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Do Sex Dolls Feel Real?

Posted on January 08 2024

sex dolls that feel real


So you’re toying with the idea of buying a sex doll but aren’t sure if the experience you get with it is worth it? Most people feel some level of uncertainty when considering something new, and buying a sex doll is no exception. You might have a lot of questions, so we’re here to answer one of them - do sex dolls feel real? To some extent, yes. 

Long gone are the days when a sex doll was an inflatable sex toy that more resembled a character from a horror movie than a woman. Today, many dolls are so realistic that it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between them and an actual person - at least as far as looks go. But what about the experience? Does sex with a sex doll resemble the real deal? Again, to some extent, yes. 

How It Was Before 

Although sex dolls have been around for decades, it wasn’t until the 20th century that they became a mainstream product that could also be legally advertised. While they were easily accessible, with many sex shops having them in their offer, they were mostly used as gag gifts, rather than actual sex toys - especially since, while they served their purpose, they typically wore out pretty quickly. 

Since then, the market underwent a huge change, and long gone are the days of inflatable sex dolls being the only kind available - nowadays, most sex dolls are on the realistic side, both when it comes to their appearance, as well as the experience they provide their users. So, let’s talk more about it - how does intimacy with a modern, realistic sex doll feel? 

How Does Intimacy with a Sex Doll Feel 

When talking about intimacy, we mean the whole nine yards, so kissing, touching, as well as vaginal, oral, and anal sex. How realistic do all of these feel? 

First, kissing. Since realistic sex dolls have human-like lips, tongues, and teeth, the whole experience is pretty realistic. Not to mention that you can customize her to your liking in many cases - so, if you prefer women with smaller lips, you can have that. Find bigger lips more attractive, you can go in that direction as well. 

As for touching, again, it’s not 100% the same, but it is definitely pretty realistic, especially when you compare it to how it felt to touch a sex doll a few decades ago. Today’s dolls are usually made from one of the two materials - TPE or silicon. Both of them are soft and skin-like, which makes them soft and pleasant to touch, and their boobs and butt are just waiting for you to squeeze them. 

Now, the main reason why people even buy sex dolls - sex. 

Does oral sex feel like the real deal? Pretty much! Many dolls have deep throats designed specifically to make oral sex possible. Just use some lube, and you won’t even be able to tell you’re not with an actual woman - well, maybe besides the fact that there’s no suction, which definitely is one of the best parts of a blowjob, wouldn’t you say? 

Vaginal sex can also feel pretty realistic, especially if you warm up your doll beforehand to make sure her vagina is all nice and ready for you. Thanks to customization options, you can choose between different labia colors, pubic hair options, and whether you want the vagina to be built-in or removable, so that your doll is exactly how you want her to be. 

Finally, anal sex - does anal feel as good with a sex doll as it does with a real woman? It definitely can, especially since the sex doll’s anal canal is designed to be tight and textured to resemble the real thing. 

Sex Doll Advancements 

In recent years, there’s been continuous development to ensure a more realistic sex doll experience. And while it’s probably going to take a while before they reach a fully human-like feel, there have been several advancements made to make sex more enjoyable and lifelike. Some of them include: 

  • Heating systems - Your doll can be waiting for you warm and cozy if you decide to add a heating system to it. After all, real women aren’t cold, so why should your realistic sex doll be? 
  • Breathing system - Want to make your sex doll even more realistic? With a breathing system, your doll will move its chest up and down, just like a living person. When you’re sleeping next to her during the night, you won’t even notice that it’s a sex doll and not a person. 
  • Movement - Aside from the experience, there was one more flaw to early sex dolls - since they were inflatable, there wasn’t much movement that could be done, so many positions were unattainable. With most modern sex dolls, however, that is no longer an issue as they are constructed in a way that no matter if you prefer some classic positions like doggy, or more flexible ones, you can move the sex doll around to position her exactly how you want. 
  • Sounds - Another thing that can make the whole experience even more realistic is the fact that some dolls can moan, to show you just how much they’re enjoying your encounter. 

These are all available now, but we’re sure that this is just the beginning - especially with the advancement of AI, the sex doll market is bound to experience even more technological advancement. 

The Bottom Line 

So, do sex dolls feel real? Yes, to some extent, although a lot depends on the sex doll you choose. A sex doll with moaning sounds, EVO skeleton, breathing system and other advancements is bound to feel more realistic than just a plain old sex doll with no special additions. Still, both of them will feel pretty realistic - just one more than the other. 

If you’re looking for a good starting sex doll, at Silicon Wives, we store a wide selection of realistic ones, many of which can be customized so that they are exactly how you imagined your sex doll to be. Why don’t you take a look?

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