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Introducing Emma, Our First Sex Robot To Be Released October 5th, 2017

Posted on September 27 2017

sex robot emma

We’re very excited to announce that sex robots have arrived to! Launching October 5th, 2017, Emma is a fully operational sex robot ready to serve your needs.

Sex robots have been eagerly anticipated for many years.  They are the next iteration of our sex dolls.  Emma the sex robot will have all your favorite sex doll features combined with robotics and artificial intelligence.  She’s a sex doll that can love you back! Fully equipped with body heat, intelligent conversation, and facial robotics, you’ll be enamored from the second you receive her into your home. 

Our vendors have been hard at work to produce a sex robot product that is ready for retail, and now she’s ready! 

Emma’s Features

Beautiful Appearance and perfect body - Improved TPE material (2x as durable as average TPE), multiple height options between 148cm to 168cm, many customizable features including face-type, hair color, skin tone, eye color, etc. 

Sensitive touch sensing system - Emma will be able to feel your touch and respond. 

Intelligent body temperature maintenance system - Built with your safety in mind Emma will be able to maintain realistic body heat throughout her body, mimicking the warmth of a real woman! 

Speech Recognition and Speaking Ability - can converse fluently in both English and Chinese.  Ability to sing songs and tell stories!  Moan response according to excitement during intercourse.

Remote Upgrading System - You’ll be able to receive software upgrades after purchase with an easy 1-click software upgrade system. 

After Sale Warranty - 24/7 online support service, lifetime software upgrades and support, 1 year electromechanical warranty covering all non-human damage and repairs, and 4-year paid service warranty after the first year. 

Video of Emma the Sex Robot

Plans for future versions of Sex Robots (Emma 2.0+)

Facial Recognition System so that the sex robot can recognize her owner by appearance.

Fully Robotic Skeleton that will allow the robot to walk, and move during sex. 

Improve language Database for a broader and more dynamic range of conversation topics and tones. 

Non-prerecorded Variable Speech System will make the sex robot’s speech sound more varied, she’ll be able to say things in different tones depending on the context of the conversation. 

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  • GIDEON: October 05, 2017

    im in south africa how much it cost if im using rand currence

  • Anacleto Montoya : October 01, 2017

    I need more Imformacion prices delivered and warranty thanks

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