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Are Sex Dolls Worth The Investment?

Posted on January 08 2024


Are Sex Dolls Worth The Investment?

Over the last decade or so, you may have noticed an increasing number of sex dolls available for purchase online. The industry once considered ‘quirky,’ is now positively booming and gaining acceptance as quite normal.” The taboos of old have eroded, and stereotypes have ceased to exist: owning a sex doll is no longer considered, well, weird. 

So, sex dolls are now far more accepted, and we applaud the rise in popularity of this perfectly healthy pursuit. But are they actually worth the investment? And would most people say they are happy with their purchase decision to buy a sex doll online?

Strength in Numbers

Approximately $400 million was spent on sex dolls last year alone - which means lots of people of all age groups and genders are buying these beautifully crafted silicon companions. People tend to vote with their wallets, and as such, we could probably wrap up this blog post right here - four hundred million dollars in sales speaks for itself, you might argue.

Essentially, with so many consumers shelling out hard-earned money to buy a sex doll, you could argue that they must be worth it. The market wouldn't be so huge otherwise, would it?

Sales figures are mere numbers on a page, however. To really get to the bottom of the question, “Are sex dolls worth the money?” We need to address the subject with a wider view and consider the human experience of owning one compared to the cost of purchase. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few figures.

Cost vs. Reward

With a range of different sex dolls available - from mini sex dolls to torso-only and full-sized sex dolls, there are various factors to take into account here, so let's keep things simple and consider the prices of full-sized options.

As with most purchases in life, the quality of the product is a factor worth considering. Spend a little while browsing online, and you will see sex dolls retailing as cheap as $600. Now, while that may seem like a good investment, at this end of the market, the dolls are notorious for being practically ‘thrown together’ using cheap materials and awful, uninspiring design cues. 

In the vast majority of cases, these dolls only last a year at the most while providing very little in the way of a lifelike, enjoyable experience. To that end, most consumers would describe the cheaper sex dolls as almost certainly not worth the investment. It is also worth remembering that the sex doll market is pretty much unregulated, with many scammers selling toxic, poor-quality counterfeit copies of good-quality sex dolls. 

Upper Priced Sex Dolls

At the other end of the market, you are looking at around $8000 for what is often advertised as a ‘premium product.’ However, companies who manufacture these types of dolls are focused less on improved features and more on the fact that many consumers simply have deep pockets. If you ask anyone in the industry, they will mostly confirm that there is little to no difference between an average-priced sex doll and an upper-tier option.

In other words, if you compare an upper-priced sex doll with a mid-priced (yet equally premium) product, you will find it difficult to tell them apart. In this sense, most sex dolls at the upper end of the price bracket would probably be described as a poor investment. There is simply not enough bang for your buck (pun intended!)

Mid Priced Sex Dolls

Sex dolls in this price range usually retail for around $2000 and offer far more value. As noted, there really isn't any difference between the high-end dolls and the more reasonably priced dolls in this bracket.

Both are manufactured using the best-grade TPE or silicone, and both feel equally lifelike. In terms of visual appeal, the detailing is again pretty much identical, and a mid-range priced sex doll is going to last just as long as more expensive options.

In this category, spending $2000 for a doll that will stay in good condition for a decade or more breaks down to just a couple of hundred dollars per year. With the average consumer partaking in thrice-weekly sessions with their sex doll, the value is strikingly obvious. 

Emotional and Psychological Benefits

However, beyond the obvious physical satisfaction afforded by sex dolls, a more profound, visceral experience provides value in its own right. For many customers - and we know this because our customers have told us - sex dolls are more than just a means of sexual gratification; in some way, they provide emotional support. 

Let's face it: we live in an age where loneliness is increasingly widespread, and for anyone who might be suffering from loneliness, a beautiful, lifelike sex doll can become almost like a real companion: a source of comfort and maybe even understanding. This emotional dimension is often underestimated, but it is a huge factor in the value return given by sex dolls. The problem is, how do you even begin to measure this form of connection in terms of value?

You can't. We can only suggest that anything acting as a cure for loneliness while also satisfying sexual desires could be described as ‘value,’ especially if those benefits play out over years or even decades.

Final Thoughts

So, are sex dolls worth it? The question really is entirely subjective, depending on how frequently you use the sex doll, over what time period, and how much satisfaction you draw from the use of one. Overall, you would have to say they are, of course, worth it when considering the relatively small outlay in return for sexual and emotional benefits.

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