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All The Extras: Sex Doll Parts And Accessories

Posted on April 10 2019

As you browse through our website, in search of something that fits your fancy (and fantasies), you’ll find that we sell more than sex dolls. Over the years, we’ve realized that there’s a healthy market for doll parts and accessories. While many people want an entire doll, others have different needs. We’re happy to help them. That’s why we offer sex doll torsos, breasts, vaginas, feet, half dolls, and derrieres.

Why Wouldn’t Someone Just Buy The Entire Doll?

It’s all about fantasy. A good number of us have at least some preference for certain body parts. That might be a pretty pair of beautifully kept feet, firm breasts, or a curvy rear end. Some people want to be able to explore these parts, and indulge their fantasies about them.

In other instances, it’s a matter of space and money. If someone can’t afford an entire doll, or they don’t have space for one, this is a great alternative. They simply choose a torso, or other part that satisfies them. Also, our dolls are made to be as realistic as possible. They do take up a bit of space. The sex doll accessories and parts that we sell are a great alternative for people who don’t have much room.

What About Sexual Satisfaction?

No worries here! Let’s start with touch. The doll parts and accessories we sell are made with the same silicone and TPE that we use on our dolls. They feel so realistic, it’s quite impressive really. Not only that, all openings are designed with same care and technology as those that are found on our dolls. You’ll have an intensely, pleasurable sexual experience.

How do I Use my Doll Accessories

There are no real secrets here! Just use them as you normally would. They work as you might expect, and care and clean up should be handled in the same way that you would a full-sized doll. Many of our customers enjoy these accessories because they are so lightweight and portable. It’s easy for them to experiment with different positions, or to enjoy sex in different rooms. Your sex doll may need to stay behind when you travel, but you can easily bring along one of our masturbaters!

What Sex Doll Parts do You Have to Offer?

Here’s a quick breakdown of your options.

  • Sex Doll Torsos: This is as close as you can come to buying a full-size sex doll. Our torsos include breasts, genitals, ass, torso, and head. Some come with arms as well. We’ve sourced a  nice variety to help you find exactly what you need.
  • Vaginas And Asses: Here you have three great options. All of them are fully functional, and ready for your pleasure. We offer a silicone vagina, a vagina/ass combo, and an option that has vagina/ass/feet.
  • Breasts: You’ll love our breasts. They feel amazingly realistic!
  • Feet: For some, there’s nothing like an amazingly sexy pair of feet. Ours feel amazing, and they come with a very realistic vaginal opening.

Give These Sexy Doll Parts a Try!

What’s your pleasure? We can help you indulge your deepest fantasies. Take a look out our amazing collection, then contact us if you have any questions!

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