silicon and TPE, but also because of the popularization of sex doll ownership and more demanding customers. 

And how did the modern silicon dolls come to be? We don’t really know. There’s one story about how the Nazi invented them - to be more precise, according to it, Hitler approved of realistic-looking dolls being distributed to the German soldiers fighting on the front line in order to stop the spread of syphilis among them. However, this has never been confirmed by trustworthy and reliable sources, so it remains just that - a story. 

Modern Diverse Sex Doll World 

When you compare the sex doll world from the beginning of the last century and now, you see just how much of a change it went through - especially when it comes to inclusivity of different skin colors and body shapes:

  • Skin tones - Today, there’s a variety of sex dolls for lovers of skin in all shades. Whether your ideal type is a woman with fair skin, or, quite the opposite, with skin as dark as chocolate, there’s a number of options to choose from. 
  • Breast sizes - Once upon a time, especially when inflatable dolls were the most accessible sex doll type, most sex dolls featured big boobs. Nowadays, however, it’s possible to find dolls with both small and big breasts, with customized dolls often giving you a few size options to choose from. 
  • Body types - Modern sex dolls come in a variety of body types, from small and petite to fuller and thicker, not to mention that there are also plus size dolls available.
  • Race - The race representation has also improved when it comes to sex dolls, as nowadays you can find not only White and Afro-American, but also Hispanic and Asian models. 
  • Gender - While in the past you could only typically find female sex dolls, now there’s also a fair share of male sex dolls. 

The Future of Inclusivity in Sex Dolls 

While we cannot predict where the future will take us, one thing’s for sure - the world of sex dolls will continue to be more and more and more inclusive. How do we know that? Simply because of the fact that there’s demand among customers - and, where there’s demand, there will be supply. 

The Bottom Line 

The world of sex dolls is not what it was even a few decades ago. Back then, inflatable sex dolls were the most popular (and for a long time the only available) type, and not only they weren’t very inclusive, but they also weren’t all that durable - after all, there’s only so much traction an inflatable can take before losing its shape. 

Nowadays, however, not only do you have a selection of materials to choose from when it comes to your sex doll, but they also are a lot more realistic than they used to be. Then, there’s also the fact that they are a lot more inclusive. Today, you can find sex dolls not only with different body types, but also genders, races, skin tones and more. 

At Silicon Wives, not only do we carry diverse sex doll models, but with many of them we also offer our customers a customization option, where they can choose their skin color, breast size, and more. Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?