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Best 6 Sex Positions to Try with Your Sex Doll

Posted on July 20 2022

Sex Positions

Lifelike sex dolls can give you unforgettable sexual pleasure and make you feel like you're having sex with a real woman. Their realistic looks and soft skin guarantee the most authentic sensations and can fulfil your deepest sexual fantasies.

Sex with your dream doll is a mind-blowing experience that will make you achieve the most intense orgasm in every sex position. Whether you like more intimate or rough sex, lying down or standing, you can make love to your sex doll in any possible way to get the highest level of satisfaction.

Whether you've just purchased your new sex doll or you want to spice things up with the one you already own, we guarantee you the unreal sexual experience.

Here we've collected the best sex doll positions to try with your love doll for your ultimate pleasure. Enjoy!

Missionary Sex Position

This default sex position is one of the most beloved positions among couples, but it's also a fantastic way to make love to your sex doll, especially if it's your first. Here’s how to get the most out of it. 

Have your doll lie down on her back. Bend her legs and spread them or put them over your shoulders. This is a great intimate sex position, particularly if you like gentle sex, as it makes you more connected with your doll.

The missionary position is one of the most satisfying sex positions to try with big boobs sex dolls, BBW sex dolls, and curvy sex dolls. You can observe your doll's big bouncy breasts moving along with your rhythm for the ultimate visual stimulation that will make you orgasm even faster.

Cowgirl Position

If you want to change the game a bit and make love to your doll with her being on top of you, you should try the cowgirl style position.

Lay down on your back and let your sex doll squat on you. Place your hands around her waist and thrust while looking at her beautiful face and sensual boobs for more visual experiences. You can also try the reverse cowgirl style, which allows you to watch your love doll's sexy booty bouncing against you.

This sex position guarantees the hottest and smoothest penetration as your doll's weight can help with the thrusting to make your affair even more intense.

Sex Against the Wall

Standing sex positions are great for anal or vaginal penetration, especially when you're a fan of deep and intense penetration.

Let your sex doll stand against the wall, facing outside, and hold her from the back. Balance your sex doll's body by spreading her arms against the wall. Gently lift her upper leg, and you can slide in her swiftly from behind.

For the most satisfying and comfortable sex, your doll's booty should be at the height of your penis, so it's vital to choose the right doll size to suit your height. Depending on how tall you are, you can opt for a mid-size sex doll or a tall sex doll. Alternatively, you can bend your sex doll's knees slightly to adjust her height.


If you're a tender lover and want to make sweet love to your dream doll, spooning is your go-to sex position for smooth penetration. It's the most intimate sex position, and your realistic love doll will make you feel like you're having sex with a real woman.

Lay your doll on her side, with her legs and arms bent in front. Lift one of her legs and enter her from behind. This is an excellent position for anal and vaginal sex, especially with heavier sex dolls. You can also hug your doll or kiss her on the neck for a more intimate experience.

The most significant advantage of spooning is that your sex doll's soft silicone or TPE skin will heat up by being close to you. Thanks to her authentic body heat, the sex will feel real, guaranteeing even better stimulation.

Doggy Style Position

This popular sex position is one of the best sexual positions to try with your realistic sex doll if you like rough sex and very intense stimulation.

Let your doll kneel down and balance her body by pushing her arms past her. Spread your doll's legs and slide in from behind. To spice things up, you can spank your doll, which will guarantee sexy stimulation, especially with a big booty sex doll.

A doggy position is the best sex position for deep penetration both in vaginal and anal sex. Feel free to push your sex doll hard for the most satisfying sensations but do it wisely to make sure your doll is protected against friction.

Bent Over

This is one of the best sex positions that can be practiced inside and outside the bedroom. It's favored by couples for the intense stimulation it gives by deep penetration.

While standing, bend your love doll over a flat surface, like a table or bed. She should be in a standing position, bending at her waist, with her face touching the surface. As her booty pushes out, you penetrate her from behind, leading you to an instant orgasm.

This sexy position is a great way to boost fun with your doll, but it can also be harmful to her if it's practiced too often. Be careful not to use abrasive surfaces that may damage your doll's skin.

Top Tips for Even Hotter Sex with Your Sex Doll

Apart from highly satisfying sex positions, there are also some hot tricks you can try with your doll. Fulfill your sexual fantasies by adding them to your erotic endeavors.

Watch Porn

Watching porn during sex can help you maximize your sexual sensations by adding visually stimulating effects. Next time you have sex with your doll, turn on some hot porn videos and enjoy the hottest night (or day) with your love doll.

Dress Up Your Doll

To add more spice to your sexual endeavors, have your sex doll wear sexy high heels and a tempting outfit. Enjoy her arousing looks while you're making love to her, and you will come in seconds.

Have Oral Sex

Experiment with your sex doll by letting her satisfy you in every possible way. Our premium sex dolls are designed to fulfill all of your sexual needs, including oral sex. If you're dreaming of the most pleasant sex doll blow job, our best sex dolls will make your wild dreams come true.


A lifelike sex doll is a one-of-a-kind investment designed to satisfy your deepest sexual desires. A realistic love doll can give you the most authentic and mindblowing sensations that will make you feel like you're with a real woman.

Having sex with your real doll is an incredibly arousing experience, and by trying out multiple popular sex positions, you get to experience unforgettable sexual sensations. It's crucial to know how to use your sex doll to get the best out of your dream doll.

If you're still searching for your ideal love doll, check out our sex doll buyer's guide to find the one that will suit your needs. Our high-quality sex dolls can improve your sexual life and elevate your wellbeing.
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