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Check Out Our Latest Dolls: Fall 2019

Posted on October 09 2019

Check Out Our Latest Dolls - Fall 2019

At Silicon Wives, we’re constantly working with doll making artists and manufacturers to add new dolls to our collection. In fact, come back regularly to see what’s new! As always, every doll we offer is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, it would be nearly impossible to showcase all of them. Instead, we’ve hand-picked a few that we think are very special. Take a look at some of our best dolls for fall 2019!

Tink: Pixie Sex Doll

If you fantasize about getting it on with the sex nymps and fairies you read about in fantasy novels, you’re going to fall in love with Tink. This gorgeous, creature of the forest is sexy, mischievous, and almost incurably horny. Tink has an amazing body. She’s 5’6” with B-Cup breasts, and she’s built for any kind of action you like. Tink loves nature, casting spells, and sex that lasts for hours.

Stacy: Trophy Wife

There’s no denying it. Stacy is demanding! She enjoys only the finest things in life. You’ll have to wine and dine her to keep her happy. Still, the men who earn her love, get paid back ten-fold. Stacy is fiercely loyal. She knows how to take care of a man. She’s also an absolute dynamo in the bedroom. When you’re finished making love to Stacy, every dime you’ve spent spoiling her will be worth it!

Freya: Icy Blonde Sex Doll

Freya is a classic, Icelandic beauty. She has piercing blue eyes and long blonde hair. Her petite frame, perky breasts, and tight ass are any man’s dream come true. Even better, she comes ready for any kind of sex you want. Don’t let the cool looks fool you. She is on fire when you get her in the bedroom.

Brandy: Curvy Brunette Sex Doll

Brandy has what so many men secretly want. In a world of super thin, supermodels, Brandy has big, thick breasts, and a curvy ass. There’s a whole lot of woman packed into this 5’ package. Even better, Brandy knows how to use every inch of her body to make you happy. Turn on some music, and turn down the lights! Pour a glass of cognac, and get ready to get into the groove. You won’t regret it.

Nick: Asian Male Sex Doll

Be honest! How many of you were scrolling, in hopes of seeing a male doll. Of course we have a new male doll. We wouldn’t ignore such an important part of our audience. Meet Nick! He’s a very masculine, Asian male, and he loves to give and receive pleasure. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. He’s down for anything, and can work magic with his 8 inch cock. If you like masculine man who is in top shape, and sports the ‘natural’ look, take Nick for a ride.

This is Just The Beginning

These are just a few of the new dolls we have added to our collection. Click the link above to check out the rest of the hot dolls we have waiting for you to try. If you’re considering a doll for Christmas, now is the time to start looking!

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