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Customer Experiences with Sex Doll Companionship

Posted on January 08 2024

customer experiences with sex doll companionship

The industry is booming. The market is growing. The old stereotypes have receded, and people of all ages and genders are using them in record numbers. Make no mistake about it: sex dolls are now a very big thing.

A practice that was once considered taboo is now as normal as keeping a vibrator in the bedside drawer, and $400 million in annual sales last year speaks volumes. Frankly, it's about time: we have always seen sex doll ownership as a healthy and perfectly human endeavor, and we applaud its rise. 

We have covered the reasons why the sex doll industry has boomed in previous articles, but we thought it would be a good idea to find out why sex dolls have become so immensely popular over the last few years by speaking to the people who really know - the consumers.

We reached out to several of our customers to find out what it is, exactly, that draws them to the practice of keeping a sex doll at home. 

So, here they are - real, first-hand experiences of what it is like to own a sex doll. 

David, 48, Idaho

"Somewhere in my late 30s, I found myself struggling with a real case of loneliness. They were dark times, but It wasn’t just about my physical needs - the utter silence in my house also got to me. That’s when I decided to get a sex doll.  I want to make it clear that It's not just a sexual thing for me, though. 

I know it might sound strange to some people, but at times, it almost feels like there's someone else here. She's become a presence in my home in some weird way, and that's made a big difference. I know she is a doll, don't worry! This is simply an inanimate object that has helped fill a hole and nothing more, but it really has helped.”

Sarah, 27, California

"Being highly sexual and single was challenging for me, I really needed a safe way to explore my naughty side without the awful complexities of a relationship. My sex doll ticks all of those boxes; he really helps me with experimenting and understanding my sexual desires. It's empowering in a way I didn't quite expect, actually."

Mike, 34, Texas

"After my divorce, I wasn't ready to jump back into dating right away. A friend jokingly suggested a sex doll, and to be honest, I had a good laugh about that, but it got me thinking and eventually turned into a real solution for me. It filled up a gap in my life without the pressure of emotional entanglements, I am just not ready for anything deep in that way just yet."

Anita, 50, New York

"I've always been curious about sex dolls and finally bought one after turning 50. It's not just about sex; it's about companionship. My doll is like a silent partner who's always there. It's comforting, especially after a long day of work."

Jordan, 29, Florida

"As a trans man, finding sexual partners who understand my body and needs has always been really tough. Times are changing, finally, and we are becoming more accepted by society, but in comparison to straight people, I do have a hard time finding fulfillment. My sex doll became a safe space for me to explore that sexuality without judgment or misunderstanding."

Evelyn, 43, Michigan

"My husband works overseas, and I often feel quite lonely and, you know, horny, I guess! My sex doll, Bruce (I named him, ha!), has become a substitute for my husband while he is away. I'm kinda getting into it! My husband is totally cool with it also. Not that he has a choice, ha!"

Liam, 22, Washington

"I'm not great at social interactions, and dating has always been a nightmare for me... I always seem to say the wrong thing! Yeah, I haven't been getting laid because of it, if I am being honest. 

As you know, I only just got the doll from you a few weeks ago, but it really helped out with the loneliness. In all honesty, she is a terrific lay! The skin blows me away (not literally, although she can do that too, lol) because it feels so spookily real! And the eyes, of course. And the breasts. And her ass!!!”

Grace, 31, Georgia

"After my breakup, I felt a massive void out of nowhere. Not just physically but emotionally, too, I guess. I purchased a sex doll to fill that gap, and while It was a bit awkward at first, it's become a part of my routine. Sometimes, it's just having 'someone' to come home to, to share my day with. It's a form of companionship that's hard to describe, really, but it's been surprisingly therapeutic for me."

Henry, 55, Colorado

"Widowed and in my mid-50s, the thought of dating again was a no-no for me, man! But my sex doll has been a way to find some sort of intimacy without figuring out the whole social scene. There's a comfort in knowing that she's always there, a constant in my otherwise changing world.”

Wrap Up

We are seeing changes in the way sex dolls are being appreciated lately. At one time, our dolls were used almost exclusively for satisfying sexual urges, but over the last few years, there has been a definite shift towards sexual desire and companionship. We also find a diverse range of customers buying sex dolls at the moment: young, old, male, female. Everyone seems to be embracing sex dolls from all walks of life. 

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