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Sex Doll Reviews & Testimonials

We take customer feedback very seriously, that's why we're so proud of our unanimously positive feedback.  Below is a feed of all the reviews that customer's have left after receiving their sex dolls! 

Sex doll reviews are essential data points when deciding which sex doll to buy, especially when you decide to buy a sex doll online.  It's important to know that the vendor is legitimate, and that the product is high-quality.  There is no better way to distinguish this than to read reviews from third-party shoppers.  Actual buyers will provide you the most credible sex doll reviews to help you make a good buying decision - below are some of the more informative reviews we've received. 

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On Auburn

5 stars


Breath Taking. Just like the picture. Almost blew my mind away. Small waist. Tiny perky boobs. Goregeous face. Nice little ass. Very well made & professionally done. Feels soft to the touch and almost identical to the contours and "jiggles" of a woman. Cannot thank you guys enough. I know what I'll be doing tonight....Giggity Giggity!!!


✓ Verified Buyer

Auburn Sex Doll

On Dominique

5 stars


Bought this fine lady last month. She lives up to all the expectations I had, she is all I ever need to come back home to from a long day's work. So cute & sexy, I love this doll and the sessions I have with her blow my mind.


✓ Verified Buyer

Dominique Sex Doll

On Lana

5 stars


I have had my Lana doll for about 1 month now. I simply had to write a review, because I am amazed! From her head to her feet, this doll is absolutely beautiful. This is a work of art. She is so soft and smooth, I just cant even believe it. Lana is not cheap in price and she is not cheaply made either. This is a big investment, but worth EVERY PENNY! If you are considering a “Lifelike” silicone doll – THIS IS THE PLACE!! My doll arrived in exactly 3 weeks to the day. I could not be happier with my purchase. I love my Lana doll. I am so delighted with Lana I am seriously considering buying a smaller version – to take with me on road trips as Lana would be too heavy to take with me. siliconwives.com – YOU ROCK!! Thank you so much for a great buying experience AND for introducing me to Lana!!!

Dan from California

✓ Verified Buyer

Lana Luxury Sex Doll

On Raven

5 stars


I went back and forth on which woman to purchase and am so glad I got Raven. She is so beautiful. Her face, skin, breasts, and firm ass are awesome. I bought a bunch of lingerie for her and she looks great in everything! I really enjoy making love to her. She's so real, it's amazing!

Chris from USA

✓ Verified Buyer

Raven Luxury Sex Doll

On Viola

5 stars


She has got the most amazing nipples. I've seen pictures and video of great nipples, but never had them for myself until now (wonderful) She has a lovely big pudenda, feels great when I have sex with her, also the transaction and delivery organized by "Silicon wives" went very smoothly. Thanks.

Ivan from gold coast Australia

✓ Verified Buyer

Viola Luxury Sex Doll

On Sasha

5 stars


I purchased this doll August of last year. Sorry for the late review however I felt that siliconwives deserved one. I have to say that Fraser was extremely helpful and very patient with my questions. The only issue I had with the order was that I was expecting a delivery time of about three weeks. The doll did not arrive for almost seven weeks! Needless to say I became the less-than-ideal customer to have to deal with. To this day I have no idea why there was such a delay in delivery, and for a week or so I was sure I was being scammed (being a first-time buyer of a product like this I didn't know what to think). However, despite my attitude about the situation, Fraser was always polite, professional and always answered my messages/emails very quickly and assured me that despite the delay everything was alright. When I did finally receive the doll I was not disappointed. It was worth the wait and I would definitely purchase from siliconwives again. On a side note, being a painter, this doll also doubles as an excellent stand-in for a model when I don't have a live one to work from. Thank you Fraser for your patience and your professionalism.


✓ Verified Buyer

Sasha Sex Doll

On Amber

5 stars

This is my 3rd sex doll and first time purchasing from the Silicon Wives company. I am happy to report that they shipped a legitimate sex doll configured exactly how I specified. Shipping to California only took 13 days. My first two WMDOLLs were the 140cm model: #1 was a legitimate one that I purchased from a seller in the USA while #2 was a fake from a seller on AliExpress. I was hesitant to use AliExpress again so I am glad to have hunted around and found the Silicon Wives company.

The doll herself is beautiful in person, just like the pictures.

Anil O. from California

✓ Verified Buyer

Amber Luxury Sex Doll

On Bridgette: Best girl I own

5 stars

Bridgette is so lifelike. I just bought, and I'm so happy. Easy to move and easy to clean; she's my perfect doll. Silicon Wives is the only retailer that has the dolls I enjoy.

questlove6969 from Detroit, Michigan

✓ Verified Buyer

Bridgette Luxury Sex Doll

On Ahri: Very pleased

5 stars

I've had this doll 2 months now, very happy with purchase. This is one of the best dolls you can get in this price range in my opinion.

George S. from New York, New York

✓ Verified Buyer

Ahri Luxury Sex Doll

On Katarina: thanks

5 stars

Exactly as pictured. Fast shipping except for the local company that sat on it for a week (not the shippers fault). Will order from again.

Mike from USA

✓ Verified Buyer

Katarina Luxury Sex Doll

On Simone: So far so good

5 stars

I received my doll today and I have to say that I am very pleased. She looks adorable and feels amazing. I new I couldn't afford a Real Doll, but this is very close to one of those and at an affordable price. You got the everything right with my purchase. I love the outfit you sent too! :)

Jerry H. from USA

✓ Verified Buyer

Simone Luxury Sex Doll

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