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How To Spice up Your Sex Life with Sex Dolls

Posted on December 06 2022

Heartbreaker Sex Doll

If sex has turned into something monotonous, it's a wake-up call. You need to find effective ways to spice up your sex life, as it's an essential part of our life that makes us healthier and happier. 

Whether you are single or not, a sex doll can spark both your relationship and your personal needs. It can give you a feeling of intimacy without dealing with the messy and uncomfortable aspects of sex.

Moreover, you can bring to life the craziest and dirtiest fantasies without any discomfort, mockery, or judgment. Love dolls can give you something you've always dreamt of in the past. So let's find out how to spice up your sex life with sex dolls.

Dress up

Dressing a sex doll is so much fun! The market is full of revealing clothes that can drive you crazy. Latex dresses, erotic sleepshirts, lace stockings, full-body leather harness lingerie, fishnet tights, and much other sexy stuff is available to you.

Love dolls are extremely sexy. The process of removing such revealing clothes may bring your desire to the next level. You won’t be able to resist touching her body under mind-blowing underwear and slowly taking it off. 

If you are obsessed with role plays, then choose roles and pick costumes. Dolls can be perfect nurses, teachers, strippers, or cheerleaders. Maybe you have your favorite movie character? Tell it to your special companion and bring sex to the next level.

More Positions

Position means everything. You could never find it arousing when having sex in an uncomfortable one. 

It's time to open the  Kamasutra and start practicing. Forget about conventional positions. Your doll will never refuse to try the most difficult ones, as she is so flexible!

The most satisfactory positions will quickly give you a boost and bring intense pleasure.


Porn-watching during sex with your love doll will significantly boost your desire and maximize your sexual sensations.

Hot porn videos will add visually stimulating effects that can increase your sex drive and drive you mad with lust for your gorgeous companion.

Start the sex journey by touching your doll and feeling the incredible realism of her TPE or silicone skin. Continue with passionate kisses and more intense touches. Forget about everything and dive into the world of real pleasure on the hottest day or night with your sexy beauty.


Have you ever fantasized about rough sex? It's not surprising if your partner didn't support such an initiative, as this topic is still taboo for plenty of people.

Sex dolls love BDSM. Whether you want to take control during sex and be dominant or try the role of submissive, your lovely doll will be glad to help you. 

The world of BDSM is extremely tempting and diverse. Bondage plays with ropes and chains, impact plays with whipping, slapping, and spanking, or leather plays with mind-blowing equipment can't leave you indifferent. 

If you enjoy rough behavior, then BDSM is for you. It will not only spice up your sex life but also improve your mental health.

Anal Sex

You are lucky to have such a functional partner! Sex dolls will turn over your idea of anal pleasure, bringing you a super realistic, tight, and intense experience. 

Standing sex positions are especially good for anal sex. If you are a fan of deep and intense penetration, then go for it! By letting your love doll stand against the wall, facing outside, and holding her from the back, you'll be able to feel the ultimate power and achieve an astonishing erection.

Hazel Heartbreaker Sex Doll


If you are dreaming of a threesome, but your partner isn't ready to let the third person in your relationship, then a sex doll is the best solution.

A threesome with a love doll is a fascinating adventure that can change the whole story. It gives you tons of options to diversify your sex journey: from BDSM to role-playing.

Use your imagination and let the new plots spice up your sex life. Imagine you and your girlfriend are going to the club and meeting a beautiful stranger who, after a couple of shots, will accompany both of you to your place.

Discuss this great idea with your partner, and let the party begin!

Oral Sex

Yes, it's more than possible! A human-like doll can provide you with ultimate pleasure during oral sex.

Of course, it's not the same as with a real person. As dolls don't have naturally produced saliva, you'll need lube. Plenty of lube. 

A continuous oral experience with the love doll is definitely a must-try. Among the numerous benefits is that you don't have to worry about the risk of developing various infections.

Oral sex with such a lovely companion is so much fun! Forget about gag reflexes or inconveniences and enjoy a deep blowjob from your beauty.

Vaginal Sex

Vaginal sex is never boring with a love doll. You can experiment with her in all possible ways.

A fully functional vagina of a sex doll will give you an extraordinarily realistic feeling. Choose a position you like, penetrate the doll and continue as you like. The friction and pressure combined will make you finish inside her with unforgettable sensations.

The vagina of a love doll is definitely made for next-level pleasure to satisfy all your needs and desires. No inconveniences, no taboos. This lady will make your wildest dreams come true.

Changing a Look

If you are a fan of sex with strangers, you can take advantage of it with your love doll.
She likes being different. By choosing diverse wigs, clothes, and eye colors together with making up various interesting sex plots, you can create situations when you and your doll meet for the first time.

Sex with strangers is a real dopamine fix. With the love doll, you won't need to wait or have uncomfortable conversations. Just change the look of your doll, pretend you both are strangers, and feel that amazing physical connection and thrill.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple ways of spicing up your sex life with sex dolls. As an incredibly functional creature, the doll will give you the most mind-blowing sensation.

It's impossible to have a monotonous sex routine with such a companion. You have the widest selection ever of the things you can try: BDSM, role-playing, watching porn, threesome, anal, oral, and vaginal sex, dressing up, etc.

Don't hesitate to try the kinkiest things with your doll. It's easy to make her a partner in crime as she is so obedient!

Sex is a wonderful adventure that can't be boring. Use this list of our must-try things to spice up your sex life as your guidebook and enjoy.

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