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Male Sex Dolls: Bringing Pleasure to Men And Women Alike

Posted on January 16 2019

If you research the history of sex dolls, you’ll quickly realize that traditionally most dolls were women made to please men. That’s been the case until relatively recently. Yes, there have been male sex dolls for sure. It’s just that they represented a miniscule percentage of dolls sold. The male dolls that were sold were usually marketed to bi-curious guys, or gay men on the down low.

Now, male sex dolls are becoming noticeably more popular. We may not sell as many male companions as female, but the numbers are still very impressive. So, what’s changed? We think that the idea of a male doll simply isn’t as taboo as it used to be. Here are a few reasons why.

Women Are Becoming More Sex Positive 

While things are certainly not perfect, we’re finding that women are becoming more sexually empowered than ever before & seen increase in women using sex dolls. They are pursuing sexual relationships on their terms, buying sex toys with no shame, and looking to male, silicone and TPE dolls for pleasure and companionship. In fact, sex toy consumption is almost entirely dominated by women. It was really only a matter of time before women made the leap from discrete items like vibrators and dildos to something a bit more ‘substantial’.

Men Coming Out of The Closet is Leading to Higher Male Sex Doll Sales

Just as women are becoming more empowered sexually, so are men who are members of the LGBTQ community. They’re becoming more open about their relationships, and less likely to hide their sexuality. An important part of this is that gay, trans, and bisexual men are becoming bolder in seeking out options for meeting their own sexual needs. There’s an emerging sense of empowerment among members of this community, and we’re finding that it’s leading to an increased interest in male dolls. There are even men who identify as straight who show an interest in male dolls.

Male Sex Dolls Are Now Better Constructed And More Functional

For a long time, dolls that were made to be penetrated simply worked a lot better than dolls that we made to accomodate men and women who prefer to be on the receiving end. The result was that sex with these dolls was often awkward and uncomfortable. Women and men who were interested in this simply used options that worked better.

Today things have changed entirely. We work with companies that construct male sex dolls that have genitals that are very realistic. They look and feel just like the anatomy you’d find on a human, and they provide a very genuine sexual experience.

It’s not only the sex organs that have improved though. Our dolls are realistic from head to toe. Everything from the touch of their skin to the feel of their muscles is absolutely realistic. All of this is leading to better sex and better companionship. If you’re curious, we get super-detailed about using a sex doll in another blog post.

Are You Interested in a Male Sex Doll? You Can Now Build The Man of Your Dreams

If you look at our collection of male sex dolls for women, you’ll see that we have some great options. Whether you want a cute slender doll, a well-endowed companion, a buff and built doll, or one that looks like he’s right out of an anime fantasy, we’ve got you covered.

But, what if you want something a bit more personal? If so, you aren’t alone. Many of our customers don’t want a doll that anyone can buy. They want sex dolls that look like humans and be embodiment of their fantasies and preferences. That’s why we offer our customers the opportunity to work with us to build custom sex dolls to fulfill their wildest fantasies.

Does that sound interesting? Then stay tuned! In a couple of weeks we’ll be back with more details on building your own sex doll.

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  • donnita taylor: March 18, 2020
    I’m looking for a male doll for my boyfriend . It doesn’t bother me that he’s trying different things to find him self .
  • Melissa : December 26, 2019

    Hi, I’m really exploring my options to a solution for my sexless relationship. Yes, almost 6yrs almost!
    So I have been looking into this idea because up until now nothing I’ve tried has worked!!!!
    Great relationship and love, and that is what keeps me from leaving my life without him would crush because we are a team!
    We are just so good together really (.
    I can no longer hurt myself like this! I am allowing this to happen again and again, I am the only one who can help me. So that is why I have to get one of those men. I’m going crazy!!!!
    It’s painful to be in this situation because you’re so in love, you have needs, and overnight almost he suddenly has no desire for sex in any way! What is that?

  • Michael Sharp: January 18, 2019

    Purchased " Patrick ". Male doll, awesome, just like a early to mid teenager, beautifully made and as real like you have ever seen, all body details very orthentic, feel and touch of skin and body contours like real. Shear quality. 😍😍

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