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How to Use Virtual Reality With Sex Dolls

Posted on February 28 2023

Man with VR headset

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming increasingly popular and is being used in many different ways. What about trying this technology with your sex doll?

While it may seem an odd combination at first, tasting VR interactive porn with your beloved doll can spice up your sex life and make your sex journeys more inspiring. Exploring virtual worlds or engaging in sexual activities with realistic visuals and sound will undoubtedly bring your sex to the next level.

Using virtual reality with sex dolls can provide a variety of sensations, bringing an exciting and enjoyable experience to all the parties involved. So fasten your seat belts and get ready to dive into the virtual world of lust and secret fantasies.

What Do You Need?

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary equipment. You will need a VR headset and a ready-for-adventure sex doll. 

Most sex doll manufacturers have VR-compatible models, so be sure to double-check before you purchase one. What do we mean by mentioning VR-compatible sex dolls?

These are the dolls equipped with sensors so they can be used with VR technology. They have features like body heat, touch response, and motion detection, allowing them to react appropriately to the user’s virtual environment. 

We know that the market is overloaded with a mind-blowing choice of silicone babies for any taste. Go to the Silicon Wives website and check out the best ever possible selection of dolls. Believe us: you’ll be impressed!

You’ll also need to ensure you have the correct cables for connecting your equipment and whether your computer has the necessary specs to run the VR headset and software.

Once you’ve prepared everything, it’s time to have fun!

Let's Get It Started

Start by setting up the VR headset and connecting it to your computer. Then, install the appropriate software for your headset. This may include downloading a compatible VR app for the device. This app will provide a virtual environment where you can interact with your beauty. For instance, the app might allow you to control the doll’s movements or engage in different activities. 

Now you need to connect your sex doll. You can link your doll and headset together through a connection cable, wireless connection, or a streaming service like Twitch. Each doll is different, so make sure to follow the given instructions to ensure a successful connection! 

Once your equipment is all connected, you can begin to explore the virtual world with your love doll. As a starter, you can dive into an interactive 3D environment and then go on with an adult-oriented game. 

Things to Try When Using Virtual Reality With Your Sex Doll

The virtual world is exceptionally captivating. Doing whatever you want in the places you want with a partner who will share your craziest ideas is a real blessing. So what should you try while using virtual reality with a sex doll?

First of all, try to explore new physical sensations of sex. Using various remotes and devices, you can learn to control the movements of your sex doll to simulate multiple positions and sex techniques. This can help you understand which physical sensations drive you crazy the most and find your G-spot.

You are the one and only ruler of the virtual reality world. Make a real sex revolution! Explore immersive and interactive scenarios and play out all your fantasies in a safe, controlled environment.

Use virtual reality to create realistic role-plays with your sex doll. What about going for a virtual date on the roof of the tallest skyscraper in Sexland, where the most skilled violinists play music for you when you are having sex on the dining table? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Use your imagination to the fullest. Though virtual, the world is yours! 

One of the biggest advantages of virtual reality is the ability to change everything. You can easily customize your doll’s body and appearance and even change her personality. If you dream of having sex with one or a couple of celebrities, do it! You don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks on new clothes, wigs, and accessories for your beauty - virtual reality offers all of these for free.

The ability to control everything is key. You can do it through the use of motion controllers or even through voice commands. Whisper gently or command your doll to place her hands on your knees and give you an unforgettable blowjob. What else would you tell her to do?

Couple kisses using virtual reality

Benefits of Using Virtual Reality with Sex Dolls

Virtual reality with sex dolls can be an incredibly exciting and fulfilling experience. There are many benefits of such an awesome time-spending. Here they are!

Increased Privacy and Controlled Environment

Using VR with your love doll allows you to enjoy new physical sensations and explore different virtual scenarios in a safe and controlled environment. Virtual reality sex dolls provide users with increased privacy, as the dolls are generally operated via a headset or remote control. 

This means you can enjoy your sexual fantasies in the privacy of your own home without any onlookers. Your quiet room can become a real sex planet where you dictate the game's rules.

Enhanced Realism 

Virtual reality sex dolls are about an incredible level of realism. With the ability to customize the doll's facial features, clothing, personality, and even body shape in a VR world, you get such a realistic experience that you will definitely forget that she is not real. 

Great Immersion 

Virtual reality sex dolls also provide a more immersive experience than traditional sex dolls. With the use of a headset and controllers, you can interact with the doll in a way that feels more physical and engaging than simply using your hands. 

Increased Variety 

With virtual reality sex dolls, you can explore various sexual fantasies and scenarios, as the dolls can be programmed to act in a way you like. Whether you want them to be submissive or, on the contrary, dominant, don't be shy to try all alternatives. 

More Confidence

With VR, you can realize the boldest fantasies or scenarios without any fear of judgment or shame. This can help you to increase your self-confidence, enhance your sexual pleasure and even boost your overall happiness. 

After testing all the possible scenarios, you will understand what you are most obsessed with in sex. This will give you much confidence and improve your sexual experience with real partners as you will act like a real Mr know-it-all.

Improved Safety 

By using virtual reality with sex dolls, you can enjoy the same level of sexual exploration as with a real partner without any potential health risks. 

One of the worst consequences of having sex with unfamiliar ladies are sexually transmitted diseases. Just imagine: there are at least 20 different forms of such diseases, including syphilis, HIV, chlamydia, genital herpes, etc. When thinking about it, the risks outweigh the advantages of being sexually intimate with a stranger.

Sex with a VR sex doll in a VR world has no drawbacks at all except getting used to this convenience. Whether it's anal, oral, or vaginal sex - you can enjoy it all without being exposed to tragic consequences. 

Stress Relief 

Having sex with a love doll is real stress relief. Doing it in virtual reality is a double pleasure.

Suppose you've come back from work exhausted and unengaged. You don't have the mood and energy to talk with your partner and spend hours in the bedroom but still need a release. 

The great benefit of sex dolls is that you don't need to hold small talk or satisfy her with long sex sessions. If you only need five minutes to achieve sexual release, you can do it without feeling guilty.

The Bottom Line

The use of virtual reality with sex dolls offers a unique opportunity to get an immersive sexual experience in a safe and private manner. VR technology gives you endless possibilities to explore your boldest fantasies with a realistic-looking partner.

With the ability to customize the doll's appearance and behavior in a VR world, you can create your dream girl that will drive you crazy. You will be obsessed with exploring all the possible sexual scenarios with her without any fear of judgment or shame, as well as physical risks associated with sexual activities.

So it's time to try something new! Silicone Wives will help you make your VR experience unforgettable! Check the biggest selection of love dolls on the Internet and choose your favorite one to set off on a virtual journey!

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