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Bring Your Sex Doll To Life With Phone Apps

Posted on September 06 2021

One day fully autonomous sex robots will be indistinguishable from real humans, but until then there are some fun things that can be done to bridge the gap between imitation and reality. One way to do this is with face filter apps on your mobile phone. We've found these apps to be particularly exciting to use with sex dolls, as the results can really bring your sex doll to life!

Your doll although beautiful and super realistic only has 1 available facial expression, what would she look like if she were smiling? frowning? or all done up like a Hollywood move star? Seeing your doll in all these different lights can help you feel closer to your doll as you begin to see him or her in a more human way.

Which apps are the best?

We've played around with some of the more popular face filter apps and the best one in our opinion is one called FaceApp. All the photos in this article were done on FaceApp and ass you can see the results are crazy good. FaceApp has a free and paid version ($2.99 per month) which both have a really good selection of different facial expressions and styles to choose from. You can even see what your doll will look like as an old person!

Our favorite is just the smiling filter, as its fairly normal, it leaves most of the face unmodified but adds a nice pearly white smile to your doll. It's really surprising to see a smiling face after you've grown so used to your doll's normally neutral facial expression. After this we'd suggest seeing the frowning face, sometimes pouting can be cute! Then you can try some more adventurous things like makeup styles, hair styles, gender, and age. The results might shock you.

There is currently a lengthy thread of owners posting their doll's FaceApp photos on the Doll Forum, we recommend you check it out and share your own!


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