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Can Sex Dolls Satisfy The Need For Human Touch?

Posted on November 26 2020

Think about your basic needs. Surely food, water, and oxygen come to mind. Did you consider human touch? You may not die without physical touch, but it is absolutely necessary for your well-being. In fact, there’s a condition that results when this is missing. It’s called touch starvation. If you suffer from this, you may experience depression, anxiety, and stress. This can cause your body to release too much of the stress hormone cortisol, and that can impact your physical health.

Unfortunately, many of us are experiencing some level of touch starvation right now because of mandatory social distancing. So, what can you do to prevent the ill effects caused by lack of human touch, while still following health protocols? A sex doll could be the tool you need.

Silicone And TPE Dolls Feel Like The Real Thing

At one time, sex dolls felt cold and plastic. That’s not the case anymore. Artists and engineers have done amazing things. Today, sex dolls are made of scientifically advanced materials like silicone and TPE. Not only do they feel like touching real skin, they can maintain a warm temperature for a period of time.

Sex Dolls Are The Perfect Size And Shape

Julia curvy sex doll

We love vibrators and other sex toys. Still, you can’t wrap your arms and legs around a vibrator. You can’t spoon with a dildo as you fall asleep. You can do all of these things with a sex doll. Even better, you can choose a sex doll with a figure you find to be absolutely perfect for you. For example, a tall and curvy doll like Julia is perfect for someone who wants to cuddle with something soft and womanly.

A Sex Doll Can Provide Important Sexual Release

Quality sex dolls can help with touch starvation by helping you to simulate the experience of touch. The experience won’t be identical, but it will certainly help. Now it’s time to talk about the primary benefit of owning a sex doll. 

Yes, that benefit is having sex and (ideally!) climaxing. No, human touch and sex aren’t the same thing. However, enjoying sex can provide similar benefits. Sexual release reduces cortisol levels, helps with relaxation, improves your mood, and causes your body to produce the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin.

Sex Dolls Can Relieve Boredom Too!

Of course, it isn’t just human contact that folks are missing these days. Let’s be honest, all of this isolation and distancing can be exceptionally boring. If you’ve been feeling restless and out of sorts, you aren’t alone. Perhaps you’ve tried filling your time with baking, learning a new language, or working out.

That’s great! Have you thought about spending some of your free time exploring your sexual fantasies? Think about it. When people have too much time to spare, they often engage in unhealthy behaviors. If you have a sex doll, you can exercise your body and your imagination!

Have you been binge-watching your favorite anime shows? You could create and act out some awesome scenarios using one of our fantasy or anime sex dolls!

Improve Your Technique For Later

Wouldn’t you love to be a skilled, confident lover? Think about it. When you are able to have skin to skin contact with others, wouldn’t you like the experience to be amazing? This is the perfect time to use your sex doll to learn to last longer in bed, and to improve on your sexual technique!

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