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A Celebration of The Curvy Sex Doll

Posted on October 30 2020

Something great has happened in the past few years. Women of all shapes and sizes are realizing their bodies are sexy, and men are coming to appreciate a curvy figure more than ever. But, this isn’t news to you is it?  You’ve always loved large breasts, curvy hips, and plump derriere, haven’t you?

Great news! We appreciate curvy women as well. That’s why we have made every effort to find the sexiest, full-figured dolls just for folks like you. Also, we know that all curvy women are not built the same. So, we’ve got some great variety for you to enjoy. Check them out!


Julia is a gorgeous brunette with stunning breasts, and she is ready to go. We mean that literally! You can order her right off the rack, and we will ship her immediately. She features a built-in vagina, internal heating system, and enhanced mouth. All of that is in addition to her luscious H-Cup breasts. She’s also quite tall, at 5’8”.


Minka sex doll

Minka is a high-class escort from Eastern Europe, and the perfect companion for anyone who loves curvy hips and a plump ass. Best of all, she’s got that sexy tiny waist! Just so you know, she loves going at it doggy style. Mostly because it feels amazing, but also because she knows you love the view!


Storm a fantasy doll

You can have the best of both worlds with our fantasy doll, Storm. She’s got fabulous breasts. They’re large with pointed nipples, like so many men love. Then there’s her ass! She’s blessed with genetics that have given her a pristine, bubble butt. There’s even better news! Not only does she have an amazing body, Storm knows how to use it! She’s down for any kind of sex you like, and has the energy to last all night!


Carla sex doll

Carla has that all over thicc body that so many men love these days. She couldn’t be happier with her figure either. She knows men look at her all the time, and she loves it. In fact, she wears the skimpiest clothes she can get away with, just to turn you on. The more you touch and rub Carla, the happier she is. Of course, she’s always ready for the main event!


Ruby sex doll

Ruby draws the looks of men and women wherever she goes. One glance, and it’s easy to see why. She’s got an enormous pair of breasts that she loves to show off. We promise, you’ve never seen anything like it. If you have a fetish for large tits, you’ll need to check her out!


Zara black sex doll

Zara combines a classy attitude with an exquisite figure. Her most valuable asset is her ass! But, her breasts are impressive as well. She loves the attention of men. She really loves blowing men away with her sexual skills. She can ride you all night long, or lay back while you take charge.

Keep Shopping!

Remember that we have a huge collection of dolls, and are proud to feature every body type. Not sure you want a curvy doll? Check out our entire catalog!

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