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Are Sex Dolls Legal?

Posted on September 09 2020

Is it Legal to Purchase And Use a Sex Doll?

One of the many questions we receive from our customers is about the legality of purchasing a sex doll. We’re going to answer that question in this post, and address a couple of other relevant issues.

Let’s start with the most important item. Yes, it is generally legal to own a sex doll. If we offer them for sale in your country, that’s because you’re allowed to own them. If not, that could be because your government has implemented a ban on owning these dolls. Sometimes these bans are made for moral or religious reasons. In other cases, the matter is related to imports and other regulations.

Are All Sex Dolls Legal?

sex doll holding a gun

If you’ve paid attention to sex doll related news, you’ve likely seen sordid stories of unsavory people purchasing and shipping sex dolls that look significantly underage. People are right to be concerned about this, and many lawmakers are working to enact or strengthen bans on dolls like this. Rest-assured that no doll here falls into this category. Any sex doll you order will be legal, and represent someone over the age of consent.

This brings us to another question we receive quite often. Can I get a sex doll made to resemble a celebrity or someone I know? Let’s start with the bad news. No. We cannot create an exact replica of anyone without their consent. Now the good news. We can come pretty close. Take a look at some of our fantasy and anime dolls. They share enough similar features to the characters you love, that it’s as close to the real thing as most of us will ever get.

Also, don’t forget about our customization options. We allow you to select hair and eye color, skin tone, and a variety of other features. Our dolls also represent a wide spectrum of body types. Use your imagination, and you can get the doll you’ve always fantasized about.

Can I do Anything I Want With my Sex Doll?

sex doll in privacy of your own home

In the privacy of your own home or hotel, yes! This is your property, and you may generally do as you wish. We do have a few limitations, but they won’t impact the average customer. For example, if you’re interested in reselling dolls, we’ve got a way for you to buy in bulk. We can also help you join our affiliate marketing program. Keep in mind that we follow strict quality and safety standards when selling our products. Without proper support, most people cannot sell dolls independently. Finally, we do business with drop shippers, retailers, adult entertainment venues, even brothels. If you’re interested in building a relationship, just let us know.

What About Making Payment?

Bitcoin payment option

We do everything we can to provide you with plenty of payment options. One thing we prioritize is discretion. You can pay for your doll with your debit card, finance through Klarna, or pay using crypto. No worries, your doll will show up in a discrete package. We’ll even make arrangements for you to pick it up at your local shipping center.

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