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Where to Buy Lumi Dolls from the Barcelona Sex Doll Brothel

Posted on March 26 2017

Wondering where you can buy the dolls from the Barcelona Sex Doll Brothel, Lumi Dolls? You can buy them here, from Silicon Wives (links below).


Everyday more and more people are discovering the beauty and pleasure that sex dolls can provide.  Along with that sex doll technology is improving rapidly, quickly become lifelike to provide an experience equal to a real woman.  Not only will sex dolls be just-as-good as a real woman, they will be better.  In many ways they already are.  So much so that the world’s first sex doll brothel has opened this year in Barcelona, Spain.  

Starting small, the Lumi Dolls sex doll brothel in Barcelona offers sessions with 4 premium sex dolls.  For around $120 anyone can get 30 minutes with a doll to do whatever they please.  The concept has taken off like wildfire, Lumi Dolls has received a deluge of press from around the world, and many inquires are flooding in to have a session with one of the dolls.  

This is all great, but what if you don’t live near Barcelona? What if you real love the look of one of the Lumi Dolls but don’t know where to buy her? Well, we’re here to provide the answers to those questions.  

We’re proud to offer all 4 Lumi Dolls on our site so that anyone, regardless of location, can experience what it’s like to sleep with one of their dolls.  

Here are the Sex Dolls from the Barcelona Sex Doll Brothel

European Sex Doll, 5'7" (170 cm)
Shop Katy

Asian Sex Doll, 5'3" (161 cm)
Shop Elaine

European Sex Doll, 4'11" (148 cm)
View Alabama

Japanese Sex Doll, 5'5" (165 cm)
View Rachel

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