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The Best Ways to Store and Hide Your Sex Doll

Posted on February 28 2022

A large number of people in today's society own love dolls. Our society tends to build taboos out of things it doesn't comprehend, and sadly, sex dolls are one of them. Sex dolls can provide a lot of fun and keep you occupied during your free time. In addition, long-distance lovers will profit significantly from love dolls. The best thing is that the sex dolls prevent you from catching sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and other common ailments.

These beliefs do not imply that sex toys are inappropriate or strange; instead, people are unfamiliar with them and unsure how to react. 

To help you, we will discuss the benefits of owning sex dolls, different practical ways to store your adult sex doll, and the key reasons why you should look for an appropriate sex doll storage solution.

Benefits of Owning a Sex Doll

People-to-people relationships aren't for everyone, but we shouldn't have to settle for anything less. Owning a sex doll, often known as a "companion doll," offers several advantages beyond sexual pleasure. In reality, many users do not consider their relationship with their dolls limited to sexual relations.

Therapeutic Advantages

We've all had those restless nights, whether it was due to a work assignment, social difficulties, or simply the fast pace of life these days.

Owners of dolls claim that their dolls give therapeutic benefits and improve their sex life by reducing loneliness and decreasing despair and anxiety. Having a doll to make love to can help us get a good night's sleep, leaving us feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever the next day holds.

Social anxiety, or possibly the fear of being among women, may lead to a never-ending cycle of hopelessness in some guys. Having a humanoid-like structure to be around will help calm your nerves for when and if you feel that YOU, not the world, are ready for the social or dating game.

A sex doll can be a great source of friendship. Non-sexual activities such as watching TV or listening to music together might put us at peace. It also gives us a sense of contentment since we know someone is with us.

Practice your Performance

Sexual dysfunction in males can jeopardize a real relationship or even the prospect of joining one. Erectile dysfunction, or the inability to get or maintain an erection, may indicate performance anxiety in some inexperienced men. This is a psychological issue rather than a medical one in many cases. A companion doll focusing on practical realism includes specific qualities and attributes that men find attractive in women.

In this sense, a doll that we find appealing aids in maintaining erection through intercourse practice and repetition, which increases CONFIDENCE.

A Different Kind of Partnership

Human partner flaws are a significant factor for individuals considering purchasing a sex doll. No one is flawless, and we all make errors, but we now know that some doll owners believe that actual relationships are too risky or undesirable for them.

A New Pastime

Some doll collectors or owners collect dolls to collect an art form. This usually entails dolls being dressed up and posed for picture shoots. Some doll owners enjoy taking images with their dolls that include romantic components of love-making. In contrast, others enjoy capturing solo shots of their dolls in various clothing styles, uniforms, and fantasy dress-ups.


If you're in a relationship, talking to your partner about bringing in a "third wheel" in the bedroom is an intimidating and challenging undertaking for most people. And in the most companionate relationship, we seek physical closeness with another person throughout our lives.

Taking such a risk, though, might be a risky business, as there are a lot of emotional ramifications at stake. Is it possible that you or your partner are thinking, "Is he/she better than me?" Jealousy has the potential to wreck everything.

Knowing that our partner is turned on by a doll rather than porn or another person helps us relax.

Drawbacks of Not Having Reliable Storage for Your Sex Doll

In general, there are several drawbacks to using an unsecured storage device for your sex doll. These disadvantages differ from one person to the next. The following are some of the major drawbacks of not providing an appropriate storage option for your love doll:

Lacks Privacy

Sex dolls are private property that you would not want anyone to have access to. Sex dolls are viewed differently by various people. Some people believe that owning a sex doll is harmful. You should provide a convenient storage alternative to avoid the stigma that would follow. 

You should choose a storage option for your genuine doll that can be kept alone. After all, sex dolls are private property you cannot share with anyone, not even your closest friends.

Damage to Your Love Doll

What else can you expect from your sex doll's irresponsible handling? Some individuals store items beneath the bed without adequately covering them, but this is dangerous. Overall, the storage system you choose for your love doll should keep it safe and secure.

For example, mites may feed on its skin if it's left out in the open under the bed. Molds and other similar organisms would also grow over the love doll's exterior. Ensure your storage solution protects the sex doll from damage-causing factors like pests, chemicals, or even water.

Making Your Room Disorganized

Consider a room with clothes strewn about, a sex doll on the bed, or any other inconvenient storage location. Isn't it a disaster? As a result, you'll need to figure out a good manner to store your doll that doesn't detract from the aesthetics of your space.

Ascertain that the storage solution you select keeps the entire room tidy and in order. In any case, you must check on the size and shape of the love doll before you buy and install it.

Health Concerns

Storing your sex doll in the wrong environment exposes it to damage, mold growth, and possible contamination from bugs and other factors. Using a sex doll that has been exposed to infection-causing components may cause health complications. 

