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How to Introduce Your Sex Doll to Your Partner?

Posted on March 08 2023

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The conversation about introducing something (or someone) into your and your partner’s sex life can be difficult, but it’s an absolute necessity. Since you’re together in this relationship, it’s important that such decisions are made through communication - some people are simply not comfortable with the idea, and it’s their right, as everyone has different boundaries. You cannot present someone with a fait accompli, as it definitely won’t go well, and in some cases, you might even find yourself single. 

However, you need to properly prepare yourself for it - it’s not something that you can just bring up at the breakfast table. That’s why we are here. Such a conversation is no different to any conversation about introducing sex toys into your bedroom, and we will be treating it as such. So, what do you need to remember when introducing your sex doll to your partner? Keep on reading, and you’ll find out. 

Remember About the Right Timing 

We already mentioned it briefly, but “when” to have a conversation is an important part of ensuring that it goes well. Definitely don’t try to start it by bringing out your sex doll as you and your partner are about to have sex, which, unfortunately, many people make with other types of sex toys. The only situation in which this is fine is when your partner is someone who enjoys surprises in the bedroom, and you know it won’t make them uncomfortable. 

If they’re not that type of person, set aside some time, and tell your partner that you need to talk to them (don’t use “we need to talk” though - god only knows how nervous those words can make a person). 

Don’t Be Frustrated 

An important thing to remember is that even if you’re frustrated with the quality of your current sex life, that’s not something you should start the conversation with. If you start talking badly about it, and your partner has insecurities you don’t know about, it might feed right into them, and you’ll achieve the effect opposite to the one desired. 

Instead, try talking about what things you can do to improve your sex life and talk about introducing a sex doll as one of the possibilities. After all, sex is teamwork, so it’s important that both you and your partner strive to bring the most pleasure to each other. 

Don’t Force Them to Have the Conversation 

If you start the conversation and notice that your partner is clearly growing uncomfortable and doesn’t want to continue talking about it, don’t force them to do it. Just say that it’s alright and that you can have this conversation another time. Wait a few days or weeks, and then try to bring it up again. 

If the same thing happens again, consider first talking about why such topics make your partner uncomfortable and what you can do to make it better. In many cases, it’s not the conversations about sex in general that make them feel this way, but rather the topic of sex toys and sex dolls and the stigmas surrounding them. 

Be Open 

If your partner decides that a sex doll is something worth introducing into your bedroom life, don’t dictate to them what they should do with it and what it will look like. Many people need to get used to the fact that technically there’s someone else in the room with them, and this is even more prevalent in those who never had sex with more than one person. 

Let them meet your sex doll and decide for themselves what they want to do with it. Who knows, maybe they’ll pleasantly surprise you with their creativity. 

What If They Reject the Idea

If your partner completely rejects the idea of introducing your sex doll into your sex life, then there’s one more conversation you need to have - about whether it will be okay for you to use it in private. While you might be thinking, “Why should it matter, it’s my sex doll,” the truth is that once you’re in a relationship, it’s not only about you. 

As we already mentioned, different people have different boundaries, and you using a sex doll might not be something that your partner is comfortable with, especially if you do it in secret. On the other hand, you also shouldn’t have to stop doing something you enjoy. It’s all about compromises, so see if you and your partner can reach one. 

When You Don’t Have a Sex Doll Yet… 

If you haven’t bought a sex doll yet, and simply want to have this conversation ahead of time before you settle on one, you’re actually in an ideal situation. When talking about it with your partner, you can propose to make picking out the right one to join your sex life a couple’s activity. Your partner is bound to feel more at ease if they can have a say in the decision. 

However, keep in mind that choosing the right sex doll is not easy. Nowadays, there are so many available, all of different sizes, skin colors, shapes, etc., that picking one can be overwhelming if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for. So, how do you make such a hard decision? 

How to Pick the Perfect Sex Doll 

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The first thing you want to consider is how much you can spend on it. Sex dolls are not cheap, but if you buy one of high quality, such as the luxurious sex dolls we have available at Silicon Wives, then with proper care, they will last you for years. Still, it’s important to set aside how much you can dedicate to this purchase and stick to it. 

The first thing you want to consider is how much you can spend on it. Sex dolls are not cheap, but if you buy one of high quality, such as the luxurious sex dolls we have available at Silicon Wives, then with proper care, they will last you for years. Still, it’s important to set aside how much you can dedicate to this purchase and stick to it. 

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the material. Quality sex dolls worth your attention will be made out of one of the two materials - either silicon or TPE, as they resemble actual skin the most. Silicon is better if you’re looking for durability, while TPE is a better option if a skin-like feeling is what you’re searching for. 

Do you have any preferences in terms of looks? That’s another thing you will have to consider when picking a sex doll. Whether you prefer one with big boobs, a big ass, or both; black, white, or Asian; young or older, you will probably find one to your liking. 

Finally, at Silicon Wives, we offer you the chance to customize most of the sex dolls we have available. You can choose to either purchase them as they are shown in the photo, or you can choose things like eye color, nipple size, and color, skin color, etc. You also have the option to pick some additional features, such as sound effects or a heating system

Think carefully about the features of your ideal sex dolls, as it’s definitely an investment, so you don’t want to pick something that you will be bored with after a week or two. 

The Bottom Line

There are some conversation topics that can be difficult to start - one such topic is introducing sex toys, including sex dolls, into your and your partner’s sex life. While we cannot guarantee that it will go well, following the tips we shared above will definitely make it easier for you. 

Remember - sex is teamwork, and you cannot make the decisions for your partner. Communication is key in such situations, and you won’t know what they think about a certain topic until you talk to them about it. Good luck! 

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