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All About WM Dolls

Posted on May 13 2020

At Silicon Wives, we are proud to have partnered with the best, sex doll manufacturers in the world. Every producer is carefully selected for their commitment to creating realistic dolls with amazing sexual functionality, that last for years. One of our longest partnerships has been with WM Dolls. This manufacturer makes some of the most coveted dolls in the industry. In fact, the WM dolls we feature on our website are customer favorites. 

So, what’s it like behind the scenes at WM Dolls? Let’s take a closer look.

All About WM Dolls

WM Dolls is the largest sex doll maker in China. They are headquartered in Songshan, and employ well over 100 workers. As you can tell from our website, quite a few of our dolls are sourced from them.

WM is located in the town of Shaxi in the city of Zhongshan. According to insiders, the factory is stunningly large. That’s no wonder! WM isn’t just a company that manufactures dolls. They also conduct intensive research and development. One of their key purposes is to improve the materials that are used to make sex dolls in order to create a softer, more realistic doll.

The facility in Shaxi features a stunning showroom. It’s easy to see the quality and care that is put into each doll before it is sold to the public.

Building Sex Dolls

WM dolls are designed in the engineering department. Each unique doll is created using a unique mold. It’s quite fascinating to watch the actual manufacturing process. Each doll is molded in two parts, front and back. Next, layers of additional materials are added. This includes the final, TPE layer. This is what provides each doll with his or her realistic touch. Finally, a skeleton is placed inside the doll, and both the front and back are sealed together.

Of course, we could write another post about the skeleton entirely. These are truly a feat of science and engineering. Keep in mind that these skeletons provide each doll with structure, and realistic movement.

Perfecting The Dolls

Once the dolls are released from their molds, there is still quite a bit of work to be done. This is where the true artistry begins. First, each doll is cleaned, and any excess materials from the manufacturing process is removed.

Next, professionally trained artists begin to add the intricate details. Carefully sculpted heads must be fit with makeup and eyelashes. Even each fingernail must be painstakingly added to each doll. If you’ve ever ordered a doll with specific eye color or other features, this is where that happens.

Storing And Shipping

Once complete, dolls are moved to the storage area. In this plant, there are hundreds of dolls at any given time. Each of them waits to be put into a box with its matching head, to be sent to you for your pleasure.

Final Thoughts

It’s an honor for us to be partnered with one of the most well-respected doll manufacturers in the world. The folks at WM Dolls have worked very hard over the years to perfect their processes in order to create some of the best sex dolls on the planet. We look forward to seeing what the innovators at WM Dolls have to offer in the future.

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