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New Sex Dolls Fall 2020

Posted on August 26 2020

Did you know that we’ve created a special section on our site for our newest sex dolls? We work closely with the best doll makers and designers from around the world. That means, we have access to the latest dolls on demand. Of course, that also means that you can be the first to see and buy sexy dolls to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

If you click over, you’ll see that we have pages and pages of our newest dolls. Here, we’re going to feature a few of the most exciting. These are high-demand dolls that our customers are absolutely falling in love with. Take a look for yourself!

Gina: Curvy Latina Sex Doll

curvy latina sex doll Gina

There’s no denying it. Gina is a Latina bombshell. Just check out her thick curly hair, full lips, and piercing brown eyes. Next cast your eyes downward. See her full breasts, narrow waist, and curvy hips? This is one voluptuous woman who really takes care of herself. Just imagine how she looks doggy style. Even better, she’s got that fiery personality, with a big love for passionate sex with a man who can handle her.

Astrid: Swedish Sex Doll

swedish sex doll Astrid

We think that Astrid must be very acclimated to the cold. That must be why she runs around in the nude so often. Of course, her love of exhibitionism is just a bonus for you. Astrid is a classic, Northern European beauty. She’s tall, slender, blond, and in amazing shape. That’s great for you! While other women may get tired too soon, she’s ready to keep going. She’s also athletic enough to try any position. Feeling horny already? Astrid is open-minded enough to give you access to her body any time, any way. 

Hyoon: Asian MILF Sex Doll

Asian MILF sex doll Hyoon

It’s difficult to truly see Hyoon as a MILF. She’s young-looking, beautiful, and energetic. During the day, she comes off as sweet and reserved. At night, once her obligations for the day have been fulfilled, something amazing happens. Hyoon becomes a downright sex freak. Be prepared for some shirt ripping, intense sex. She might even ask you to spank her. Finally, don’t be deceived by her slender frame. She  has been built to accommodate a very large man.

Kelly: Sexy Step Daughter Doll

sexy sex doll Kelly

Okay, it’s a really dirty fantasy, we admit it! Still, if you subscribe to any online porn site (don’t we all???) you know that the sexy stepdaughter or step-sister fantasy is absolutely huge. We say, there’s no shame in indulging that fantasy in a healthy way. Kelly is the perfect doll for the job. Just look at her! Blond hair, blue eyes, pouty lips, perky breasts; she’s just begging to be taught how to please a man. Don’t forget to pleasure her as well. She loves long kisses, oral sex, and the missionary position.

Elisha: Girl Next Door Sex Doll

sex doll Elisha

When we say Elisha is the girl next door, don’t be mistaken. She’s not some sweet, innocent girl of yesteryear. Absolutely not! Elisha is the fun girl from every guy's neighborhood. She likes hanging out, watching you play video games, sports on tv, and generally having a great time. Elisha has a  great sense of humor. She’s funny and snarky. In fact, she reminds us of the character, Julie Powers, from Scott Pilgrim. Best of all, she’s so hot! She loves all sorts of sex. It’s like having a friend with benefits, only that friend lives with you.

That’s Not All!

We could keep going, but we’ll let you take a look for yourself. We’re always adding new dolls to our collection. Check back often. We are confident that you will find a sex doll that looks and feels absolutely perfect to you.

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