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We take customer feedback very seriously, that's why we're so proud of our positive feedback.  Below is a feed of all the reviews that customer's have left after receiving their sex dolls! 

Sex doll reviews are essential data points when deciding which sex doll to buy, especially when you decide to buy a sex doll online.  It's important to know that the vendor is legitimate, and that the product is high-quality.  There is no better way to distinguish this than to read reviews from third-party shoppers.  Actual buyers will provide you the most credible sex doll reviews to help you make a good buying decision - below are all of the reviews we've received from verified buyers. 

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Based on 286 reviews

Perfect little round ass to hold on to
So real I started talking to it. Lol
I’ll be ordering a full doll soon.

Very Nice Experience

It was a pleasure doing business with Silicon Wives. They were prompt in communicating. Julia is a bit heavy for me, but worth it. I'm definitely getting a workout!

Belle Delphine

I have mixed reviews. The likeness to Bell Delphine is remarkable. The body & head is quite realistic and authentic to the touch. The steel frame is a little too tight but I assume it will become less so after repeated use. Just a little too heavy for me as I am handicapped. But she is manageable. The only real complaint is with the hair. The wig provided is terrible and I have already found a better replacement wig, more realistic, but of course at a higher price. I checked the Silicon Wives website for other wigs but I found nothing. Overall, I would have to make a slight deduction because of the poor wig quality but I'd rate Belle at 9.6 out of 10. Yes, I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase! I am considering buying another, lighter (less than 80 lbs.) sex doll.


Feels very high quality, I had other sex doll torsos in the past that were cheap, but they’d have a weird smell, or the texture would be off, but this has the perfect texture, has no strange smell, it’s great.
I’d say I’m satisfied with this purchase for sure.

Brooklyn: Australian Sex Doll

Viajé Alan



I took me a while to pull the trigger and I am so happy I did ,specially since is not cheap at all ,this is my first doll ,I will not recommend getting any doll heavier than this. I think this weight is perfect it still movable with out breaking your back and I can change it to different positions . I took 7 weeks to get here ,which make me nervous but It did arrive and when it did it was so worth,it is way more petite (size) than in the website and I love it .I don’t recommend the heating option its worthless and expensive other than that it’s perfect I wish I could upload more pictures ,if you like Asian this is definitely what you are looking for .I got the fix vagina and it feel amazing like the real thing ,the anus feel very tight and it’s awesome too ,I didn’t try the mouth yet . I hang a hook from the ceiling and I can wash her in my room with a small dog pool underneath ,the breast and ass feel really good it jiggles and you can spank it with out getting yell at for it .Overall I recommend this doll if you have trouble keeping a relation and you don’t want to get an StD I think at the end this doll will be cheaper option than dating ,lots of the times you don’t get any cuchi cuchi time anyway but you still spend lot of money on dates.

My first doll

Maybe I am somewhat ignorant on the computer. I found doll sites very confusing. And the price difference...Why would you pay $2000 when you can get the same thing for $500? The answer for me was simple.Silicon Wives was the only doll site to answer their phone. Brian explained everything to me. I don't remember being too stupid and he assured me he
had all the time in the world for me. Of course, especially a new buyer likes that. Astrid is gorgeous! She is a little bit difficult to move around but well worth it. I had concerns when I first saw her shipping box, a little bit beat up. I had the insurance so no worries. Inspection of Astrid showed no damage. If I do it again I might change some things but at this time I am very satisfied. Oh, by the way, arrival was several days ahead of schedule.

Love her

She is great, feels very realistic especially after powdering her. Only downside which can also be a plus is her weight, she very heavy but at the same time good for exercise ;)

Dominique: Thick Sex Doll
Bartholomew Gibraltar Escumulus III
exquisitely pleasureable experience

When thy lady came unto me in my life. i had thout know it mayhaps have changed. Her elegant curves and seductive gaze entices me like no other. When i make love with my lady i truly am at my highest. She understand the trials and tribulation i go through day in day out. Her body lets me know i am where i am meant to be. I recommend this beautiful lady to anyone with cultured taste. Best if you with to revel in luxury and taste.

extreme realism

My lady is so beautiful, sometimes I see her from the corner of my eye and forget she's not real for a second. This really is a work of art and I'm happy I paid a bit extra for a silicone sino model. She arrived in about 7 weeks, which did seem long but I am told its about average for sino doll these days, it was certainly worth the wait.

thumbs up

Feels great I can't decide which hole I like better! Easy to clean, arrived in discreet packaging. Thanks!

Auburn: Red Head Sex Doll
Sex Doll Newbie
Perfect first doll

Thanks Silicon Wives for helping me select a good doll for my first time. I'm on the older side so this lighter doll suits my needs perfectly. She's already the best part of my day.

Perfect for my husband

I bought this for my husband to spice up our sex life a bit, he can barely last 30 seconds with this thing it feels so good he says. Thanks for this great product.


I received it within a week and she looks great in person!

Great value

Very cute doll in person, I love it. She arrived in 3 days by UPS.


She is real sexy. Her vagina is perfect . Penis fits perfect and feels like a real vagina. Mouth and ass look great and makes me feel like a man in love. Breast feel like real ones. I had a hard time ejaculating before she came into my life. Now I don't have that problem. It feels like I am in my 20's. I say hell with real girls. Auburn accepts any sex I want.


Works great

5 star experience

Ordered this one as I'm a sucker for red heads and tan lines. Communication was great, thanks bryan (through phone and email, good response time). Manufacturing and shipping took about 30 days, which was expected. She came in well packaged and looked great, I read good things about Starpery on the TDF forums and can say they are the real deal. I'm satisfied enough that I'm already planning on buying her a friend.

6 month review

It's been 6 months with Monica (I renamed her) and the fun hasn't slowed. Not much has changed since the day I got her, as far as care and maintenance, she still looks new. Thank you for the buying experience!

Authentic doll, great service

I ordered from Silicon Wives because from my research they were the only company that actually answers their phone. The agent walked me through all the options and order process, he recommended Aubrey based on my requirements and budget. She arrived yesterday and I could not be happier!!! They even did the little pubic hair patch just like in the photos that I requested.

Needs better more realistic pubic hair on vagina

Very cheap vagina hair, I expected a lot better than that for the price. Could of used Merkin pubic hair wigs. More realistic! Also doll is way to heavy. Needs to be 20 pounds lighter at least

Thank you for the feedback, we will refund you the cost of the pubic hair and send you the pubic wig patches.

Tall and sexy

I was very pleased to find a website with so many tall sex dolls since I'm a taller man myself. Inessa is a perfect match for me and I can say she is even more sexy in person. I'm already addicted and cant wait to see her everyday after work.

Great doll overall but.....

Quality of the doll is top notch, Once I opened the box, i noticed some added bonus accessories.
- sexy robe
- heating candle
- hook for storage
and a few more..
5/5 - great finishing touch.

the only thing that was wrong with my order was the skin tone, i originally requested for a natural Tan skin tone, but received a pale skin tone, not really a major problem, but it could've been 5/5 stars overall. other than that, this is a great site that fulfills their promise.

Trusted Vendor Item as described!!!

First off, I was very nervous with this purchase. Not knowing that vendor would handle this transaction with confidence. Only because Zelex has been having skeleton issues, Paint issues. Silicone wives has not updated their website to reflect that Zelex has change it. The update is articulated fingers, standing feet no bolts lighter weight.
I wanted this doll so bad. She looks So real it's amazing. It took about 4 weeks to get her. The two things I wish she came with is silicone glue the finger bone popped out. I really wish she has some kind of repair kit. and the soft oral head is not usable I can barely get my finger in her mouth. oh well

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