The reproductive system is vital and more prone to health issues. As a result, you must handle the sex doll with extreme caution because it rubs against your intimate regions. A realistic doll could spread skin illness and other bacterial infections if mold forms on it.

Proper Sex Doll Storage

Sex Doll Storage Case

While some people have embraced their presence in society, most people are still struggling with social acceptance and support of their use of sex dolls.

This is one of the reasons why individuals still need to keep their sex dolls hidden in their homes from prying eyes. Friends may regard such persons as strange or awkward, and spouses may disapprove of their partners' behavior. So, from the time you place your order until the time you receive your sex doll, let's talk about the one thing that should be on your mind: storage.

Hanging Racks for Sex Dolls

Consider this the greatest sex doll storage choice because it's created just where the sex dolls are made: in the manufacturer's warehouses. This implies they know how to store your doll safely without causing any damage or flaws to it.

You suspend it in an upright position, so it doesn't touch any surface. Since it will still be dangling in the open and visible to everybody, you will need a different room or a special storage unit.

Suspension for Closet Bars

This one, designed exclusively for storing your sex doll, requires you to disconnect the head and suspend your sex doll in the air away from other surfaces using a hook. In the same way, you'll suspend the head safely until you're ready to reattach it and utilize your sex doll again.

This is superior to hanging racks since you can place it within your wardrobe and cover it with clothes to keep it hidden from view. To avoid dents and coloration on the soft body, ensure it does not rest on a hard surface or colorful clothing.

Head Stand

This is a great way to store your sex doll, but it's not something you'd use to hide it. Because you'll disconnect the head, place it on the headstand, and set it down on a flat surface, such as a table, to rest.

Walking into a room and seeing a lifelike head on a headstand on the table is much creepier. So, it's fine for storage, but it's not designed to conceal it. If the rest of the closet kit arrives with it, you can also put the headstand inside the wardrobe to keep the body safe.

Sex Doll Dust Bags

This is most likely the best place to keep your sex doll. The cotton fabrics used to make the muslin bags are 100% cotton. This means you shouldn't expect your sex doll to be free of dents and flaws when it comes out of storage. 

Many manufacturers recognize that you need to protect your sex doll against dust, extreme light, high humidity, and other factors that could infect it by making it with the same hands that produce the sex dolls. Place your sex doll inside the bag and store it safely. This is even better because everything is hidden so that you won't have any unexpected embarrassments.

Under the Bed

If none of the above alternatives work, you should attempt hiding your sex doll under the bed. It's a private space, so you won't find someone hunting for anything beneath the bed like they would in the closets.

You could also get a bed storage box for you to hide your sex doll properly.


You won't have to think about storing your full-size doll if you have access to a closet. Regardless of its size or weight, you may effortlessly hang your doll. Hanging your doll is by far the most effective and cost-effective method of adequately storing your doll. You've probably observed how all the sex doll factories hang their dolls.

The skeleton joints and back can be protected by hanging the doll on a wall mount. This helps you avoid structural damage and disfigurement. You can store your sex doll in an upright position if it has stand-up feet attached and does not necessitate the use of a closet hook. Closet hanger kits are very affordable. In most doll shops, you can get one for less than USD 20.

Safety Measures to Take When Storing Sex Dolls

Please use the following storing instructions as a guideline solely to maintain and prolong the life of your new doll.

  • Store the doll out of direct sunlight to avoid damage and discoloration.
  • Keep the doll at standard temperature and in a dry place. Bathrooms, garages, and other storage locations that can grow damp or moldy should be avoided.
  • Do not leave the doll on artificial or stained materials for long periods, such as leather sofas or dark clothing.
  • Keep the doll out of the reach of open flames.
  • Avoid leaving the doll in awkward positions for extended periods; if the skin is not returned to its natural position after use, it can get strained, damaged, and even split. Natural is defined as lying as though boxed.
  • We suggest storing the doll flat in a sex doll storage box or the original delivery box, standing (with support, such as a pillow behind their backside against the wall) for some dolls that aren't too busty, or lying in your bed if you have a memory foam mattress.
  • Follow standard rules for moving heavy things when handling or moving your doll: keep your back straight, bend your knees and hips.
  • When dolls are held vertically, they are the easiest to move. We recommend making a 'Bearhug' by wrapping both arms around the doll's waist.
  • Always lift the doll by the body rather than the limbs or head.
  • DO NOT toss over your shoulder because you may injure your "spine."

Final Words

Storing your sex doll correctly is essential if you want to ensure its longevity and keep it away from prying eyes. We all value our privacy, so storing our love doll in such places as a closet space or a separate room can give us peace of mind. We hope this information has helped you find the best storage solutions for your doll.

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