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Maximizing Your Experience: 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Sex Doll

Posted on February 16 2023

Dolls’ legs wearing different shoes

The increased popularity of sex dolls in recent years has been a huge boost to the sex toy industry in general – people are buying up these beautiful, silicone ladies like they’re going out of style. This demand is driving innovation, allowing sex doll manufacturers to create better companions, more realistic than ever before. 

Of course, any technical improvement always goes hand-in-hand with price increases. Once you buy your new, shiny doll with your hard-earned money, you’ll want to make sure that it lasts you for a long time. It should also provide you with immense pleasure and an intense, sensual experience, ensuring that you don’t last for that long of a time at all! 

In this article, we’ll go over ten ways in which you can enhance your sexy time with your brand-new silicon wife. With proper care, a bit of accessorizing, and loads of experimentation, you can truly get the most out of your new sex doll – she’ll satisfy fantasies you didn’t even know you had! 

Customize to Your Heart’s Content 

Nowadays, most sex dolls you can order have customization options, allowing you to alter your new lover’s look according to your preferences. Aside from being able to choose the race of your doll, you can also adjust their hair, eye color, weight, and plenty of other things! 

It might be worthwhile to take your time with the customization process so that once your order is delivered, you’ll unwrap the girl of your dreams. Dive deep into more advanced options, such as removable vaginas, speakers that will emit moaning sounds with your every thrust, extra soft or jiggly boobs, and even articulated hands! 

All of these extra options outlined above will radically enhance your experience. Long gone are the days of blow-up dolls with artificially-feeling interiors. There is nothing like having sex with a doll that can be heated up, grab you with its fingers, and moan with pleasure whenever you go balls-deep into her. 

When you order from Silicon Wives, you will have all of these customization options at your disposal, allowing you to adjust every single detail, down to the doll’s pubic hair! 

Get Her a New Hairdo 

Hairdresser working on a woman’s hair with a comb and scissors

It’s a good idea to change things up every now and then. The easiest way to do so is by giving your sex doll a new look by changing her hair. You can use a hair curler or straightener, apply hair dye, or even buy a whole new wig to make your silicone lady look like a different person! 

Warm Your Lover Up 

Banging a stone-cold doll is not always the best experience (unless you’re so horny that it doesn’t even matter at that point). A good way to get your sex doll warmed up and ready to play is by using a warming blanket or applying a hot compress to her private parts. There are also special warming devices designed to be inserted into her vagina to perfectly emulate the feeling of a real, horny girl. 

If you don’t want to rely on additional tools to heat up your doll, you can always purchase one that comes with an internal heating option out of the box. If you’re willing to pay a small additional fee, you’ll get a smoking hot babe with a built-in heating system that will ensure hot, steamy fun every single time you get down and dirty with her! 

Dress Her Up in Different Clothes 

Luxury sex dolls made of high-quality materials can be dressed up in all of the clothes sold at regular clothing stores. If you want to switch things up and enjoy a brand new experience, pick up some sexy lingerie or a classy dress you can rip off of her, or leave on as you start having sex. You can even play out fun foreplay scenarios that way – there is nothing sexier than reaching under a woman’s skirt only to discover that she is not wearing any panties! 

Buy Some Nice Perfume for Her

Different perfume bottles on a metal tray

The full sexual experience goes beyond mere touch and visual stimuli. If you want your playtime to truly blow your mind, you should try to engage as many of your senses as possible! Get some fancy women’s perfume and spray it gently over your doll’s neck and hair to rile yourself up as you get inside of her, smelling a delicious aroma of a fragrance of your choice. 


Just because she is unable to talk, it doesn’t mean that your sex doll can’t take part in some fun, freaky role-play scenarios. One of the best things about having a sex doll is the fact that she is not going to object to your darkest, most brutal fantasies. 

For example, pretending to be a vicious prison guard or a crooked police officer roughly punishing a lady criminal is one way you can experience something different with your sex doll. Get creative – the only thing that limits you is your imagination! 

Try Out Different Kinds of Lube 

Using a lubricant before penetrating a sex doll is an absolute must. You can injure yourself when having sex with a dry artificial vagina, as the friction can tear up your penis, which is certainly an unpleasant experience.

However, lube doesn’t have to be limited to a mere, boring necessity. Try out the different kinds of lubricants available on the market right now, such as flavored lube, one that heats itself up with increased friction, or even an ejaculation-delaying one, if you’re in the mood for a particularly long session. 


Woman wearing a large blue hat and a pearl necklace

Buy some nice jewelry, hats, or piercings for your sex doll to give her a unique feel and a resemblance of a personality. It’s always more fun to have sex with a lady who’s wearing things that you bought just for her! 

Furthermore, you can even use some pieces of jewelry (such as necklaces) to throw some elements of rough play into the mix, and engage in some pretend bondage. 

Apply Some Glowing Make-Up 

Applying make-up to your sex doll can really transform her face. You can use all of the make-up products used by women on a daily basis – it will look just as good on your doll as it would on a real person! Experiment with different products and really get into the art of doing a full makeover – it can turn into a whole new way of spending time with your doll! 

Explore New Fantasies and Ideas 

Don’t limit yourself to one position for intercourse with your new sex doll. One of the best things about these silicon dolls is the fact that they are made to cater to your every idea and sex fantasy. With penetrable vaginas, anuses, and mouths, there are so many ways to derive pleasure from using your beautiful doll. 

Take her on the kitchen table, make her kneel on the floor for you, or have anal sex with her – these dolls were made to be used in every way imaginable, so don’t be afraid of experimenting. If you’re feeling extra kinky, you can change the roles up a bit and attach a penis/dildo to your custom sex doll and discover a whole new world of pleasure! 

The Bottom Line 

There are plenty of ways to enhance your sex doll experience and increase the number of ways you can interact with her. Hopefully, this article will help you come up with some unique ways to make the most out of your brand-new silicon lover.

At Silicon Wives, we sell luxury sex dolls that come with dozens of customization options. Whether you’re after a big ass sex doll or a Japanese sex doll, each one of them can be altered to suit your preferences to the tee!

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