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Check Out Our All-American Sex Dolls

Posted on January 15 2020

We are very proud to offer men and women dolls of all shapes and sizes. We also bring to our customers dolls of various ethnicities and backgrounds. Whatever you prefer, you are almost certain to find it on our website. We believe that all of our dolls deserve to be celebrated.  However, this post is dedicated to one particular group of dolls. Check out our amazing line-up of All American Sex dolls.

Jennifer: Our Gymnast Sex Doll

Jennifer spends her days training hard for her next competition. She spends her nights using her flexibility and athletic prowess to do amazing things in bed. She’s also a real down-home southern girl. She believes in good manners, home cooking, and having plenty of fun with her man. Like most gymnasts, Jennifer is slender and petite with a 19-inch waist, 26-inch bust, and 30-inch hips. She comes equipped for vaginal, anal, and oral pleasure.

Taylor: Our ‘Celebrity’ Sex Doll

Yes, Taylor’s aware that she may have a slight resemblance to someone famous, but in truth she’s a hard-working business woman. Taylor is making her way up the ranks at a well-known legal firm, and while she tries to maintain professionalism at all times, looking at men in suits all day really makes her sweat. Have you ever fantasized about hot office sex with a vixen like Taylor?

Take Taylor home to your own office. Then, take her any which way you’d like. She comes equipped for any sort of love making you prefer.

Marci: The Horny Milf

Let’s be honest. Marci just doesn’t fit in with the other suburban wives. Maybe it’s the low cut blouses. Maybe it’s the topless sunbathing in her backyard. Maybe it’s the way that all the men in the neighborhood gather around her during summer block parties. Whatever the case may be, Marci doesn’t mind. She’s embraced the fact that she’s more sexual than the average woman in suburbia, and she enjoys the attention she gets. More importantly, she loves bringing young men into her bedroom and showing them exactly how to pleasure a real woman.

Eliza: The Tough Girl

Eliza is from Queens New York. She works as a mechanic, loves the Yankees, and has that classic New Yorker attitude. But, don’t dismiss her as another girl from the block. Underneath all that, she has a tender heart, and fierce loyalty to any man or woman who will give her love, respect, and sexual pleasure. Treat her well, and she will treat you like a god. Eliza believes that the best way to maintain a relationship is through lots of intense, orgasmic sense. She says, ‘Keep your man or woman worn out, and they will never stray!’

Tanner: The Tall Party Boy

Like many twenty somethings, Tanner’s life is all about work and play. He tends bar in upstate New York, earning great tips from both  horny men and women. On the weekends, he comes down to NYC to enjoy the party scene. Sometimes he’ll make a bit of side cash spending his time on the arms of rich socialites who desire an attractive young man like him.

If you want a male doll who is well-endowed, and who enjoys giving and receiving, check Tanner out. He swings both ways, and he loves to party.

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