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How to Customize Your Sex Doll to Fit Your Needs

Posted on April 06 2023

Dallas: Pole Dancer Sex Doll

Owning a sex doll can be an amazing experience - not only is she there to satisfy your needs whenever you need her to (like after a stressful day at work), but for many people, it’s a way to fight loneliness. Safe to say, everyone should consider purchasing one. 

We’ve come a long way since the first sex dolls came to be - long gone are the days when the only available option for someone looking for artificial companionship was a blow-up doll that looked more like it belonged in a horror movie than a wet dream. 

Nowadays, they look so realistic that you probably wouldn’t even notice a difference between an actual woman and a sex doll if it wasn’t for the fact that the latter doesn’t move. And the best part of it all? With so many customization options available, you can ensure that your love doll looks exactly like your dream woman. 

But how exactly can you go about customizing your sex doll? What features are there to customize? Is there any other way in which you can make your sex doll truly yours? You can find the answer to these and more questions in the article below.  

How to Customize Your Sex Doll 

The answer is rather simple - you need to find a sex doll company that allows you to add or change certain features based on your preferences. And we’re proud to say that Silicon Wives is one of those companies. We have several sex dolls that you can customize, and some of our most popular ones include:

  • Daisy - Daisy is our resident Cowgirl; trust us when we say that horses are not the only thing she likes to ride. 
  • Lily - Lily is a perfect choice for those who love big boobs but also want their woman to be petite - she’s 4 feet 11 inches (148 centimeters) tall. 
  • Kasandra - if when asked “boobs or ass,” you say both, then Kasandra will suit your taste just fine - she has the best of both worlds. 

So, what are some of the things that you can adapt to your liking when it comes to your sex doll? Below, you will find a list of customizable features: 

  • Skin tone - do you prefer your partners to be as white as Snow White, or do you want them to look as if they just came back from a tropical vacation? Whatever the case, you can make it happen with eight different skin tones available. 
  • Hairstyle - Short hair? Long hair? Natural color? Pink hair? You have twenty different hairstyles to pick from. You can also choose whether you want the hair to be synthetic or human. 
  • Eye color - Do you prefer blue eyes or brown eyes? Or maybe you want your sex doll to look magical with the purple eye color? Pick the one you like most. 
  • Nipple size and color and labia color - From flesh color to black, you can decide which nipple and labia color will suit your sex doll the best. 
  • Nail polish - Do you have a feet fetish, and painted toenails turn you on? Thanks to our customization option, you can pick the one you will enjoy seeing the most. 
  • Pubic hair - Is your ideal woman shaved, or maybe you enjoy a little hair? There are six different pubic hair options, so whatever the case, we’re sure you will find one to your liking. 
  • Vagina - Do you prefer for the vagina to be removable so that it’s easier to clean? Or maybe it doesn’t make a difference to you, and you don’t mind it being built-in? 
  • Body paint option - in this category, you can pick whether you want your sex doll to have tan lines, freckles, veins, and/or muscle definition. 
  • Premium upgrades - Want to make your sex doll even more realistic? Add some of our premium features. The features you can choose to add are a body heat system, auto-sucking vagina, breathing system, shrugging shoulders, enhanced mouth (for a better experience during oral sex), or a moaning sound. You can also decide to make her more jiggly or add an articulated hand skeleton which will give her a better grip and ensure that her hands will last longer than without it. 
  • Add-ons - this category involves additional products that you order, aside from the sex doll itself. Here, you can find, for example, a hard storage case, an automatic cleaning device, or a penis attachment in two different sizes. 

What’s more, if you can’t find a doll that would look the way you want her to, even after choosing the right customization options, you have the opportunity to order one that is completely custom and will be made based on the description you provide. 

Keep in mind, however, that a custom sex doll is more expensive than those already on our website. It will also take longer to make, so just be aware of that.

Pair of naked doll bodies on blue background

Other Ways to Customize Your Sex Doll

Customizing your sex doll by giving her the features you like most in a woman is one thing. However, not everyone has the funds to order a personalized doll - so is there any other way in which you can make her feel more like yours without spending an arm and a leg? There are! 

First of all, you can put make-up on her the way you like it. While dolls usually come with it already done, in most cases, it is very easy to remove with a good makeup remover or baby oil. You can use regular makeup products available in any drugstore - no matter what material your sex doll is made of, using them shouldn’t damage her. And since they’re easier to remove than, for example, paint, nothing’s stopping you from trying a new look on her every other day. 

Secondly, you can dress her up in clothes that turn you on - which, by the way, can be great foreplay. Do you want her to be a naughty schoolgirl that needs to be punished? Or maybe you prefer for her to be the dominant one? In that case, you might want to look for a police costume. Truthfully, when it comes to clothing, the choices are endless. You can even go as far as to buy a cosplay of your favorite fictional character and dress her in it. 

If you get turned on by tattoos, there are plenty of washable ones with different designs that you can purchase and put on her. 

Finally, if you don’t like the current hair color and style your sex doll has, you can opt for changing it by using a wig. Trust us when we say that there are so many available on the internet that no matter what you have in mind, chances are that someone has it in their offer. 

The Bottom Line

The beauty of sex dolls is that you can make them look exactly like your fantasies. As you can see above, thanks to the customization options we offer, you can truly make her look like your wet dream come true - and even if you already have a sex doll in your home and don’t want to buy a new one, there are several ways in which you can personalize it to your liking. 

At Silicon Wives, we have several dolls that can be personalized, so don’t hesitate to take a look at our selection. 

Are you worried about someone seeing what you bought? You don’t have to be. We understand that many of our customers value privacy and discretion, which is why our dolls are shipped in completely plain and unlabeled boxes. No one aside from you and the person packaging your order knows what’s inside of it. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get to browsing, and don’t deprive yourself of pleasure anymore. We are sure you won’t regret it.

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