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Sex Dolls for Female Clients: A Growing Market

Posted on May 11 2023

Similar to how most people think about vibrators as primarily female sex toys, sex dolls are predominantly associated with male customers. 

Most of the sex dolls we can find on the market are meant to resemble women to a t, which is why the modern sex doll industry is a paradise for those who want to explore their wild fantasies with dolls that look and feel like real women. 

But the rising popularity of sex dolls naturally opened the door to cater to clients that might have been a little overlooked up until this moment. More and more male sex dolls are available for female and male clients, offering women opportunities to fulfill their wildest fantasies the same way male sex doll enthusiasts do. 

What does the sex doll market look like for female clients, why the interest in sex dolls among women is growing, and what does the future hold for this client base? We’ve got all the answers for you! 

The Rise of the Female Market for Sex Dolls

The sex doll market is growing exponentially, we know that already. According to the "Adult Sex Toy Market" Research Report 2023, the demand for sex dolls in the upcoming years will only increase. 

Although we don’t have concrete numbers (it’s hard to estimate how many women purchase sex dolls due to the fact that it’s rare for people to share such personal information with marketers), the overall interest in this sector is easily noticeable.

And sex doll manufacturers know that, too, crafting and releasing more male sex dolls than ever before. 

What can be very surprising to some is the fact that according to the Statista Research Department, around 82% of women in the US own at least one sex toy, compared to 74% of male sex toy owners (source). 

This pool included various sex toys, vibrators, dildos, and masturbators, amongst others, but this statistic depicts an important fact – women tend to be more open to reaching for gadgets in the bedroom and not make this topic a taboo.

It’s only natural that now they’re starting to explore what the sex dolls market has to offer to them once it’s begun to cater to this group more.

The Factors Driving the Growth of the Female Sex Doll Market

Why is the view on sex dolls and who buys them starting to shift? There are a few reasons for that. 

Firstly, the stigma or the atmosphere of shame and secrecy is starting to dissolve when it comes to sex dolls in general. Until not so long ago, it was largely believed that sex dolls were the domain of lonely, unattractive men that couldn’t find partners in real life. 

It was something odd, done in solitude and not shared with others. But with the rise of the internet, people who like sex dolls found their tribes, sharing information and photos of their girls on online forums. 

Small communities have started to grow around the globe, prompting sex dolls enthusiasts to talk about their love for sex dolls, making it a much less lonely experience. 

Now owning a sex doll is hardly a reason to be embarrassed. People are much more sex-positive and eager to explore different sides of their sexualities and interests. 

Furthermore, sex dolls are now much closer to high-end products, offering incredible and realistic experiences. Dolls made from luxurious materials, with much care and craftsmanship, are able to offer a truly superior experience, attracting more clients interested in quality, not necessarily a quick release.

Sex dolls have stopped being associated with cheap, inflatable products and are starting to gain real popularity as great sex toys that offer a whole range of fantastic sensations. 

All of these factors contributed to growing interest in sex dolls among women and the whole population in general.

Nick: Asian Male Sex Doll

The Different Types of Sex Dolls Available for Female Customers

The world of luxury sex dolls is truly generous, offering something good for anyone that’s looking. Some of the most popular types of sex dolls for women include:

  • Male sex dolls - These dolls are not only incredibly handsome, but they come with typical male genitalia, which differentiates them from female sex dolls.
  • Female sex dolls - Of course, female sex dolls are also available for women to purchase, offering amazing authenticity, soft skin, and real-like characteristics. 
  • Customizable sex dolls - Changing your doll’s hair, eye color, or skin tone are basic customization features available with the most luxurious brands and manufacturers. You can even go a step further and add various accessories, like a heating system, to make your play with a doll even more realistic and exciting. 
  • Fantasy sex dolls - A really popular genre of sex dolls are fantasy sex dolls, often with various fantasy-like attributes, like elvish ears or silver eyes, etc. You can also find lots of anime sex dolls, which are pretty popular amongst sex doll fans. 

Sex doll parts - Some clients, whether it is due to their particular fetishes and interests or due to their limited budget, choose to purchase only particular parts of dolls, like torsos, legs, or breasts. This might be an interesting way to bring to life some particular fantasies.

How Female Customers Are Using Sex Dolls

This question is fairly simple, yet maybe it’s worth talking about. In all honesty, women are using sex dolls similar to how men do. There are various acts that can be accomplished with a sex doll, including oral sex, vaginal sex, petting, and sex in different positions. 

There are very few limitations when it comes to having sex with a love doll, less so even than with human partners. The only real restrictions are in your mind! 

The Benefits of Sex Dolls for Female Customers

What are the biggest advantages of sex dolls for women? 

Sexual pleasure

Most people have sex and use sex toys to feel sexual satisfaction. With sex dolls, it’s even easier to reach, as they offer a very realistic and pleasurable experience. If you want to spice things up or explore new kinks, doing so with a doll can be incredibly rewarding and fun!

Improved self-confidence

Wanting to feel good in your own skin is a natural need, but it can be hard to get there. If you’re feeling self-conscious about how you look or the level of your skills in bed, getting to practice with a doll is a great idea! You can feel completely free and comfortable and not be afraid of negative feedback, allowing you to simply be you.


Feeling like your sex life is lacking? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to broaden your horizons and to try new sensations. Whether you’re looking for exhilarating ways to diversify your sex life solo or in a couple, adding a sex doll can be the right way to achieve the new highest highs.

Relief from sexual frustration

And if you’re single and not ready or willing to meet a partner, either in the context of dating or casual sex, it might be difficult for you to find ways to relieve the pent-up sexual energy. Vibrator is a great friend, sure, but everyone needs some novelty from time to time. If you’re looking for a way to have sex with a man or a woman, but you don’t want to invite anyone to your bed, getting a sex doll is a perfect solution to your problem. 

Health benefits

Not only is regular sexual activity healthy for your body and mind, but additional health benefits come with having sex with a doll that it doesn’t (if properly cleaned and maintained) transmit any sexual diseases and infections. So, it’s a really beneficial choice overall! 

The Future of the Female Sex Doll Market

From where we’re standing, the future’s looking bright! More and more women are getting into the sex doll market, discovering plenty of value there. Quality sex dolls are great companions, feel amazing under your skin, and can be very satisfying and exciting to incorporate into your sex routines.

Furthermore, the stigma around the topic of owning a sex doll is decreasing as plenty of people share this hobby, talk about their dolls online, and appreciate their lovely companions more than ever before. 

Future Market Insights predicts that the global sex dolls market is expected to grow at a significant rate from 2021 to 2031, and much of that growth will be contributed by women.


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