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How Do Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence?

Posted on August 23 2022

Esther Maid Sex Doll

Sex dolls are one of the most popular choices amongst sex toy fans, and this trend is only growing stronger. It's not surprising that in the course of natural evolution, producers of sex dolls are exploring the route of AI sex robots as the new best thing.

The truth is that, although quality sex dolls can do a lot, they have their limitations. Adding artificial intelligence to sex dolls is a step forward in making these toys as lifelike as possible.

Robot sex dolls are still mainly in the developmental stage, but there are some prototypes that can help us understand what the future of the sex toys industry may look like.

It's also an interesting time for the AI sex robot industry, as the design of these sex robots can still be shaped by the general public sharing their opinions, preferences, and expectations online and with the producers.

Keep reading to understand better how sex dolls apply artificial intelligence and why these changes may influence the dominance of sex dolls on the market.

How Do Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence?

An AI sex doll is a doll that has some artificial intelligence features built in. One of the leading companies specializing in this type of product built robotic sex dolls with robotic heads.

These dolls are equipped with an Android app specially designed for controlling and enhancing sex dolls. Thanks to that, AI sex dolls are more capable of expressing emotions (of course, we talk about imitating human emotions and not really feeling them), which offers a truly realistic experience for the user.

As of now, there are only female sex dolls with such enhancements, but the company is working on the male AI doll as well.

The plans for these dolls are ambitious, as the producer is set to design a fully robotic body that can move and interact with a human. Additionally, its body temperature will be able to match the human body's temperature, offering some incredible sensations.

Virtual Reality Experience

If you're interested in other types of experiences, you can use the earlier mentioned app to create your perfect avatar and engage in virtual sex. It's an interesting solution and something that will definitely be more explored by the sex industry in the future.

In the app, you can design your avatar down to every detail. You are able to select their body type, style, and personality.

What's even more exciting is the fact that this virtual girlfriend or boyfriend will remember your name and preferences and engage with you in the most effective way. This means that you'll have much more intimate relationships with the AI avatars than ever possible.

Furthermore, you will be able to explore your sexual desires thanks to the special feature that will allow you to engage in different sex positions and acts.

How Will Sex Robots Differ from Modern Sex Dolls?

If you're excited about the perspective of buying your own robot companion in the future, here are the most important features that you can expect to be added to the sex dolls we know now.

First of all, an AI sex doll will be able to emote. Not only express feelings in its words (which we will talk about later) but on its face! Some really advanced technology is being utilized to give sex robots the ability to move their faces and have different facial expressions.

Think about it. As humans, we respond the best to other humans. Our brains are very good at detecting minor changes in somebody's pose and facial expressions, giving us important information about that individual.

By giving sex dolls the ability to emote, we're bringing the experience of having sex with one to another level of authenticity.

Another essential feature is the ability to make sounds. It's only a matter of time before our love dolls start to speak to us through their talking system and have full conversations. The development of AI technology is crucial in this case.

We already see AI dolls that can produce moaning sounds, and this enhancement will only get more common in various sex robots. It's actually an impressive addition, as it often makes the whole experience of having sex with a sex doll much more realistic and exciting.

Producers of sex bots are also looking into adding touch sensors, body heating system and lubrication sensors. All of this would result in a doll that can offer very real sensations, becoming more of a companion than a toy, really.

Of course, all of these enhancements are still under development, and we will have to wait a while before such robot companions will be available to purchase.

It's also understandable that, at first, AI sex bots will be pretty costly. The estimated cost of a sex robot varies between $30,000 and $60,000.

Although this price for an AI sex bot is high and unobtainable for most, the advance in AI tech and technology at large will lead to a decrease in prices as time goes on.

The future's looking bright, and we can't wait to see it becoming a reality!

Benefits of Using Sex Robots

Almost anyone who buys a sex doll wants an experience that is as close to what it would be like with a real woman as possible. It's normal and understandable. As we can observe from the progress made by the sex robots' producers, they know it too.

Here are some of the most significant benefits that you will be able to receive when using a sex robot!

Safe Fun

You don't have to leave your house; you don't have to put yourself in risky situations. There are minimal risks of transmitting STDs when using a sex robot or a sex doll. You can also participate in social isolation (like during a pandemic) and don't miss any fun!

Freedom to Go For More

Exploring your wildest fantasies without shame and judgement is not always possible when having sex with women. But that's not the case with a perfect real human-like sex robot. You can give yourself permission to explore your kinks and desires with no actual consequences.

Create Your Perfect Match

An AI robot is like a real girl that you can customize to match all your preferences! You can choose her hair color, skin color, vagina type, mouth size, and many other additional features.

With an AI sex doll, it's also possible to select its personality to make all your fantasies come true, but also to be able to build some kind of relationship with your new robot friend.

All of that makes an intelligent sex doll a pretty fantastic addition to your life.


Although we're not there yet, robot companions are the future of the sex toy industry. With abilities such as talking, moaning, having facial expressions, and increasing body temperature, real-life-looking dolls are superior to anything we have available on the market right now.

With that being said, we're not in the future yet, so if you're interested in the next best thing, we recommend browsing through SiliconWives.com categories to find the best sex doll for you!

You will find many amazing girls with impressive features. Our dolls are customizable and made from the best materials, imitating human skin, making your experience better!

Check out our blog to find more interesting materials about sex dolls!

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