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An Exploration of Fetishism and Sex Dolls - What Role Do Sex Dolls Play in Fetishism?

Posted on January 04 2023

Policewoman Sex Doll

Exploring new sides of your personality, your likes and dislikes, is one of the best parts of sex. It’s all about you and what makes you feel amazing. It’s fun to do with a partner or partners, but solo explorations are also important and can bring you much joy.

Opening up to new things can help you realize some of your kinks and fetishes. More and more people are inclined to learn about and introduce some of their wilder fantasies to their sex life. Whether it involves dildos, ropes, or sex dolls, there’s nothing wrong or shameful about it, as long as everyone involved follows basic safety rules and participates in things that they’re comfortable with.

With the increasing popularity of sex dolls, people can explore their sex doll fetishes more freely. If you’re curious about this topic, we invite you to read this article, which explains various sex doll fetishes! Who knows, maybe you’ll discover some new sides to your personality along the way. 

What Is a Fetish and Why It’s Not Something to Be Worried About?

Since many things regarding sex are treated as taboo, the conversation about fetishes may also be evoking various emotions. But if you think you may have a fetish, it’s not a definitive sign that there’s something alarming going on.

A fetish is simply a sexual arousal caused by an object or an activity that usually is not sexual in nature. Things like shoes, suits, non-genital body parts, or even pregnancy can be a part of someone’s sexual fantasies.

And it’s completely harmless, as long as it doesn't negatively impact one’s quality of life and as long as it involves healthy expressions of one’s sexuality. It’s important to know that having various, even what could be considered controversial, fantasies and thoughts is not something to be ashamed of. 

Human sexuality is complex, and whether or not something can be deemed a problem will vary from one person to another. If you’re unsure about your fetish and how it impacts your life, the best thing to do is to consult a specialist, like a sex therapist. 

Sex Dolls Fetish

Fetishes can take many different forms, one of which is agalmatophilia. This is what we would call a sexual or romantic attraction to objects which resemble humans, like dolls, statues, or mannequins. 

From that, it is easy to start the conversation about a sex doll fetish, which is having a sexual or/and romantic attraction to sex dolls. 

Interestingly, not every person who enjoys engaging in sexual activities with sex dolls necessarily has this fetish. Some people like to experiment, while others enjoy the close resemblance high-quality sex dolls offer to real women and men. It doesn't have to mean they are attracted to or excited about the play with an object that is a sex doll.

It’s the same for people who use other sex toys, like dildos or vibrators. They like the sensations and the whole experience of using the toy, but that doesn’t mean they are sexually attracted to it. 

But those who do have this fetish can safely explore it with a sex doll that is designed to be the perfect sexual partner.

Ninja Sex Doll

How Can Sex Doll Fetish Be Expressed?

Feeling sexually attracted to a doll is one of the ways through which this fetish can be expressed and explored. Some people feel attracted to one specific doll, while others can experience the attraction to many.

An additional layer is when a person starts to develop feelings for a doll or enters a long-lasting relationship with it or them. Sex doll owners can have a lot of strong feelings towards their dolls, giving them whole personalities and including them in everyday activities, like watching tv or eating meals.

Exploring this kink can also look different in terms of what sexual activities are performed with a doll. It can involve touching, dressing, or grooming the doll, having sex with it, or being only limited to having fantasies about a doll. 

There is no one right way to express this fetish, and everything depends on you and your desires. And that is what’s so awesome about having a sex doll fetish in the first place! You get to make all the rules and go as fast or slow as you wish. 

You don’t have to be scared of judgment, and you can explore all your fantasies with a doll of your dreams. 


Some people experience attraction not to sex dolls but to people who look, and act like them. The process of transforming into a doll is called dollification. And dollification kink is experiencing sexual gratification when dressed as a doll.

The transformation can go and often goes further. A person with this fetish not only dresses like a doll but also acts like one, which can be manifested in not speaking and being totally submissive to their partner.  

Dollifiaction can be a part of the broader BDSM dynamic and can be based on the exchange of power in sexual situations, etc. But it’s not a rule, and some like to explore only this kink and not other submissive/dominant scenarios. 

There is something called a Barbie doll fetish as well, which involves being attracted to or being someone who acts and dresses like a Barbie doll. Often it involves role-playing and, in some cases, undergoing various plastic surgeries to modify the body to the likeness of a Barbie doll. 

Some people feel arousal when watching two (animate or inanimate) dolls in various sexual contexts. This may involve Barbie dolls, sex dolls, or people transformed into dolls.

Sex Doll Eva

Sex Dolls and BDSM 

Sex dolls naturally can be a part of a BDSM dynamic, as it’s often rooted in the exchange of power between partners in sexual and nonsexual situations. Exploration of these dynamics with a sex doll can be very fulfilling, especially for those who have a sex doll fetish and prefer to carry out their fantasies with toys instead of other people. 

Quality sex dolls possess most of the characteristics that real women have, meaning they do have very realistic body parts (including genitals). They are made to resemble people as closely as possible, which means they are perfect toys for engaging in these fantasies. 

You get the feel of a real woman, but there is absolutely no risk that you will hurt someone during more intense play. If you have some sexual fantasies that would be pretty much impossible to bring to life with a living person, then opting for a sex doll could be a great way to go about it.

The World of High-End Sex Dolls

No matter what your preferences in bed are, chances are you’ll be able to reach the stars with a quality, beautiful sex doll at your side. Sex dolls can be a great addition to your sex life. They can also help you explore various kinks and find your sweet spot. 

Fetishes are nothing to be worried about, as they can be completely normal and healthy to express. If you have any questions regarding this topic, we recommend contacting a sex therapist. And we invite all of you who are interested in finding the girl of your dreams to discover SiliconWives’ offer. A life with a high-end sex doll is a pretty good one.