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Our Best Selling Sex Dolls in 2022

Posted on July 04 2022


SiliconWives.com is a premium provider of authentic luxury sex dolls, run by a team with 10+ years of experience in the sex accessories business. We take great pride in our dolls and our user's experience. As such, all of our girls are crafted from real silicone and TPE materials to give you an experience that is better than the real thing! You certainly won't find any cheap imitations here.

Our huge range of bestselling WM dolls, YL-Dolls, Iron Tech, and SiliconWives Exclusives (among many others), are highly realistic sex dolls made from only the most lifelike materials. Whether you're looking for your first sex doll or adding to a collection, we truly have something for everyone.

If you have a particular skin tone in mind for your perfect love doll companion, check out our collections of Japanese sex dolls, or black sex dolls. Or if a bit of fantasy is more your thing - our fantasy and anime sex dolls.

In terms of body type, you can choose from big boobs sex dolls, flat chested sex dolls, tall sex dolls, and mini sex dolls. We've also got collections for both our silicone sex dolls and our TPE sex dolls depending on which material you prefer. And if male sex dolls are more your thing, we've got those too!

Why Sex Dolls?

Sex toys is a subject that most would rather keep quiet and behind closed doors. Here at SiliconWives.com we proudly disagree! A high quality sex doll is much much more than just a sex toy. We believe they can truly help you to achieve some of the best sex you've ever had!

The skin that results from the premium quality materials used in all of our top sex dolls is really not far off from real skin. Enjoying the company of full size sex dolls can help you to get lost in the moment just as you would with a real person.

Soft lips, realistic skin tones, and bouncy breasts can all provide you with a sexual experience that rivals the company of a real woman.

We've come an incredibly long way from the days of blow up dolls that are more at home in a swimming pool than the bedroom.

Our Best Sellers

You sex doll fans must be wondering - what are out best sellers? There's certainly a few that blow the others out of the water when it comes to popularity, here they are:

Auburn: Red Head Sex Doll - $1,899

Auburn - Red Head Sex Doll

Auburn is a WM Doll and our absolute best seller. Fiery red hair, an incredibly cute body, and ready to enjoy vaginal, anal, and oral sex with you. What more could you ask for?

Dominique: Thick Sex Doll - $2,199

Dominique - Thick Sex Doll

Dominique is another of our best sellers from WM Dolls. She's a clear favorite with the ass lovers out there, I don't think we need to elaborate as to why. She's also made from TPE, meaning a super life like experience for her companions.

Anastasia: Russian Sex Doll - $1,949

Anastasia - Russian Sex Doll

Anastasia is a Russian girl with a sex appeal off the charts! She's a 5 ft 5 stunner and is crafted with an amazing attention to detail.

Juliet: Teen Lifeguard Sex Doll - $2,199

Juliet - Teen Lifeguard Sex Doll

Juliet is a teen lifeguard that is extremely popular with boob lovers. With a range of customization options, you can be sure that when she arrives, she'll make all of your dreams come true.

Best Selling Male Sex Dolls

For those looking for a real life sex doll of a more masculine variety, we've got you covered! Hunter, Maverick, and Nick are made by some of the most reputable sex doll brands and are all highly realistic silicone dolls you can rely on!

Hunter: Muscular Male Sex Doll - $2,199

Hunter - Muscular Male Sex Doll

Hunter is a hugely popular lifelike sex doll who has quickly become one of our most beloved male love dolls. He's the whole package - chiseled abs, an 8 inch schlong, and of course boyish good looks.

Click on the link above to find out more and see if he is the dream sex doll for you!

Maverick: Rugged Male Sex Doll - $1,999

Maverick - Rugged Male Sex Doll

Maverick is a silicone doll made by Qita Doll, and has possibly the most handsome face of any male sex doll available today.

Nick: Asian Male Sex Doll - $2,199

Nick - Asian Male Sex Doll

Nick is a silicone sex doll and also one of our most realistic sex dolls of the male persuasion. Don't be fooled by his good looks, he's hiding the sex animal he really is inside! He also loves receiving anal sex, but don't tell him I told you.


All of our lifelike sex dolls have a range of customization options that you can pick and choose between to ensure you get a companion perfect for you. Choose between different options for pubic hair, standing feet, skin tone, breast size, height, vaginal/anal/oral inserts, and much more.

We also have a range of premium add-ons that can elevate the experience with your doll to the next level - make your doll perfect for you by adding skeleton upgrades, lifelike boobs, implanted human hair, eyelashes, and premium mouth options, piercings, articulated hands, and heating systems.

Looking for the absolute best sex doll can be hard when you're confronted with so many options, especially if some have bits you do like and others you don't. Allowing for a huge range of customization ensures that the realistic sex doll you receive will be totally perfect for you and you only.

About Us

It can sometimes be hard to sort the legit sex doll sellers from the fakes and the scams. The sex doll industry can sometimes be full of shady characters and low quality imitations. After being featured in Forbes and many other media publications, as well as having a growing list of glowing customer reviews & testimonials, we are certain there is no better place than SiliconWives.com to make your sex doll investment!

If you're still not convinced, or have any unanswered questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or send us a message through our Contact Us page!

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