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5 Myths About Sex Dolls - Debunking the Misconceptions

Posted on March 08 2023

There are as many opinions as there are people. Every once in a while, some of them fall into the pit hole of presumptions, disinformation, and stereotypes. Hearing them saying absurd claims doesn’t make them true. 

Don’t let hearsay discourage you from buying a sex doll that can turn your life around. In this article, we debunk the five most spread myths that have little to no truth. 

Myth: Sex Dolls Are Marriage Wreckers 

 Lifelike silicone sex doll

If you and your spouse are thinking of spicing up your sex life, some sex toys may become uninteresting pretty quickly. Some falsely claim that introducing a sex doll into your sex may lead to marital problems. The claim is usually supported by saying that one of the partners might lose interest in another, which eventually leads to disappointment and high expectations. 

Reality: Sex toys, including sex dolls, aren’t capable of ruining your sex life, not to mention worsening your relationship with a partner. Whether you are married or not, sex may become monotonous, which is normal when nothing changes. There is nothing wrong with trying out new things like new locations, new toys, new positions, etc. 

If one of you is unhappy with the current situation, maybe the problem isn’t with a sex doll but rather with what you wish for in bed. 

Sex dolls can help you and your partner open up about your kinks, fetishes, and experimental positions you’ve always been curious to try.

Myth: Sex Dolls Aren’t Affordable 

Ingrid: Finnish Model Sex Doll

When searching for a sex doll, you may come across a myth that says sex dolls are expensive and require a long-term investment. Well, they might have confused a sex doll with a woman. 

Reality: Sex dolls are made of various materials, ranging from TPE to silicone and rubber. There are a number of affordable dolls that cost below $2,000. But you can stretch your budget to buy a more durable sex doll that will last you for years. 

At Silicon Wives, you can find great sex dolls on sale and tailor their hair color, breasts, etc., to your preference. The final price will vary on material and add-ons. 

Sex dolls are also not a long-term investment, it is a one-time purchase. Ordering a love doll from Silicon Wives, you get a protective case for free. Basically, there is no need to purchase anything else. However, many of our customers prefer to buy attractive apparel or lingerie for their sex dolls. And we fully encourage this gesture since your love doll is only going to look prettier and more seductive. 

Myth: Sex Dolls Are for Lonely People Who Are Unable to Build Meaningful Relationships 

This isn’t uncommon for people who don’t have a partner to buy a love doll. However, some voice their concerns that sex dolls will replace a partner permanently. This is supported by the presumption that people who are lonely will eventually be incapable of properly communicating with women in real life.  

Reality: In fact, many couples use sex dolls to help them bring even more pleasure to sex. Having a love doll doesn’t mean being single or lonely – however, being single and lonely with a sex doll is as normal as masturbating every other night. 

Sex dolls are quite useful in a long-distance relationship when partners have a high libido and want to stay faithful. Partners don’t consider sleeping with a sex doll cheating as opposed to having a one-night stand. 

Sex dolls aren’t the same inflatable dolls they used to be. They are lifelike full-size women gifted with seductive bodily features and a bit of technology to make moaning sounds and limited movements. 

What’s more, love dolls are great for practice. Men who aren’t confident in bed can freely experiment with love dolls before they get ready to face another person in bed. 

Myth: Sex Dolls Are Created for Men 

Maverick: Rugged Male Sex Doll

Many sex dolls portrayed on television are female. It also can be the case that most sex shops display female love dolls only. These and more reasons may have led to a misconception that sex dolls are only designed for men. Although the demand for female sex dolls is all-time high, women aren’t limited in choice. 

Reality: Although it is true that there is an array of sex toys, sex dolls are mostly manufactured for men. The market for male sex dolls exists but has not been as developed as female love dolls. You can find tens of dildo shapes but just a handful of male sex dolls.  

The reason could be that women prefer more portable and quick-to-use sex dolls or simply find it harder to enjoy sex as much as with a man. Nevertheless, male sex dolls exist, and the market is gradually expanding. 

Myth: Sex Dolls Are All Generic

Suki: Sci-Fi Sex Doll

The final myth is about the looks of sex dolls. Some people claim that sex dolls are all the same, can’t be changed anyhow, and will get boring eventually. The misconception continues by claiming that love dolls can’t speak or move and, overall, are incapable of establishing a relationship. 

Reality: This myth has a high expectation of a sex doll. We haven’t found a similar comment on another sex toy, like a vibrator or dildo. All sex toys are made for one reason: to please you and help you discover your kink in sex or whatever that makes your mind blow. 

Although dildos and vibrators come in a bunch of shapes, sex dolls can be modified, too. At Silicon Wives, you customize your doll before ordering. Personalization includes but is not limited to hair, vagina, breasts, eye color, and other add-ons. 

As soon as you receive your doll, she is naked. It is up to you how to dress her and what sexy lingerie to buy. You become her daddy that spoils her with gifts and affection. We don’t expect you to be a pro in makeup, but you can consider purchasing a wig if you ever develop a desire to sleep with a blondie or brunette. 

Sex dolls can be quite unique: curvy, tall or short, thin, alien- or anime-like. There is literally nothing that could support this myth. 

Final Word

Sex toys might have reached their peak in popularity, and love dolls aren’t the exclusion. They are pretty, sexy, and so versatile. Unfortunately, anyone could get easily discouraged when reading such misconceptions, as we’ve discussed above. However, it is important to keep an open mind and dig till you discover the opinions of like-minded people who haven’t listened to myths and ordered a doll of their life. 

Silicon Wives has sold numerous love dolls of all shapes and sizes. We do our best to let our customers personalize any doll as much as possible so that she becomes a dream woman. 

We also assist new buyers with guidance and help them pick a suitable doll tailored to their sexual desires. We encourage you to use our filtering system to narrow down your search and examine available options.

If there are none, we invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your preferences. Based on them, we can custom-make a doll that matches your description. 

To conclude, listen to your heart when choosing a partner, be it a doll or a real person, and ignore the complaints of people who simply are jealous of you. 

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